Hegemon USA’s War on Truth-Telling

Russian forces control over 90% of the strategically important town pf Artyomovsk and and surrounding areas, including entances to the city. Hundreds of regime troops were taken out. Detached from reality, puppet Zelensky pretends that Russia is weak and Ukraine is strong (sic) when things on the ground are indisputably the other way around. Separately,... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Medvedev Is Right

Russia’s only solution is routing of regime troops, nothing less — demilitarization that sticks. It’s to counter regime attempts to “return Crimea" and wage war “for decades." “The Kiev dog keeps barking.” “Saliva drools across its hairy muzzle so that its masters can see its fighting properties.” "What is it? The contradictory gloom of the... Continue Reading →

Hegemon USA’s Calling Card

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu is right. Hegemon USA is an unparalleled global scourge, a threat to everyone everywhere. It pressures the world community of nations to bend to its will by “blackmail, threats, ‘color revolutions,’ coups, and dissemination of blatant disinformation.” “All th(ese) tools (and what relates to them) long ago became the Western... Continue Reading →

Guilty of Being Russian

The empire of lies and forever wars holds scores of Russians imprisoned and abused for political reasons, along with countless numbers of others in its worldwide gulag. Russians especially are subjected to abusive and humiliating treatment for their nationality. Russia’s embassy in Washington complained in vain about an “endemic” mistreatment of Russian nationals in US... Continue Reading →

The Scourge of Fake News Over the Real Thing

Throughout the US/West, MSM operate as a collective ministry of truth. They stick exclusively to the fabricated official narrative on vital world and national issues. So nothing they report can be accepted as factual when based on state-approved talking points. Garbage in, garbage out reflects how they operate. Figures like Tucker Carlson provide news consumers... Continue Reading →

The UN Charter Right of Self-Defense

A virtual state of war has existed by the empire of lies against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening North Korea since June 1950. Throughout its history, the DPRK never preemptively attacked another nation. It threatens none now except in self-defense if attacked, its UN Charter right. To protect the nation from US aggression — a real threat —... Continue Reading →

Xi Jinping/Puppet Zelensky Talks

China forthrightly supports diplomatic resolution of conflicts where ongoing. Its leadership knows that conflict between Russia and Nazi-infested Ukraine was made-in-the-USA. It knows that the empire of lies wants perpetual war, abhors resolution and goes all-out to undermine it. It knows that its good faith efforts are in vain because hegemon USA intends waging war... Continue Reading →

Fake Biden Announces 2024 Re-selection Bid

Throughout the US West, free, fair and open elections are banned, selections held instead. On Tuesday, the fake Biden announced his intention to be re-selected for another (illegitimate) term. Saying “every generation has a moment where they have had to stand up for democracy (and) fundamental freedoms” ignored their absence throughout the West. Governance of,... Continue Reading →

Illusion of a Ukrainian Offensive

Since Russia launched its liberating SMO, attempted offensives by Ukrainian Nazis were foiled straightaway. They’re no match against superior Russian firepower. Over the past year, a generation of Ukrainian youths were lost. Most current troops are ill-trained conscripts, want peace and lack the will to fight. Most weapons supplied to Ukrainian Nazis were either destroyed... Continue Reading →

Imperial Tool Guterres

Installed by the empire of lies to serve its diabolical interests, imperial tool, UN secretary general Antonio Guterres, falsely blamed Russia for US-dominated NATO aggression in Ukraine — since 2014. Reading lines scripted for him to recite at a Monday Security Council session, he pointed fingers the wrong way instead of the other way around.... Continue Reading →

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