Elon Musk Is Right

The NYT is “unreadable propaganda” trash to be shunned, not followed.

As of Saturday, Musk began removing “legacy verified checkmarks” from accounts that were verified earlier because Times management refuses to pay the required fee for the privilege.

According to Musk, elimination of worthless Times tweets will be no loss for Twitter users and followers, adding:

“The tragedy of the Times is that their propaganda isn’t even interesting.”

Its Twitter feed is the “equivalent of diarrhea.”

Followers of its rubbish are brainwashed to know nothing but the fabricated official narrative.

What it falsely calls news fit to print isn’t fit to read.

It long ago abandoned what journalism should be in favor of lies, Big Lies and whoppers on issues mattering most — operating as a press agent for exploitive, destructive wealth and power interests.

Thomas Jefferson called an educated citizenry “a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”

Separately he said “(i)s is a part of the price we pay for our liberty, which cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.”

“The only security of all is in a free press.”

Madison warned that “(a) popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or, perhaps both.”

Supreme Court Justice William Brennan, a figure towering in stature over current High Court justices, stressed the following:

“(I)f there is a bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment, it is that government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea offensive or disagreeable.”

Justice Thurgood Marshall, a redoubtable figure of equal towering stature to Brennan, stressed:

(I)f there is a bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment, it is that government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea offensive or disagreeable,” adding:

“Above all else, the First Amendment means that government has no power to restrict expression (regardless of stated) ideas…subject matter (or) content.”

“Our people are guaranteed the right to express any thought, free from government censorship.”

When speech, media, and academic freedoms are obstructed or otherwise compromised, all other rights are endangered and doomed.

That’s the dismal state of things throughout the US/West, fantasy democracies, the real thing shunned and banned.

And MSM like the Times make a bad situation worse — an enemy of truth and full disclosure throughout its odious history.


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  1. Hmm… Which did we end up with ?

    Thomas Jefferson called an educated citizenry “a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”

    On the other hand :

    “”Education is dangerous. Every educated person is a future enemy” ~ H.Göring

    An old satirical joke :
    What do tabloid readers and mushrooms have in common ?
    They are both kept in the dark and fed a load of manure.


  2. Matt Taibbi reported on the Twitter files, the (Constitution-defying) government was actively involved in violating the First Amendment in its efforts to save its lying narratives on the bioweapons inhections.

    On March 30th, Taibbi published “Tablet’s Grand Opus on the Anti-Disinformation Complex” on Substack concerning the article “A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century” by by Jacob Siegel. Link: https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/guide-understanding-hoax-century-thirteen-ways-looking-disinformation

    And everything you have ever been told is a lie including an electron is a particle instead of a unit of energy.


  3. : BEWARE :

    Mainstream “social media” serves 4 main purposes :

    1 – Diversion tactics. Turn everybody into antisocial screen click Zombies in a world of fake friends 24/7. A controlled environment. Idiot lantern 2.0, don’t look up or around anymore, don’t think about anything but the screen.

    2 – Manipulation. Propaganda (aka “PR”). Controlling what you are fed via the analytical algorithm overlord. Even manipulating who you vote for and, telling parties how to change their tactics at election time via real time analytics of social media posting trends.

    3 – International and Domestic Espionage of 90+% of user accounts. It is like a little personal MoSSad/CIA/MI6 agent on your shoulder 24/7 that follows everything you post, what you like, who you associate with, what you eat, what you buy, where you are, how you think, your mental state etc.

    4 – Market Research and Personal Data Farming for analysis, and then selling on to 3rd parties for who knows what reason ?
    It is “your information” they sell but, YOU don’t see a penny if it.

    I have not owned a TV since around 1993 (aka The Idiot Lantern 1.0).

    I will never create a “Social Media” account. (aka The Idiot Lantern 2.0)

    Rather than calling it Twitter or Facebook etc. They should call it My Spy.


  4. The cabal masters control governments and media through key positions and financial bribery.the populace will always be kept in darkness and has been.
    Mr Lendman site is one of the only valid information truths today.


  5. Fox News “journalists” often attack CNN and other far left MSM news outlets. But the two worst scumbag lying traitors I ever saw were Bill O’Reilly and Shean Hannity, especially after the false flag 9-11 attacks. Maybe some of the old news clips are available to see the crap they reported as investigative journalism. It is hard to believe that criminal psychopaths like this have so much control over US news. Both are self aggrandizing loud mouth liars. And the idiotic audiences never learn, just too stupid to figure out what the game is and where the US is going. Now many are following and supporting the satanic movement that is gaining strength. I wonder if the U.S. citizens even deserve to be saved at this point. Jefferson stated that an educated and religious moral society was necessary for the new Nation to survive and advance. Franklin stated that “ we have a Republic, if you can keep it.” Yes, they had some severe problems that remained to be corrected, but they did the best they could do at that time.
    Another important point to understand is that every idea, invention, crisis, natural force, etc. is weaponized. Scientific warfare expanded exponentially after WW2 and was advanced greatly by Nazi scientists brought to the U.S. through Operation Paperclip. Who knows what the government has been doing with the trillions of $ unaccounted for in the Pentagon war and black budget programs. I would bet it is not good and we will probably find out when WW3 actually gets going. I expect it will start as a high tech cyber war and
    and escalate to a nuclear war by the losing side. We will get a chance to see the most hideous destructive secret weapons in action, finally we will see our tax dollars at work!


    1. Art

      The 911 media lie of them all is from a BBC location puppet “reporter”. She was out in the street near the burning towers where she claimed : “building 7 has collapsed !”.

      What most people did not know is, that was building 7 still standing right behind her on the live camera feed broadcast !?
      Oopsy !

      Another great insight was the quote : (also regarding WTC-7) “Pull It”. An interesting choice of technical demolition worker jargon from a financial sector office worker / 911 Conspirator, one Larry Silverstein.
      Interesting, given his steaming BS claim that he “did not remember” where he was or why he was not in his office that morning but, he clearly remembers telling a “demolition crew” to pull building 7 that same day ???

      (He made a fortune that day via the sketchy insurance payout. The buildings were actually uninsurable due to city building code violations regarding asbestos. It is also required that all skyscrapers are “plane strike proof” since 1945 after a WWII bomber accidentally flew into the Empire State Building in New York.)

      Interesting how many reliable witnesses died before they could testify.

      Many knew something very big was brewing after the Enron and Woldcom theft was exposed.
      The amount stolen was about the same amount Silverstein got from the dubious insurance payout.

      Many wonder if the WTC and Pentagon were hit to destroy evidence of that crime and the laundry service receipts at the Pentagon ?

      Now we have large volume public money laundering via Ukraine. We have so much wealth we are just giving it away !?

      I heard yesterday that the price of oil is going up again (I have not looked yet to confirm), if so, expect something big to happen very soon.

      The price of oil went up just before the $camdemic happened, that was the real cause if the financial mess we are all in now.
      They use the BS virus as a scapegoat to blame instead.


  6. About Fox News: Tucker Carlson is certainly a major American hero who is attempting to tell the truth to the U.S. citizens and the world. He is the best news source we have at present on cable TV ! I would vote for him in a second along with Mcgreggor and Ritter.


    1. I’m not so sure about McGreggor given his military history. He was involved in some dubious military conflicts.


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