The Scourge of MSM’s War on Truth-Telling

MSM operate as a collective ministry of truth for Western regimes they support.

State-approved propaganda rubbish is featured daily, truth and full disclosure banned.

In print, the NYT is worst of the worst, a lying machine in service to Dem dark forces and perpetual war on invented enemies.

On all things Nazi-infested Ukraine, the Times supports the scourge of the former state transformed into a platform for aggression against Russia.

In its latest fake news edition, it ignored deployment of US nukes worldwide and threat of using them — again.

Instead, it slammed the notion of positioning them in Belarus by Russia under its control in self-defense.

On Friday, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that he and Vladimir Putin will decide whether to “bring (them) in here,” adding:

“They should understand this, these scoundrels abroad that are trying to blow us up today from within and from without.”

“We will stop at nothing in defending our countries, our countries and our peoples.”

Last week, Vladimir Putin announced a new foreign policy to defend the nation against the threat of US/Western aggression. 

At the same time, Sergey Lavrov accused the empire of lies of being the world’s main anti-Russia instigator, saying:

“The existential nature of the threats to our country’s security and development, created by the actions of unfriendly states, has been recognized.”

“The US has been directly named as the main instigator of this anti-Russian line, and on the whole, the West’s policy, aimed at weakening Russia in every possible way, is characterized as a new type of hybrid war.”

“The logic of (Russia’s new foreign policy) reflects changing geopolitical realities.”

Russia will do whatever it takes to defend its sovereign independence and rights of its people.

According Valdai International Discussion Club’s Development and Support Foundation chairman, Andrey Bystritsky:

Russia considers hegemon USA the main threat to its security, international peace, as well as “a balanced, equitable and progressive development of humanity.”

As permitted by the UN Charter, it’ll use its armed forces and overall military might to prevent or repel an armed attack on the nation and its allies.

According to Bystritsky, “it means that we are witnessing increasing risks of conflicts in the world, growing threats to the world order and challenges creating negative global scenarios.”

“In order to help adapt the world order to the realities of a multipolar world, the Russian Federation intends to make it a priority to eliminate the vestiges of domination by the US and other unfriendly states in global affairs and create conditions to enable any state to renounce neo-colonial or hegemonic ambitions.”

In daily fake news editions, the Times repeatedly reinvents reality on all things related to Russia and Nazi-infested Ukraine.

It lied calling its liberating SMO “incompetent and ill equipped.”

The same goes for falsely claiming that “morale is low and complaints common.”

Ignored is how effectively Russia has been slaying the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster.

It trampled on truth, saying that Russia “faced industrial collapse,  the disappearance of millions of jobs and declining life expectancy.”

Virtually everything reported by the Times and other MSM on Russia and Ukraine tramples on truth.

And this Times trash, falsely reporting the following about “life at the front,” saying it includes “no pay, no training and high casualties” — bald-faced Big Lies.

The self-styled “newspaper of record” is a national disgrace, its fake news rubbish unfit to print or read.

Russia defeated hegemon USA’s Ukraine project on day-one of its liberating SMO.

US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators refuse to admit reality on the ground.

The situation in Nazi-infested Ukraine is one-sided in favor of liberating Russian forces.

The Nazi-infested monster is being slain.


4 thoughts on “The Scourge of MSM’s War on Truth-Telling

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  1. “NYT is the worst of the worst” ?

    Hmmm… I know they are one of the worst but, Rupert Murdoch is at least equally as evil and, he is also very generous with applying the brain soap to entire nations from every angle. A photo finish maybe ?
    They make the WWII Nazi propaganda machine look like amateurs in comparison. I wonder how many of them they hired post WWII ?

    When I was a kid, I worked many a construction job were I soon learned how brainwashed construction workers are. They all had their flavor of daily editions for lunchtime reading/indoctrination.

    They all parroted the same zombie nonsense (seeds of division) : “Don’t believe everything you read”, said the people that believed everything they read.

    I have never bought a tabloid, and I never will.

    I do pay attention to the front page layout & lies (I understand the mechanics of brainwashing techniques), occasionally I will flick through one I see on a communal table just to see what lies/manipulations they are peddling to the public.

    I don’t understand why people still buy tabloids or watch MSM tv. It is so blatantly obvious even to a blind man what they are doing.

    4 things that should no longer exist in our 2023 society : Zoos, Wars, Tabloids and Corrupt governments.


  2. Hate to sound like a broken record….BUT, the western MSM is TOTALLY Jew-owned. Owning the narrative is a foundational Jew-Marxist-Bolshevik requirement. They LOVE censorship, Lies & Propaganda, with a heavy dose of Hypocrisy.

    I’m so tired of the multitudes of euphemisms used for Jewry. Everyone is afraid to point out the elephant in the room.

    The US Jew-Media is Public Enemy #1, yet so many still haven’t grasped this basic fact, even though it has been caught lying constantly. Journalism in the US is DEAD. We have here a Supremacist, Racist, Communist movement in the west that never sleeps. Its insane Cabalistic goal is to rule the world & KILL the Goyim. Wake up people.

    The word “Jews” doesn’t exist in Lendman’s vocabulary. He’s good at pointing out the problems, but never points out the perpetrators, but blames it on the Shabbos Goy traitors.

    Ukraine is a war between Rothschild Jewry & Russia. Chances are, the west will get Nuked, which is fine by Jewry if their insanity can’t be quenched.

    No person running for US President is genuine. They’re ALL owned by Rothschild Jewry. Trump is no savior; he’s a crypto Jew & Freemason.


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