The Scourge of Undemocratic Dems

Illegitimately installed Biden regime criminals run the empire of lies and forever wars.

A previous article discussed Trump’s politicized indictment, ignoring his crimes of war and against humanity because of far greater guilt by illegitimately installed Dems.

A state of war has existed against Russia by the empire of lies since 2014 by use of expendable Ukrainian Nazified and conscript foot soldiers.

The former nation state was transformed into a platform for perpetual US aggression against Russia, its cannon fodder troops crushed by its military and tactical superiority.

Yet in its latest fake news edition, the NYT again trampled on truth as follows, saying:

Nazi-infested “Ukraine rebuffed a Russian offensive over the winter (sic).”

“Now, it is Ukraine’s turn to go on the attack (sic).”

“Signs are everywhere that it is coming in the next month or so (sic).”

Each time Nazi-infested Ukraine attempted an offensive, Russian forces smashed it decisively.

Most arms and equipment supplied by the US/West to the regime were destroyed.

According to Wagner Group founder, Yevgeny Prigozhin, they captured and control the strategically important town of Artyomovsk.

The regime sent tens of thousands of troops to their death in a futile effort to hold what’s lost to militarily superior Russian forces.

Yet the Biden regime continues throwing good money after bad in pursuit of a lost cause in Ukraine.

Another $2.6 billion in military aid was announced on Tuesday.

Included are air defense systems unable to counter Russia’s hypersonic munitions, HIMARS rockets, artillery shells, NASAMS munitions, tank shells and anti-drone gun trucks.

Following its transformation into a Nazi-infested hellhole for perpetual war, it’s now a decimated wasteland.

Slamming the US-installed regime, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

Hegemon USA destroyed the peace process to pursue perpetual war on Russia.

The empire of lies “and its Western puppeteers exert all efforts to prolong hostilities.”

US support for Ukrainian Nazis solidified the coordination of Sino/Russian foreign policy more than ever, Lavrov stressing:

“We see the causes of main challenges in the international security area in a similar way.”

“We note the West’s unwillingness to engage in an inter-state dialogue based on principles of equality.”

“We oppose the use of sanctions pressure methods and other instruments of unscrupulous competition,” 

“Meanwhile, our strategic cooperation is not aimed against third countries.”

“It contributes to balanced development of the entire international system.”

“We welcome Beijing’s readiness to play a constructive role in political and diplomatic resolution of the conflict.”

It’s unattainable because the empire of lies prioritized perpetual war on Russia and other invented enemies.

Separately for the first time, an  international protest rally against arms shipments for Ukrain(ian Nazis) took place at NATO headquarters.

According to SOS Donbass leader Anna Novikova:

“This rally was initiated by the SOS Donbass association, which manages the #StopKillingDonbass movement.”

“The goal of our movement is to stop the armament of Ukraine and to call for a dialogue with Moscow.”

“Our goal is to remind the world on April 4, the NATO foundation day, who has been initiating wars for the last 74 years, who is the real aggressor, and why is it important to immediately stop the armament of Ukraine, before it is too late.”

Hegemon USA and its NATO vassals continue to undermine good faith Russian efforts for peace in favor of war-making at risk of going nuclear.


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  1. Is America currently the only nation in the world that can “legally”, with ZERO accountability, overthrow governments in any nation they want, legally commit genocide anywhere they want, legally use torture (what 8th Amendment ?), legally commit war crimes, legally violate international human right laws, and legally use people as lab rats in evil human experiments ?

    I have never heard of any other nation having that level of impunity (other than Israel).

    Generally, any nation guilty of such crimes are committing an act of all out war, survivors are then put on trial unless they are well protected by 3rd parties.

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    1. I will give it a shot Caporaso.

      From the top of the head, let’s start with the original invading power structure and move to present day. Some of the original structures and influences are still here.

      Three major crime organizations, the Vatican, the European monarchistic crime families and, the Usury (Jewish loanshark Banksters of the medieval period).
      They where the first to brutally take over the Americas by destroying the natives, destroying the environment and ecosystem while looting the land.

      Then we have “We the people”, a small group of privileged plutocratic industrialist slave owners. Also, the secret Mason types and the modern day Usury… Bankster’s (we all know who owns the banks).

      Evil pro Israel Bolshevik Zionist gangsters that now hold a lot of power over the government and State (eg Nancy Pelosi, insider trading, what was that bizarre “hammer attack” really about?).
      Zionist gangsters fully control NY city (eg traitor, thief and multiple murderer terrorist Larry Silverstein), you can’t even be the NY mayor without their “support”. They own and control much of California, Las Vegas (casinos), the entire Hollywood and hideous porn movie industry (also Disney?), most of the MSM, a “shadow bank” called Blackrock that has its filthy fingers in every pie, the phony “Fed bank” (it’s actually a private bank). Did I miss any ?

      The oligarchy.

      The owners of : international mining corporations, banks, weapons industry, movie industry (propaganda producers), Union “leaders”, upper ranks of gangster corporate distributors (they dictate who can buy and sell what in any store/outlet throughout America), corrupt/criminal politicians/families (the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, Trump, Nixon, Reagan Lyndon Johnson, Biden, Mitt Romney, John Kerry etc.), the 1%.

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    2. …. Duhhh….
      I missed the Energy Corporations, they hold a lot of power in more ways than one. More so the nuke industry criminals.

      I also forgot to mention Wall St.

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  2. The official narrative has Russia taking a military and economic beating having to sell oil at high discounts trying to stay afloat. The talk of $100 oil is $1 bill in conversational currency and it will be flying everywhere since Money is God in USDE. Mythlanders are about to find out Russia is not in “tatters” economically and the military is in the process of crushing the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    $4 gas around here means Plan B. $5 gas will put mopeds on the road. Just how is a 30^ slave supposed to make it?

    “You cannot tell anyone anything.” is a line on my personal programming. My main thing is to say it is just the most amazing time to be alive and we can all see it happen on the WWW. April is going to be one hell of a show.

    The (slave) revolution will not be televised (by the Masters’ Media).

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    1. Good point Art.

      Lobbyists are the modern day sycophants behind the throne and are more often than not, snake oil merchants with ill intent.

      I have issue with Zionists in anybody’s national government for one simple reason, a Zionists first allegiance is never to the nation that elected or appointed them to office. They only have one allegiance, it is to the illegal State of Israel and their nefarious evil agenda.

      Big Pharma pill peddling is a huge problem (what war on drugs?). From dangerous psych drugs that make people go psycho with a weapon to untested “vaccines”.
      But it’s ok, every time there is a “mass shooting” we can always just blame the inanimate gun right ?

      Let’s not forget that Bayer AG was part of the evil group who were doing evil experiments on WW II prisoners. I lost touch on the Bayer AG takeover bid of toxic food and cancer chemicals producers GMO Monsanto (all approved by the FDA regardle$$ of toxicity). I will need to look up where that stands today.
      Then we have the evil DuPont and their crimes on the nation/world. They are poisoning everybody with their nasty “nonstick” cookware, look up how toxic Teflon is. There is a movie called “Dark Waters” (2019) that is about a real US landowners legal case against DuPont polluting the water table with highly toxic chemicals they illegally dumped in landfill.
      It was also DuPont and Monsanto that created Agent Orange that is still a serious pollution to this day.

      Another huge influence is the owners of IBM (also a WW II death camp connection), the ever dubious and nefarious Apple corporation (with a bite taken out of the logo = spoiled goods), Bill Gates and the ever useless microsoft. They have huge influence and data control over the nation, and other nations, gathering intel for the NSA etc. Remember when we used to have some degree of privacy that everybody saw as a basic human right ? (Who needs a warrant ?)

      The bottom line is always the same :
      Who runs/controls the country ? … Follow the money and you will soon figure it out.

      It has been that way for many centuries.

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    1. Thanks Caporaso.

      I’m sure I’m missing a few but, that is much of the core source of corruption today.

      We are still in the European mediæval power structure system, the same laws, the same inherited Machiavellian criminal family’s, same funding systems, the same tyrannical crooks game living in their high towers above their peasantry victims etc.

      What people don’t realize is this, they are not that hard to take down by a unified public. You don’t even need a weapon to do it. We can all force peaceful change.

      Keep in mind that Gandhi kicked the mighty British Empire out of India without any weapons !

      All you have to do is, boycott all enemies (sanctions) and don’t take part in their games (indoctrination, being a patron, reject big brand corporations, stop waving flags or joining their militaries, avoid paying protection money aka “taxes” etc.)

      Analyse the problem and find solutions. Use our self appointed masters game against them.

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      1. My simplistic and naive mind (what’s left of it at 79 yo) tells me that one word encapsulates the entire charade, the entire structure of miseries afflicting the world yesterday, today and for the forseeable future: c.o.l.o.n.i.a.l.i.s.m — its history, its form, its mindset, its reality, its sense of entitlement, its execution, its staying power. Settler-colonial Zionism is the current century’s manifestation of this matrix of injustice, inequality, power, domination, hegemony, untold violence, rapacious theft, arrogance, impunity, keeping “the other” [“the colonized,” of whom I consider my egalitarian self one] at bay for another day….

        All the accoutrements of c.o.l.o.n.i.a.l.i.s.m as so well-itemized above serve the colonial masters’ purposes and actions as they hold sway in New York, WashDC, London, Brussels, the United (sic[k]) Nations….

        Let me end with a tepid glass-half-full wonder of what might be (that I think is consistent with Mr. Lendman’s above posting [“empire of lies”] and his daily wisdom/vision): Can Russia-China-the Global South confront and overcome c.o.l.o.n.i.a.l.i.s.m via the multipolarity that I’d like to sense has a chance of growth, maturation, and success toward the advance of c.i.v.i.l.i.z.a.t.i.o.n?


  3. Robert (there was no reply button option on your April 6th 11:30hr comment)

    Regarding MSN and Colonialism.

    As we all know, colonialism is a central power annexing other nations by turning them into colonies.

    What most people don’t realize is that, the MSM and general State propaganda machine also colonize the public mind. Even our own psychology becomes their toy property to abuse as they please !

    As with WW II, we are reliant on Russia and now China to fix this global problem.

    Colonialism and Empire by force don’t work, they never have and never will. The conspiring criminals hope the empire only holds up until they have sucked out all the loot, then they move on.
    Colonialism and empire are not a State or nation, they are more like a plague of locust that move from one nation to another. Take everything and move on to the next victim.

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      1. I wish they were good words Robert, rather than reporting the sorry state of affairs we are all in.

        This world and life could be an amazing experience if it were not for the rotten few allowed to ruin it all for everybody else on the planet.

        Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could all just evolve rather than slump into the mediaeval period mentality ?

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