The Scourge of Rogue State USA and Its MSM Co-Conspirators

In defiance of journalism as it should be and the rule of law, MSM  operate as a collective ministry of propaganda for regimes they support.

They back despotic rule throughout the West and worldwide under one-party rule.

In the US, they support undemocratic Dems over governance of, by and for everyone equitably, a notion they abhor.

They support the politicized indictment of Donald Trump — based on “trumped up” charges.

On Tuesday, the illegitimate Biden regime invented 34 fabricated charges to indict a former US president for the first time in the nation’s history.

It’s official.

Hegemon USA is a banana republic, a humanity-destroying monster, masquerading as a nation-state on the world stage.

Forever wars and deep-seated corruption pervade the nation at the highest public and private levels.

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies is humanity’s greatest threat.

The illegitimately installed fake Biden and puppet Zelensky are the world’s most egregious examples of non-leadership worldwide.

Long ago industrial powerhouse USA no longer exists.

Nor does a free and open society.

A fascist dictatorship replaced it.

Hegemon USA only excels at immiserating millions and billions of people worldwide in pursuit of its diabolical aim to rule the world unchallenged by brute force and all other imaginable lawless actions.

Growing numbers of world community nations consider the empire of lies an unparalleled threat to their security and rights of their people.

The dollar is increasingly being abandoned in bilateral trade.

Money printing madness by the Wall Street owned and controlled Fed means more inflation than already and a lower standard of living for the vast majority of Americans.

Forever wars on invented enemies risks unthinkable nuclear confrontation with Russia and/or China.

Long ago considered good as gold, the dollar is losing relevance internationally.

Over half a century ago, Richard Nixon severed the dollar’s tie to gold — eliminating the main reason most foreign countries stored the greenback in large amounts for use in international trade.

Creation of a petrodollar system requires nations wishing to buy foreign oil to it in dollars.

Increasingly losing relevance, the US dollar once accounted for about 80% of international transactions.

China, Russia and to some extent Iran alone can get away with breaking from the petrodollar system.

Russia especially is militarily superior to US/NATO regimes, its super-weapons exceeding the best in the West.

The empire of lies is declining, while China, Russia and other independent nations are rising in prominence internationally.

Along with forever wars by hot and other means on invented enemies, the Biden regime’s politicized indictment of Trump are glaring examples of a rogue state off-the- rails.

In stark contrast to hegemon USA’s war on humanity at home and worldwide, Russia and China prioritize peace and cooperative relations with other nations according to the rule of law.

The empire of lies and forever wars is an unparalleled international menace — especially with undemocratic Dems running things.


4 thoughts on “The Scourge of Rogue State USA and Its MSM Co-Conspirators

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  1. All this BS with the clown Trump is just a sideshow.
    (Interesting coincidence with a Scottish SNP politician being arrested over “bad accounts”, the same politicians that gave Trump his golf courses that the people of Scotland did not want, therre are also claims of money laundering via those golf courses, a legit coincidence or ?)

    Let’s keep in mind that the “election campaigns” are starting. Expect plenty of theatrical façades from both parties, name calling like rude little brat kids, flinging fæces at each other and the usual 100% pure verbal diarrhoea to brainwash the voters who still dream they are in a democracy.

    They will talk about anything you want to hear, until they are in office and then, it’s business as usual, F’ the public, I’m in charge now.

    Don’t get sucked in by any of it, it’s all fake politics to brainwash and control society in a plastic pretend democracy.

    Don’t vote for anybody, F’em all. We don’t need despot dictators, we need loyal public servants that do the paper work after WE (the public) tell them what WE want. Not what MSM tell us what “we want”.


  2. Rothschild Jewry at work…over the conquered & occupied western nations, with the USA its Flagship in the war against Humanity. Traitorous Rothschild agents pose as “Leaders”, whose every action works against their people.

    Firing Squads should be at work 24/7.


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