Israel Terror-Bombs Gaza Again

The Saudis look practically saintly compared to Israeli fascists in cahoots with hegemon USA.

Along with terror-bombing Gaza, the Netanyahu regime stormed the Al-Aksa mosque again, Islam’s third holiest site to prevent Palestinians from worshipping there, including during Ramadan.

Instead of denouncing the criminal act, the illegitimate Biden regime supports it and blocked Security Council condemnation.

Israeli thugs beat Palestinian worshipers around the site, blocking entry of Muslims so Jewish extremists could use the site exclusively during the Passover period.

In the last 24 – 48 hours, Netanyahu regime thugs and extremist settlers attacked Palestinian worshipers with teargas, stun grenades, rubber-coated steel bullets and brutal beatings.

Journalists were assaulted to intimidate and prevent them from reporting on Israeli thuggery.

Hundreds of Palestinian worshippers were brutally arrested for praying to the wrong God, including Israeli citizens.

Scores remain illegally detained.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners Society, record numbers of Muslims are being arrested and detained by the Netanyahu regime, including women, children, the elderly and infirm — around 1,200 in Jerusalem alone, a UN-recognized international city.

A virtual state of war exists by the Netanyahu regime and Israeli extremists against long-suffering Palestinians, especially during the holiday period.

Hamas Vice President Saleh Arouri issued the following statement, saying:

“We call on our people across spaces, especially our people in the lands occupied in 1948 who were savagely attacked, as well as our people in the West Bank and Jerusalem.”

Most of what goes on would not take place repeatedly without support and encouragement of hegemon USA.

Fascist extremists run Israel and the empire of lies.

Attacking and otherwise brutalizing Palestinians occurs daily.

Turning a blind eye and deaf ear to what’s going on, the illegitimate Biden regime supports what demands denunciation.

Asked about preemptive Israeli attacks on Palestinian worshippers, the Biden regime’s State Department refused to condemn it.

Nor denounce illegal arrests and detentions of Palestinian worshippers.


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  1. Truthful article. Thanks.

    The West hired terrorists to kill Xinjiang residents and pretending to care for Muslims there.

    Yet when Israel openly attacked Muslims worshippers inside Al Aqsa Mosque, the West and MSM are totally indifferent!

    Serbian Commander Gen. Ratko Mladic complied in good faith (video-taped) with UN request to evacuate refugees from the conflict zone, yet ICC’s predecessor the rigged ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia) found Mladic guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment. The real reason for the destruction of Yugoslavia was to capture the multi-trillion-dollar Trepča mine in Kosovo, not about caring for Kosovar Muslims.

    Just like the West arming Kiev to exterminate Donbass residents while the abhorrent ICC issued a malicious arrest warrant on the distinguished Russian leader Putin who is trying to protect Donbass residents. And Macron has the gall to visit and warn China not to send weapons to Russia.

    Where are the ICC arrest warrants for Netanyehu, Zelensky, Modi, Boluarte and all Nato leaders?

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    1. Interesting info Peter, I had not heard about that mine in Yugoslavia. I will look that up, see what minerals it holds.
      I have heard there are a lot of mining resources in East Ukraine around Donbass. I have not looked into the details of that yet.

      Bush and Clintons attack on Yugoslavia in 1991 was for several reasons.
      The USSR was gone, time to test Russia and American weapon tech (backfired when an “invincible Stealth plane” was shot down).
      The CIA attacked the Russian Serbs to see how Russia would react.
      It was also the start of invading the former Warsaw Pact nations to plant US military bases everywhere, violating existing Cold War treaties.

      I now hear that the CIA also hired “Muslim” terrorists to commit war crimes in the area. Training for post 911 ?

      At the time, I did wonder if the intent was to spark a larger war in Europe.

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      1. The Trepča mine, in US annexed Kosovo, is loaded with lead zinc and silver, one of Europes largest deposits.

        Ukraine has many resources in the ground that are also the largest deposits in Europe. 500 years worth of Coal !, Uranium, Titanium, Sulphur, Mineral Water, Iron etc.

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  2. It is ok, the mighty righteous UN and incorruptible saintly Hague will hold Israel to account right ?

    When is a war crime not a war crime, when America or Israel does it.
    When is it not international human right abuses, when America and Israel do it.

    I saw a headline earlier today that suggests Israel wants to attack Lebanon again.

    Was Israel behind the Lebanese 2020 “fertilizer explosion”?
    It is claimed that it was fireworks flashing before the final explosion but, that was not fireworks. Look up firework factory fire videos to see and hear what that actually sounds like.

    It was clear on video that somebody rigged demolition charges in that warehouse, that is what caused the uniform bright flashes in the concrete dust cloud pre explosion.

    Just like 911, it was “just a random coincidence” that the warehouse was filmed in perfect focus from several locations around the city at the same time ?

    I have lost count of the murders and war crimes committed against the Palestinians by the Ashkenazi’s that The Hague ignores (including the cold blooded murder of young Palestinian children and the use of internationally banned weapons on civilians).

    But Europeans are made to feel guilty about the WWII holocaust forever ?
    Can’t risk critiquing Israel or Ashkenazi without fear of been branded “antisemite”, even though Israeli murders and ethnic cleanse real Semites on almost a daily basis since 1947 ?
    Who are the real Nazis ?

    Where is the justice for the real natives of Palestine and Jaffa etc ?

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    1. But God help you if you were a German conscripted prison gate guard following orders in WW II. Even if they get you at 97+ years old, you are going to court and jail.

      If you are Dr Mangele or, Klaus Barbie or, von Braun and his team etc. then it’s ok, you can go free, hell, we will even hire you guys.

      “America put man on the moon !” ….hmmm…errr… are you sure about that ?
      I’m pretty sure that was actually some hired German guys.

      Now… Where are my paper clips ?
      Klaus !? Have you seen any paper clips laying around here ?

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