Perversion of Reality on Steroids

Russia’s brilliantly executed SMO smashed the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster on day one of its liberating campaign.

Not according to NYT fake news.

Falsely claiming that its “offensive ran aground” ignored reality by trampling on truth — based on falsified Biden regime talking points.

The Times — and other MSM — are an embarrassment to what journalism is supposed to be, what’s absent in their daily fake news editions.

Falsely claiming that Nazi-infested Ukraine halted Russia’s blitzkrieg offensive ignored how its forces are effectively demilitarizing and deNazifying the US-installed regime.

Virtually everything claimed over the past year ignored Russian battlefield successes.

Commenting on fake news by US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators, the late William Blum said it’s “enough to give imperialism a bad name.”

Documenting hegemon USA’s history, he stressed the following:

“If you flip over the rock of American foreign policy (throughout) the past century, this is what crawls out: invasions, bombings, (subversion), overthrowing governments, suppressing (popular) movements for social change, assassinating political leaders, perverting elections, manipulating labor unions, manufacturing ‘news,’ death squads, torture, (chemical), biological (and nuclear) warfare, (radiological contamination), drug trafficking, mercenaries,” police state repression, and endless wars on humanity.

Millions of corpses attest to hegemon USA’s barbarity, a rogue state like no others in world history, operating globally, willing to risk destruction planet earth to own it, the human cost of no consequence.

Forever wars on humanity at home and worldwide reflect US policy from inception.

Fantasy democracy masquerades as the real thing, the latter banned at home and worldwide in favor of growing despotism.

Instead of exposing and denouncing it, fake news by the Times and other MSM support state-sponsored tyranny under undemocratic Dems — nominally headed by a detached from reality White House imposter.

On all things related to Russia and Ukraine, Moscow smashed the US-created monster.

Fake news by the Times and other MSM pretend otherwise, ignoring reality on the ground.

I disagree with a man I greatly respect, US military expert Douglas Macgregor.

Saying “Americans must choose” between endless war-making by the empire of lies at the ballot box or other means ignored a system rigged to assure the worst of continuity.

The only solution is popular revolution.

Nothing else can work.

As long as undemocratic Dems remain empowered, the worst of times will continue — what’s heading for possible humanity destroying nuclear war, preceded by homeland tyranny.

According to Macgregor, Ukrainian Nazis are “losing the fight with Russia.”

“Unless Americans demand new directions in foreign policy now, as they did in 1968, they will surrender control over their lives and incomes to the Washington elite’s orgy of spending on a dangerous proxy war against Russia and the arbitrary exercise of state power against American citizens at home.”

The illegitimately installed Biden regime is the most ruthlessly dangerous in US history.

Unless replaced by governance of, by and for everyone equitably in peace, we’re all doomed.

Americans are ill-governed and otherwise ill-served by an illegitimately installed undemocratic Dem regime.

It’s long past time for popular revolution to end its tyrannical grip on power.


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  1. Macgregor?

    Why does America have such illiteracy problems, or is it just 100% disrespect for other people’s cultures in general ?

    Proper nouns, why is it MacGregor not “Macgregor” ?

    “Mac” and “Mc” is not a proper noun (technically it should read in small or quarter font size “mac” or “mc”), Mac is a prefix to a proper noun in a compound Gaelic word.

    Mac and Mc means the same thing = “the son of”, in this case it is “the son of Gregor”.

    Mac is Scots Gaelic.
    Mc is Irish Gaelic.

    Nobody destroys a language quite like America does, but then again, is America not obsessed with the destruction of everything ?


  2. I think the thought of a second revolution in the US is unimaginable to many citizens who try to live their lives in a just decent moral environment. But, a few nights ago on Tucker, Jason Whitlock made an interesting statement. He said it is time to accept that the two main factions will never be able to coexist and the US must be split into two separate states – an MTG National Divorce. This general idea has been suggested years ago but now it seems to be getting stronger. In theory it sounds attractive but not possible in practice. The two states would be in constant conflict. The cross border problems would actually become unified and stronger eventually erupting into civil warfare. And, the actual process of the divorce seems impossible to carry out without violence.
    Can a third state be created with real conservative Patriots, I doubt that. It seems not enough of them exist now, and the present system would never allow them to organize. The U.S. is clearly in a FUBAR zone and I think maybe we will wind up as an extension of Mexico, a corrupt narco state ruled by a kleptocracy of criminals and traitors.
    It is painful for me to reach this conclusion but I do not see a way out. Maybe the US cannot exist without constant warfare and corruption. Are we heading into the trash heap of history, as Pat Buchanan once said years ago?


  3. Billy, slow down, we have serious problems to solve! You actually made a basic grammatical error in your third paragraph. The important point is to get our message out and overlook some insignificant errors. Even I make misteakes sometimes!


    1. Art, fair enough, we all make typo’s but, it insults and irritates 2 entire nations.

      It is also an example of the global problems that America creates. Even more so when that destruction of people’s culture spreads to their own nations like a virus. America misspelling Celt names is now used by the English State to help destroy Irish and Scots culture who also want independence from England.

      As for grammar, it is over rated. In linguistics, gramma is the first casualty in language construction. It largely depends on dialect. In any nation using the same basic language, the correct grammar changes due to local dialect.


  4. Art,

    The two main factions are accomplices, not two “apposing factions”.

    They only pretend to be “opposition” for public propaganda purposes. It helps divide and conquer the public who buy into the theatrical plastic democracy puppet show.

    “A corrupt narco state ruled by a kleptocracy of criminals and traitors” ?

    But that is America in a nutshell already, it is the CIA running drugs into America not the “Mexicans”.
    It all started with trafficking opium via 1960’s 70’s Vietnam and then Reagans cocaine from the South Americas.

    Maybe a civil war in America is exactly what is needed for world peace. America needs a taste of its own medicine that it has been dictating to everybody else in order to understand why war is a bad thing, maybe that will end Americas obsession of forever wars ?


  5. Yes I agree! And, many Americans do deserve a taste of their own medicine but a civil war using the modern tech we have now would be a disaster and result in forever hatred and violence. I am not a historian or journalist and cannot think of a situation where civil war created two successful separate countries, maybe Ireland? I think about the horrors my grandchildren would endure, that is my major concern. At this point, the US is not fixable and I expect a great upheaval of some type does lie ahead. My major hope is that the criminals responsible are rooted out and their ill gotten wealth is confiscated and used to rebuild our Constitutional Republic while the criminals and traitors are properly and rapidly brought to justice.
    I hope that many citizens in our government and members of the military have enough faith in the US to step forward when TSHTF and take proper action and show leadership. Maybe MacGregor, Ritter, Carlson, etc will take leadership positions, they obviously have the necessary qualifications. Carlson has a huge audience and would be the best choice to call for third Party of Patriots to be assembled and draft an expanded Constitution with an expanded Bill of Rights. That should be the first step, to exactly define the new party. If we must have a civil upheaval, we must clearly define our objectives.
    Yes, I ramble on but the thoughts of the US ending up like Ukraine or Mexico is disgusting and repulsive. We must have a better solution before any major physical conflict takes place. Does anyone have a realistic plan, we know what the problems are?


    1. Art, agreed, civil war is never a good thing. Although it can resolve several other major issues by brute force, it usually creates problems for the future.

      All wars are a failure of civilized intellect to resolve differences via peaceful mature diplomatic means.

      Ireland is an odd one, they actually only had a ceasefire, coincidently just before 911 and the US fake “war on terror”. Now Brussels controls South Ireland rather than England and, England still controls the Northeast. The Irish civil war is not resolved yet. England is deliberately provoking that problem with the undemocratic Brexit, that disrespects the Good Friday Agreement, as well as all democratic processes in general.

      Civil war in modern day America would be the same as the Rwandan massacre in the early 1990’s. This is why people need to stop their addiction to the fake Dem v Rep coercion theatrics that keeps everybody divided 24/7/365. Be like the French, WE all have the same enemy but nobody wants to do anything about it. That is why we are now in this mess and, it will only deteriorate further as everybody looks the other way. Breaking point is getting closer by the day.

      We are one people, trapped on a one planet lifeline that we are destroying.

      There is nothing much wrong with the original Bill of Rights and Constitution, which mostly originated from existing Bills and Acts between the despicable King Charles Ist and the English government, and the Magna Carta, it pays to know why they were drafted in the first place. Problem is that most Americans won’t read the documents or history, thus doomed to repeat it.

      Both the BoR and Const. have serious loopholes to address eg. can a cousin run against a cousin in elections (Bush v Kerry), or, can a spouse of a 2 term expresident run for office (H.Clinton), or, can the same family run for office (Bush I & II), or, can anybody with a national traitor in the family run for office (Prescott Bush 1942 aiding the enemy) etc.

      They both have several logical loophole problems to address but, maybe it just needs a reset option rather than a replacement.

      Maybe just start from scratch altogether, ask the people what they want, let them decide, put it to a real democratic vote after real debates and public suggestions ?

      For now, the Bill of Rights and Constitution have been violated, and or, deliberately sabotaged to the point they are now void documents. They took a good thing and destroyed it, that is why we can’t have nice things.

      We have to change the existing power structure now. Keep the old rights until new ones are democratically drafted by the public. Time to get rid of loopholes that are made by criminals for criminals.


  6. What we need to learn is a way to counter our true enemies that control our nations and exploit us all.

    The French have much to teach us in this regard. We need to take a lesson from their book.

    Let’s take two examples of protest, one that works, while the other form is almost a complete waste of time.

    George Galloway likes to boast of the vast numbers of protestors in the anti Iraq war movement. If I remember right it was around 1 million people protesting in London alone (a city of some 10 million people today).
    What did that actually achieve, nothing. The State psycho’s don’t care about noisy protestors with signs in the street so much. They are no threat to the politicians or their cronies.

    Although, peaceful civil protest should always be the first response to State made problems.

    When their protest failed to stop the “war”, what was their plan B ?
    Nothing, they just gave up ! Hardly the same spirit of their most recent industrial ancestors.

    Then we have the French. It does not matter what political party you support in France, if the French don’t like it, they act and move as ONE.
    The MSM won’t tell you about it but, France is currently seeing a lot of protests and even riots this past few years.

    The French understand the old adage of “united we stand”. Their protests come in many interesting forms of sabotage.
    Wheel clamps, French solution = superglue the locks of every wheel clamp you see on the street.
    Did government just pass an undemocratic and unpopular bill ?
    France stands still, blockade every major national road, every port, park all the cargo trucks and a national strike until that bill is removed.

    That is what we all need to learn. We have the power to control our nation without firing a single shot. The beast can’t survive long without its flow of money and commerce. The State will fail long before the population does.

    People just need to drop the addiction for the fake 2 party criminal accomplice party. Learn that we are all in the same boat, we all have the same “political” sharks swimming around us. We are all exploited our entire lives, then brainwashed to blame each other for “voting for the wrong party”. Better that than going after the State criminals.

    For now, WE have the true national power. The state only enforce the illusion that we do not have any power. WE are ONE.

    That is soon going to change if we don’t do something to stop them. When AI automation tech takes over the population, and it will, we will have no further purpose to the psycho “elite” parasites, we will then be completely expendable.


  7. Billy, thanks for your replies and thanks also to Stephen for his excellent articles and allowing us to exchange history and ideas. Please provide some background info and how you have amassed so much history. I worked in scientific areas for over 40 years and try to use my analytical skills to find solutions to help save the US. I was an active Republican until 2003 and had enough at that point, now an Independent. I was able to see how government and corporations operate firsthand during my career.
    I look at what happened in Canada, and as Tucker said, what happens in Canada and CA will happen to the overall US. With AI now being used by the alphabet agencies it might already be too late as you said. The US is fragmented into many hateful groups and now the “we the people” does not seem apply. No unifying basic culture exists.
    I have often said that “whatever is bad for the family is bad for the Nation.” This is why the satanists are putting so much effort into poisoning US children. This has been going on for many decades and now they have much control. As Whitlock said, we will not convert them, they must be dealt with using “force,” they will not go away. I have potential solutions but must give them more thought first. They must face the most severe legal penalties, they are mentally ill psychopaths and deviants. No mercy for them. They cannot be tolerated in a decent society based on the family. This is why a National Divorce might not be a solution, the cross border conflict will not go away. This why the BoR and The Constitution must be expanded to give families the power to defend themselves.
    Stephen, do you have any suggestions about what a solution might be? We need more Tucker Carlsons on MSM. How did he get such an important position to inform us?
    We need an organization to organize citizen forums for the open discussion of ideas.


    1. No worries Art, I look forward to reading Mr Lendmans articles and people’s comments here.

      I find Mr Lendmans articles interesting. It is also very rare to find interesting adults that talk sense in the comment sections these days, if it is allowed at all by a “social media” sites nefarious moderators. (I knew Social Media sites were bad news from day one, I refuse to even visit just a link to one)

      I have observed that Mr Lendman realizes the value in the comments we all post regarding his subject matter.

      The Dutch are really good at speaking their minds, I respect that value, as does everybody here. Censorship is always a good clue that you are being manipulated. Treating people like adults instead of this weird Western nanny State that is condescending to and coerces the “public herd” like little children at every turn.

      It is very refreshing to know there are still intelligent people around in this intellectually challenged society where we are forced to reside.

      My knowledge comes from my life experiences, observations and research into many subjects.
      I have been on this planet for 50 years picking up knowledge along the way. I learned a lot from my WW II era grand parents, I have resided in several nations living like the natives do, I have had many different types of employment, that all helped shape the way I see. I also don’t watch TV or buy tabloids, that saves a few brain cells.

      The more I learn, the more I realize that I know very little, so, I have to research even more. People often try to sabotage that.

      I have never voted because I have always known since a child that the fake State was a sinister entity, it is just a game to them and they cheat.
      I’m neither left or right. Egalitarian and fair is the best description of my politics.
      I have a clear understanding that both Capitalist CON$umerism and Communism have 3 main things in common,

      1. A small group of criminals end up owning and controling everything, while the exploited public get nothing.
      2. They are both very greedy systems that just take from the public that they farm by exploitation.
      3. Neither system works. They both fail.

      I have observed this bizarre CIA style psy op creating these strange “protest” groups and divisions in recent years. Turning legit and fake popular protest movements into a saturation of mockery while sowing seeds of division in society. Mass colonial brainwashing of the public herd.

      People don’t realise that we are now at war with our own State, the public have a massive target on their backs and yet, totally oblivious to their environmental dangers. In saying that, the $camdemic has woken up more people. It is like when that guy wears the glasses for the first time in the movie “They Live”.

      How long have we noticed the police turning into a military force bit by bit, 1980’s, more so the 1990’s early 2000’s. A massive Red flag. That was just the start. Now it is full power propaganda and coercion tactics.

      They are up to no good.

      Notice how all these Billions of public money is being sucked up into a mysterious void. Banks “failing” again, money to the corrupt Ukraine laundry services, now they have a $15.6 Billion IMF loan on top of that, this looks like they are setting up a major event. Last time we saw this was the Great Depression that resulted in WW II.

      We are all in serious danger because of these psycho’s that have taken over the asylum.

      You are absolutely correct, they are as insane as Al Capone (his madness was a result of final stage syphilis in the end).

      (Apologies for the layout of text, I’m struggling to use a tiny screen and VR keyboard with big fingers)


  8. I speculate that all these divisions they are creating are for two purposes.

    Public division, distraction, brainwashing.

    Is their game plan to break down society with the “financial crisis” and other bizarre protest groups etc. ?

    Then in an act of “national reunification” produce a new “leader” that says all the right things to take power, only for us to then discover that we have the next Nepoleon/Hitler type and all the joys that BS brings ?

    They do like to try and reenact history about every 100 years.

    Anti Russian shenanigans (1812, 1917, 2014, 2022…), Major “financial crashes” (the Great Depression 1929, Bankster heists 2008, 2019-2023…), “Virus” pandemics (the Great Influenza Epidemic 1918, the $camdemic 2019-2023…), wars etc.

    The propaganda machine is always busy printing its latest mind soap and lies.


  9. Global Times is the main outlet for the Chinese government. I visited the website to see what The Rest are seeing. The last line of the article, “Middle East welcomes China’s role as peace builder, rejects US determinism,” is “The US is still living under the illusion of American hegemony and determinism. However, as everyone knows, the world has moved on.

    I didn’t even know there was a word “determinism.” It’s a big deal, whatever it is.


    1. Hi TEIW,
      (There was no reply button on your comment posted on 7th April 12:53. Will attach this reply to an earlier comment you posted so it lets you know?)

      One strong point you made there coincides with some research I was doing recently.

      “the Money Masters who seek monopoly over the world and total domination of the slaves”

      The $candemic was a memory wipe brainwashing event and multiple distraction event.

      In late 2018 there was a huge Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency value crash. That was in part the cause of today’s financial scam/”crash”. Did anybody notice or remember that ?

      Question is :
      Insider trading ?
      Was that done to intentionally crash Crypto stock market share value so that the State/Bankster cronies could buy up cheap Crypto stock before restoring its value again ?
      Is this why massive amounts of money is currently being sucked out of the public, a mass scramble for wealth to buy Crypto shares and/or if a nuke is dropped ? (as if money will help them post nuke war ha ha ha).
      Is this where all the money to the Nazi laundry machine in Ukraine is really going ?

      If people think they are enslaved in the world of paper or plastic credit finance now, just wait until they slip the mandatory chains of digital slavery on us all, it’s coming.

      Crypto will give them 100% control over our lives. “You did not do what we demanded therefore, we will just take all your money directly from your account,” or just sanction/freeze your bank account etc.

      Anybody that believes that Crypto is “untraceable” and “safe from hacking” deserve to be robbed for being so brainwashed by the masters lies.

      People did not believe me when I said that, at the start of the new digital Crypto currency era.
      Now the US government brag about actually seizing/confiscating people’s crypto accounts, they have done it, just as I said they would.

      We are in the dawn of the new age of modern digital slavery. Only the gullible, naive and criminal buy into the Crypto fantasy.
      They will know every account and transaction you make but naturally, just like tax returns, we will never see theirs.

      We don’t even need money, we had better trade systems for many centuries before the money scam came along.

      What did money get us ?
      Crime, wars, scams, mass poverty, “Taxes” (pay protection money or else), greed, invasions, slavery, lower standards of living etc.


  10. Time to fire every politician including a bloated worthless congress.
    Develop a smaller government with only administrative power.No campaign financing. Eight years max for political employment No extra benefits. All laws to be considered by public vote only.
    Where the population decides on implementation.
    I awoke ! Ah what a dream.


    1. The one flaw to term limits is this, the next office signs off on the previous office bills regardless of “party” and continues the previous office agenda.

      What is interesting about the current system is who gets the blame for the previous office unpopular Bills.

      You can change the politicians but you can’t change the policy.


      1. The Supreme Court has rejected term limits twice on the grounds it violates free speech, which is a crock of crap. The issue is representation and not free speech which we have clearly seen does not matter to the powers that should not be. It’s yet another solution blocked by the system by exercising more corruption.

        Clif High says the Supreme Court justices make mullions giving speeches in China.

        The standard crap of three branches of government being separate and equal is George Carlin material he never got to. How are they equal. It’s swallowing stupid. And they are not separate as united by the Money Masters who seek monopoly over the world and total domination of the slaves.

        Separate and equal is as crazy as liberty and justice for all.


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