RFK, Jr. for President

A mensch instead of an undemocratic Dem imposter/buffoon in the White House would be welcome relief even though unable to change the scourge of how the empire of lies operates at home and worldwide.

It won’t happen because US “elections” are rigged to assure increasingly unacceptable continuity.

And when notable figures like JFK ascend to the nation’s highest office, the CIA eliminates them the old-fashioned way.

JFK, Jr. is on the cusp of declaring his intention to run for president — having filed required paperwork with the FCC.

His goal is “to end the corrupt merger between state and corporate power that has ruined our economy, shattered the middle class, polluted our landscapes and waters, poisoned our children and robbed us of our values and freedom.”

In stark contrast to MSM support for the scourge of growing tyranny and forever wars on invented enemies by undemocratic Dems, he said the following:

“After carefully reviewing the science, it was clear to me that (kill shots) and other toxic environmental exposures were inextricably linked to rising rates of autism, allergies, autoimmune disorders and a host of other conditions.”

“I knew I could never turn my back on the children and families so profoundly affected by these exposures.”

“My commitment to health freedom, preventing future injuries, unmasking those responsible and holding them accountable will never diminish.”

Chances of JFK, Jr. becoming president are virtually nil.

And there’s no chance of changing hegemon USA’s wicked ways.

It’s why the old solution is popular revolution.

Nothing less than what’s badly needed can work to eliminate the unparalleled threat to humanity posed by the empire of lies.


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  1. “Martin Armstrong – The Financial Collapse is GUARANTEED – What Now?” — 1:09:38 video from 3/29/23

    Armstrong says the sovereign debts are not meant to be repaid and the debt system will colla[see from debt. He said the world suffers from republicanism, and like Celente, he ca;;s for true/universal/direct democracy.

    I am strongly adverse to the Purple Power/Parties as the Red Criminal Conspiracy and the Blue Criminal Conspiracy are both hangable. They are tyrants who have killed millions of Americans with an injection that could not possibly help anyone with anything. Kennedy should run as an independent and not mix with the Purple Tyrants.


  2. Hmmm, a Kennedy lure ?
    A brave fool at best. How many Kennedy family members have died via assassination and or “accidents” ?
    Who are they aiming him at ?
    Anybody that knows anything about the Kennedy family are either long retired or dead. It certainly can’t be aimed at the younger potential voters.

    There are always 3 sheep dogs in the familiar theatrical puppet shows of elections, all playing the same old game, herd the voters in Round Up !

    The 2 main features in all elections are the useless backstabbing Dem’s v Rep’s. Then there is the special star guest “3rd option” (eg. Bernie Sanders) to round up the stragglers.

    What is the purpose of the shaking loose 3rd wheel “politician”… the swing vote.
    Trashing the voting power of the undecided, disenfranchized ex-traditional Dem/Rep voters who want something new.

    Notice that, the popular 3rd wheel always comes off the manure cart about half way through the elections after gathering X amount of critical votes ?
    As intended.

    That is just one tactic how the Dem/Reps control every election result.

    This tactic is not unique to America. They use a similar tactic in the UK where they use entire nations to “swing elections”, thus controlling general election results. (The UK is made up of 4 individual nations)

    It pays to study both the American and the U.K. State systems, they are one of the same. Zionists, Bankster’s and corporations control both.


    1. I think studying dinosaurs is probably more useful. The US of As and the pathetic UK will be extinct by 2030 with nothing worth studying beyond the worldwide celebrations that will mark their demise.


      1. It is long overdue that strict and true global international laws ban all WMD’s, all wars, all invasions of other nations, all “sanctions”, all terrorist mercenaries, the IMF and WB, US controlled NATO goons, all empires, all corporate monopoly empire building, all criminal Banksters that rob entire nations while giving themselves obscene bonuses while their victims starve to death etc.

        We reside in a criminal world that is fully under the control of “high class” criminals, who hide behind State. It works the same in every country, not just USA UK.


  3. Stephen,

    I agree completely with you endorsement of RFK, Jr. for President in 2024 – and also agree that the thoroughly rigged Uniparty electoral system will never allow him to be elected, let alone get the nomination.

    Finally, I thought you might want to correct this typo.

    I think you meant “RFK, Jr.” in the sentence below:

    Chances of JFK, Jr. becoming president are virtually nil.


  4. Joe Biden and Kamala Haris both share the Irish family name of Finnegan.
    Are they related ?

    Why is nobody talking about this ?


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