NYT-Style Trampling on Truth

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT once again ignored how effectively Russia is demilitarizing and deNazifying US-colonized Ukraine.

The former nation state no longer exists.

Discussing its demise, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev explained the following, saying:

Ukraine will cease to exist because “nobody needs it.”

“Any attempts to put young Ukrainian blood-sucking parasites (around) the arthritic neck of the decrepit EU will become (its) final downfall.”

US/Western support for the Nazi-infested territory “already created true financial and political hell for the Europeans” and Americans.

Even Poles don’t consider Ukraine a “normal” state.

The vast majority of Americans have no idea where the former nation state is located.

Yet the empire of lies supplies the Nazi-infested regime with billions of dollars worth of arms, munitions, and equipment for perpetual war on 

Russia — a harebrained strategy Russia effectively countered.

Most world community nations refuse to support the Nazi-infested Ukraine monster.

And this Medvedev reality check, saying:

The territory called Ukraine is “misconception, created by the dissolution of the Soviet Union.” 

“Millions of our compatriots harassed by the Nazi Kiev regime for years live here.”

“It is them whom we protect with the special military operation, ruthlessly eliminating the enemy.” 

“And this is why this sub-Ukraine is not needed for us. We need a Big Great Russia” and peace in stark contrast to forever wars by the empire of lies.

Because of its imperial rampaging, the vast majority of ordinary Ukrainians live in fear under tyrannical rule.

“This kind of Ukraine is not needed to anyone on the plant. And this is why it will cease to exist,” Medvedev stressed.

Yet according to NYT fake news, “a depleted Russian military (sic) is struggling in its war in Ukraine (sic) and (its) military apparatus is deeply compromised (sic).”

Realty on the ground is worlds apart different from how the Times perverts truth and tramples on it.

Russia effectively defeated the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster on day one of its liberating SMO.

Claims otherwise by the Times and other MSM are some of the worst fake news around.


2 thoughts on “NYT-Style Trampling on Truth

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  1. NYT is created in the image of its creator the Deep State.

    Instead of diplomacy, the Deep State talks lies and wars and will end up in deep shit such as in Vietnam and Afghanistan.


    1. I suspect that Vietnam, Afghanistan, Egypt and Iraq went as planned for America.

      They don’t care about who wins the war, it is all about what deals can be made, what resources can be exploited etc.


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