US Neocon Rep. Calls for War on China

Taiwan is sovereign Chinese territory to be reunited with the mainland, the nation’s Foreign Ministry stressing the following:

“There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory.”

“The government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is the sole legal government representing the whole of China.”

“The one-China principle is a fundamental principle affirmed in UNGA Resolution 2758.”

“It is the premise on which the PRC established diplomatic relations with 181 countries.”

“It is an established international consensus and a widely recognized basic norm in international relations.”

“The one-China principle is what underpins peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” as well as the Asia/Pacific more broadly.

“(T)he path of ‘Taiwan independence’ will lead to a dead end.”

“If Taiwan (or its paymaster USA) wants to confront the mainland militarily, it will only find it futile and doomed to fail.”

Yet neocon Rep. Michael McCaul expressed support for war on China by deployment of US troops to the island to defend it against a nonexistent threat of a mainland attack, saying:

“(I)t would certainly be on the table and something that would be discussed by Congress…”

China prioritizes peace and cooperative relations with other nations in stark contrast to US/NATO perpetual wars on invented enemies.

Already at war on Russia since 2014, and losing badly to its military and tactical superiority, US belligerence against China would be suicidal twice over.

On Wednesday, Beijing warned that all things related to Taiwan constitute a “red line…not to be crossed in” Sino/US relations.

Over the weekend, China is holding military exercises in the Taiwan Strait as a warning against hegemon USA’s meddling in its internal affairs.

Reportedly the Biden regime is planning to increase its military presence in the island, an affront to Chinese sovereignty.

Last month, it approved over $600 million worth of arms to the island, including F-16 warplanes with potential belligerence in mind.

Weeks earlier, China’s Foreign Ministry called the empire of lies the world’s “worst nuclear threat,” adding:

“It should carefully rethink its nuclear policy, diligently fulfill its special and primary duty to disarm, thus reducing the role of nuclear weapons in the national security policy, and take meaningful practical steps to ease nuclear risks.”

Speculation by the US about the nuclear threat allegedly posed by China is a pretext to expand its own nuclear arsenal with potentially using it in mind against one or more invented enemies.

If nuclear war occurs against Russia, China or elsewhere, it’ll be made-in-the-USA.

8 thoughts on “US Neocon Rep. Calls for War on China

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  1. Truth, truth, unvarished truth and integrity in reporting. Thank you, Mr. Lendman.

    USA = a democracy? a peaceful, respectful people-cum-government? an example to and leader of the community of nations? Not……



  2. Now I am thoroughly convinced that the US is completely INSANE. They are all warmongering mad dogs and should be urgently escorted to an asylum. Very hard to comprehend this level of insanity.

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  3. My thought coming off the article concerned survival instinct and the inner demons being grown by 8 billion people in order to survive and the new zeitgeist.

    The pictures of the murdered-by-injection babies are showing up on video. There has to be an answer and it is not let it be.

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  4. LOL!!! China &/or Russia would kick the JewSA’s ass six ways from Sunday!! OMG! Where does this insanity come from? The JewSA is a paper tiger who couldn’t whip a bunch of goat herders in sandals with AK-47s after 20 years of trying and a Trillion dollars down the toilet! No air power, armor, artillery…no nothing! We still couldn’t beat them. Jeezzz. These Rothschild Agents in the USG are Delusional beyond help.
    What a bunch of traitorous chicken hawks! The US Navy would get sunk.
    It’s ABSURD! The USA is the laughing stock of the world. A nation of Shabbos Goyim being screwed by Rothschild Jewry.

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    1. Don’t buy into it.

      The “Taliban” was created by America, UK, Saudi and Israel. They trained them, funded them, armed and supplied them, supported them, gave them orders.

      It does not matter who they call themselves this week or next, Taliban, IS, ISIS etc. It is all Nazi CIA black op approved.

      America left Afghanistan because for now, job done, we want to go smash other things for a while. Deals were made.

      The very same mercenary “terrorists” are working for the West in Syria right now, and in Clintons illegal war on Yugoslavia 30 years ago (time will fly).

      I would not be surprized if the “Taliban” are currently in Ukraine helping the West commit more war crimes.

      Not sure about the current status of the relationship between the “Jewish” Bankster’s and China.
      Last I read, some 10 years ago, the Jews wanted to get into Chinese banking systems but China was not Playing that old game. Has something changed since ?

      The Chinese are not to be messed with.
      I don’t understand why they don’t just call in all the US national debt they own, that would destroy America within days.
      China has a reputation for playing the long game.

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