Every Dirty Trick in the BooK

Operating by its own rules exclusively in flagrant breach of the UN Charter, other international law and its own Constitution, hegemon USA’s imperial rampaging is an unparalleleled threat everyone everywhere.

Outed earlier for secretly producing banned bioweapons, the empire of lies and forever wars was again caught red-handed producing them in Nazi-infested Ukraine.

On Tuesday, head of Russia’s  Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Forces, General Igor Kirillov, minced no words as follows, saying:

“We have no doubt that (hegemon USA), under the (fabricated) guise of ensuring global biosecurity, conduct(s) dual-use research, including the creation of biological weapons components, in close proximity to Russian borders.”

Documentation and eye witnesses proving it conclusively are overwhelming and indisputable, Kirillov stressing:

‘No one, including Western (regimes), has had any doubts about the authenticity of the published documents.”

As orchestrated and directed by the empire of lies, Nazi-infested Ukraine’s program was earlier known as ‘Joint biological research (sic).”

Now it’s called “biological control research (sic).”

What’s going on was made-in-the-USA as part of waging war on Russia and other invented enemies.

It’s one of many diabolical way in which the empire of lies operates.


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  1. Slavyangrad/41483 on Telegram has a chart showing the USD and the Euro as percentage of world currencies. The USD is now 58.4% and the Euro is less than 21%.

    The Russians have 1500-kilo bombs with guiding wings and GPS. The Russians don’t do media campaigns like the West, but I think it would be funny if they painted “Remember the Alamo” with a hint bring Nordstream to mind.


  2. Link: https://seymourhersh.substack.com/p/trading-with-the-enemy

    Amid rampant corruption in Kiev and as US troops gather at the Ukrainian border, does the Biden administration have an endgame to the conflict?
    Seymour Hersh
    Apr 12

    Without a paid subscription, the link will only give a preview. The preview talks about profiteering on munitions and fuel. The shocker is the Ukrainians are buying diesel from Russia.


  3. Strange how Russia ALLOWS this to keep going on and they REFUSE to bomb them or do anything about it. Russia must either be part of the show or else they are too scared to DO SOMETHING.
    Which is it?


    1. I have come to a similar conclusion several times over the years.

      Was the USSR in cahoots with the USA during the Cold War ?
      The same Bankster’s were making an obscene fortune from that childish brat “tit-for-tat” game. Nuke$ are very expensive and very lucrative for the money lenders, from corporate mining of the uranium, to high cost logistics, to weapon lab costs, to expensive storage facilities, military training costs, the dismantling of old WMD’s past their use by date, to expensive high radioactive “waste management”. All on the tax payers dime $$$

      Was it agreed upon by USA, Israel and Russia to divide that country amongst themselves ?

      Why did it take so long ?
      So many Russian civilians killed for years, and Russia just waited, and waited for years before doing anything about it (diplomatic stalling of Russia by the corrupt UN to buy time to set up Ukraine ?).
      Meanwhile, the corrupt UN and farcical ICC said nothing about the Ukrainian Azov Nazi war crimes of targeting and murdering civilians, aka “ethnic cleansing”, for years (not even the time the Azov shot down the civilian airliner MH17).

      Russia could easily take out Ukraine, but they don’t or won’t ?

      The excuse of “no further NATO” ?
      USA just effectively annexed Finland, via NATO goon membership. Finland is also on the hard border of Russia, they will now get US missiles to point at Russia from Finland too.

      Why did Russia stay silent regarding Americas crimes and lies for decades ?

      It is suspicious but, what is even more dubious is that everybody lets them do this. Every McDonalds, Starbucks, Cosco store etc. In every nation should be boycotted if not burned to the ground. (Also, why do Jews buy goods from IKEA, a business founded by an actual WW II Nazi.)

      Well, if everybody is ok with being used by America, then they must be ok with being exploited and possibly wiped out in a nuke war. America brought Covid to us all, not China, yet no nation wants to expose the $camdemic.

      It is easy to remove these monsters, America needs the UN more than the UN nations need America.

      People are just too stupid, sheep all end up in the same place.


  4. I believe something is very strange with this Ukrainian conflict as Jimmi98765 states.I believe Western countries are maximizing arms sales in addition to financial contributions to Ukraine disappearing in a maze of lies.So what is it really about?


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