Nazi-Infested Ukraine Waging War OF Terror, Not on It

Ukraine is a made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested monster, masquerading as a nation-state in Central Europe.

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies uses the former state as a platform for perpetual war on nonthreatening Russia.

As orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA, the Nazi-infested  former state is recruiting Russian youths to stage terror attacks against their homeland, head of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), Alexander Bortnikov explained, saying:

Ukrainian Nazis and their US/Western paymasters “launched an aggressive brainwashing/ recruitment (campaign) on our citizens.”

One of its objectives is to recruit and train a “generation” of youths for involvement in sabotage, terrorist and extremist activities.

Russia is on to the scheme and taking steps to undermine it.

Nazi ideology is a scourge to be eliminated by whatever it takes to accomplish this made-in-the-USA threat to humanity domestically and worldwide.

In February, Vladimir Putin warned that hegemon USA and its Western vassals “never hesitated to use radicals and extremists” in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

“They always use against us whatever is at hand,” no matter how ruthlessly lawless.

Leaked Pentagon documents show that the empire of lies is going all-out to drag Western vassals into war on Russia.

The latest from in and around the strategically important town of Artyomovsk is that over 80% of the area is controlled by Russian forces, Wagner Group founder,  Yevgeny Prigozhin, explained, saying the following:

“(A)ll administrative centers, factories, plants are under Russian control.”

Made-in-the-USA, Nazi infested Ukraine was defeated by overwhelming Russian military and tactical superiority.

There’s virtually nothing that the empire of lies can do to turn things around in its favor,


3 thoughts on “Nazi-Infested Ukraine Waging War OF Terror, Not on It

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  1. I strongly suspect that the “leaked Pentagon documents” are a ruse.

    A similar military ruse was used in WWII by the British military. Feeding false information to the enemy.


  2. Funny; A Cabal of NeoBolshevik Jews, installed by the JewSA in a coup, are in charge of Ukraine and the “Nazis”. The Jew Ukrainian hierarchy is a Fascist, one party system that recently arrested the head of the Orthodox Christian church and shut it down. They commit extrajudicial killings and have been plundering cash and selling weapons on the Black Market given to them by the JewSA. You never get this reporting from Lendman, who apparently thinks Jew power doesn’t exist in the US or Ukraine.

    No matter, Russia is in the process of crushing both.


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