No Wild Card Scenarios on All Things Russia and Ukraine

No wild card scenario on the outcome of Russia’s liberating SMO in Nazi-infested Ukraine is likely, as the Biden regime and Pentagon suggested.

As stressed in earlier articles, Russia defeated the scourge of made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested Ukraine, on day-one of its campaign, in response to its transformation by the empire of lies into a platform for perpetual war-making to advance its imperial rage to rule the world, plunder its resources and exploit it people unchallenged.

Hegemon USA is using expendable Ukrainian troops to their exhaustion in pursuit of a lost cause.

A dubious Pentagon Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document ignores reality on the ground.

While US-installed puppet Zelensky remains around at its discretion, he’s highly vulnerable to elimination if falls out of favor.

Vladimir Putin and Russia overall remain secure.

Yet trampling on reality, the DIA dubiously suggested a possible change of Russia’s political and military leadership ahead — citing no credible evidence because none exists.

No Ukrainian strike on the Kremlin is likely.

No Russian “full-scale military mobilization” or a threat by its military or political leadership to use tactical nuclear weapons exists.

There’s no chance for dominant Ukrainian Nazis and their Western paymasters to turn things around in their favor.

Straightaway after Russia’s liberating SMO began, Vladimir Putin sought conflict resolution talks for restoration of peace and stability in Central Europe.

The empire of lies undermined his good faith efforts because the business of hegemon USA is perpetual war-making on invented enemies.

Peace and stability are considered anathema notions and ruled out.

Yet according to Biden regime and Pentagon fake news, attacking Russia’s heartland could force Putin “to negotiate a settlement to the war” — what hegemon USA and Ukrainian Nazis began in 2014 and want continued.

The NYT and other MSM are used by the empire of lies to serve its diabolical interests by publishing daily fake news reports.

No matter how many times they were lied to and mass-deceived before, most Americans are easy marks to brainwash repeatedly — notably on issues mattering most.

While the empire of lies and its Western vassals plot anti-Russia strategy by use of expendable Ukrainian cannon fodder, Moscow has done an exceptional job in countering their unparalleled evil.


2 thoughts on “No Wild Card Scenarios on All Things Russia and Ukraine

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  1. Americas favorite pastime, destroying Europe while pretending to be their “special friends”. It is a very old game.

    It is an abusive relationship at best. European “leaders” are all corrupt gimps, all in the pocket of American corporate interests.

    Ukraine, Kosovo and Russia are loaded with massive natural resources, that America wants to loot. Just a coincidence right ?


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