The Scourge of National Pentagon Radio (NPR) Fake News

Its broadcasts are state-sponsored propaganda rubbish to be shunned, not followed — worlds apart from journalism as it should be, a notion NPR and PBS never embraced in service to the empire of lies and forever wars.

While there’s no such thing as a good guy billionaire, Elon Musk is right calling for NPR to be defunded.

But he stopped short of condemning government funding for state-sponsored MSM propaganda across the board.

Throughout the US/West, MSM function as propaganda ministries for regimes where they’re located and their partners in high crimes.

They’re worlds apart from journalism as it should be — what’s only available through proved reliable independent sources.

NPR trampled on truth by claiming that “federal funding is essential to public radio” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Twitter under Musk correctly labeled NPR a “state-affiliated” operation, then relabeled it “government funded” and thus controlled by US dark forces.

NPR and MSM across the board lack editorial independence in service to US/Western imperial regimes and monied interests.

They consistently lie, deceive and suppress what everyone needs to know.

They support the scourge of election theft and illegitimate rule by undemocratic selections.

Most Americans fail to understand that hegemon USA and other Western regimes banned elections in favor of selections to assure continuity.

Nominally led by a detached from reality White House imposter installed by election theft, hegemon USA is an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

Throughout the US/West, fantasy democracies run things, the real thing banned, especially in the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.


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  1. The Purple Propaganda has lost the narrative. The disparity between officialdom and reality is too much. Reality is speaking and it is very hard not to hear.

    Mythland is good about truth inversions. Our Purple Protectors are Purple Pirates. Sounds like a Myland inversion to me.

    THEY want us sick, tired, stressed, atomized, broke, and bewildered. So manufactured; so that way.


    1. It has been fully blown, 100% pure, State sponsored brainwashing propaganda since the start of the $camdemic, now it’s Ukraine/Russia (what ir who is next in line?).
      Nefarious State inflicted propaganda has become relentless 24/7 hardcore psychological abuse and nefarious manipulation via the misinformation MSM cronies.

      (That in of itself is an actual crime against existing International Human Rights laws.)

      Hypocritically of “our leaders”, that is often our Western governments first excuse to vilify every “foreign enemy” too, when it suits the Stately agenda. : Look how North Korea or, WWII Nazis Germany or, Comunist China or, Imperial Japan or, Saddam or, Russia etc. spread fear, lies and ignorance to their brainwashed public who they “terrorize” under their tyranny … sound familiar ?

      Luckily for our self appointed masters or “leaders”, it is only bad or illegal when the enemy does it.

      State =
      “Do as I say, not as I do”.


  2. Simple solution, remove the liars. How do we do that ?

    Don’t watch MSM.
    Don’t buy Tabloids.
    Don’t buy it, don’t spread it.

    Just switch it all off. A very effective peaceful protest by non compliance.

    It is long overdue that the evil likes of Rupert Murdoch, CNN, Fox, BBC, NYT (even Hollywood) etc. were removed from OUR society that they seek to control by division and lies.

    They can’t survive long with zero audience.


  3. Can Musk be trusted ?
    He must be a player or they would have suicided him by now.

    He said that he would unblock Trump on Twitter, reinstate Scott Ritter and remove the algorithm blocking of George Galloway posts.

    I have not looked for a few weeks but, as far as I know, Galloway still has an ongoing lawsuit against Twit, Ritter is still banned.

    Granted, this is now old information on my part but, it made it clear that Musk did not keep his word when taking over Twit.

    Keep in mind that, Musk may have various reasons that we will never hear about. He is either part of it or, he is being forced to do it by 3rd parties.

    Wherever there is mass wealth, there is exploitation, theft and corruption. Nobody gets wealthy by honest hard work.


  4. There is Bribed Media and there is Honest Media.

    Jim Rohn has a quote with guidance that applies here: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with“.

    I watch most of Duran videos. I hold hands with them. The show now playing is the liquidation of Europe– people included. It’s a hell of a show and you never know when a blockbuster surprise is coming.

    Being somewhat ancient, I remember Walter Cronkite and his rivals and NBC, Huntley and Brinkley and I share in Lendman’s on the country we grew up in is not recognizable. The concluding thought is Alex and Alexander are the evolution of honest news, and are the modern Huntley and Brinkley.

    I am in the middle of watching Greg Hunter’s Weekly News Wrap-up, and it came to me he was the new spirit of Walter Cronkite. At this stage of The Few vs Humanity, Cronkite would have evangelism for truth and reality like Hunter..

    People are programming their screens with Honest Media and the battle of screens between Mythland and Reality is on.


    1. Even the Internet is being censored and colonised by our true enemies.

      I made that prediction back in the 1990’s. It was blatantly obvious that was the direction it would head.

      Brainwashing only works if they control what you see and hear, opium for the sheeple.
      Censorship is a vitally important tool for the State to keep control of the herd, opium for the sheeple.
      We already saw that during the “Covid” $camdemic. Mind Soap : Wash, Soap, Rinse & Repeat. Now it is Ukraine where we are encouraged to actually support Nazis and war crimes !!!
      Why do we still have WW II war memorials ?

      MSM = Malign State Misinformation.
      Do as we say, not as we do.


  5. In general, American citizens are degraded in many ways, I think we are headed for a collapse. No peaceful way out at this point it seems. Even my educated associates do not understand the situation we are in. When I mentioned how our children are being groomed by deviants, I was told that they suffered so much in the past and now needed to be recognized. Sound familiar? I can go on for pages but the point is, American “culture” is fragmented into large hateful groups, they are corrupt, immoral, etc, add to that the drug usage, poor physical health, depression, etc. Now cyber psyops and AI have largely destroyed the the truth, it is very difficult now to find the truth, we have a national fake reality that is determined mainly by the party in power. The battle goes on between the two corrupt treasonous political parties and many of those in control are involved in both groups to keep the violence going. This further confuses the citizens.
    This is a huge oversimplification but outlines the basic structure. I think we know who is in charge. Republicans = AIPAC+ and Democrats = WEF communists+. This why the U.S. has almost no chance of evolving into the Constitutional Republic envisioned by Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and other Founding Fathers. They did the best they could under the conditions at that time and knew changes would be needed. But they did try to guarantee basic freedoms with The Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, we now have as Pat Buchanan said in his book titles years ago – The Death of the West and Suicide of a Superpower.


    1. The lunatic Dem’s are many things but Communists ? … No, Communism is long gone my friend. It fails for the same reason disposable consumer capitalism fails. The greedy few get everything while the masses lose everything.

      The Dem’s are 100% behind the antisocial fake “woke” group psy ops, turning people against legitimate public concerns or values, planting seeds of division. The Rep’s are also guilty.

      The Bill of Rights was taken from the English. It was originally drafted by their parliament to counter King Charles Ist tyrannical brat demands, if I remember right. Well worth looking into the back story on that, it helps clarify the Bill of Rights we know today.

      State is infiltrating all large groups so, make small local groups that they can’t infiltrate. There are peaceful solutions, read up on how Gandhi beat the English empire. If he could beat colonial State criminals, so can we.


      1. Billy: The WEF plan is a new advanced type of global communism controlled by AI to use modern science and technology. They will create the new reality based on the rapidly advancing STEM areas. The globalists educate young politicians to replace democratic governments and replace them with a kleptocracy that implements the global WEF modern communist plan. Canada is a good recent example. This is why both political parties in the US are joined together in the war against Russia where BRICS is the major barrier now with their new multipolar global plan where sovereign Nations work together to advance economic prosperity as they are doing in Africa and South America for example. At present, it seems that the WEF plan is advancing in the west but certainly not in the BRICS nations. They are smart enough to see what the warmongering US is doing and oppose US gunboat diplomacy for domination. The U.S. is actually forcing BRICS to advance, they have no other choice.
        The collapse of the U.S. as the dominant world power is a serious problem for the WEF modern communist plan where you will own nothing and be happy. So far, it appears that BRICS is clearly winning the battle and the US is in a state of decay. US democrat party leaders are clearly criminals and traitors doing all they can to destroy our Constitutional Republic and lead the WEF communist movement. And yes, predatory capitalism also fails as it is currently doing in the US. Eventually the elite purchase the government ! MIC and Big Pharma are perfect examples of this. I will not throw the AIPAC criminals into this discussion but it seems they control foreign policy,. The US is one huge clusterf#k ! As I said before, the US is fragmented into several large groups fighting for control. This cannot end well since I do not see a worthy Patriotic group trying to preserve our Constitution. That is why I think we are cooked!
        No, communism is certainly not dead, it is not the old USSR type you are thinking about but a new modernized form.
        The globe is in turmoil and the winners of the US Ukraine war will emerge as the new world leaders. At present, it seems that BRICS and the 20+ nations eager to join will be the new global leaders and NATO will be defeated. The U.S. shot itself in the head as P. C. Roberts recently stated. Unfortunately, WW3 might be the end result where everyone loses.


  6. Art :
    WEF is more like the international corporate gangsters private club. Corrupt Bankster opportunists more than Communists.

    Communism did not last long in history and it’s not coming back. Whereas, greedy criminal Bankster culture has been with us for over 1000 years. We need to get rid of that in order to solve world problems, foreverwars and constant pointless environmental destruction.

    WEF is a conspiratory gangster clique. A mob sit down (COP26 or G8 etc.). They sort their differences, make nefarious plans for future crimes and exploits, claim their territories and divvy up the pie among themselves. All paid for via “taxes”.
    (Cop26 planned the Nordstream attack)

    WEF is based in Geneva, Switzerland so, you know it’s the consumer capitalist Bankster syndicates running the show. It is an asset stripping, debt burying, money laundering, scheming, insider market controlling, saboteur, warmongering criminal organisation.

    They are the ones that help plan the terrorist attacks, wars, sanctions etc. They are the ones that create dictatorial State systems and laws to exploit. They own our governments and corrupt politicians lock, stock, and barrel.

    It is the same old villain structure behind it, the Plutocracy in their high castles who exploit everything and everyone at every opportunity. “It’s mine ! It’s mine !” mentality. They claim us all as their property the day we are registered as “citizens” when we are born. We are then trapped in a prison they call a “nation”, wearing their financial chains of modern slavery.
    5 days on, 2 days off, 5 days on, 2 days off, until you die (if they even let you have a job). You only get 2 days off to buy a weeks food, clean the house and do laundry for the next 5 days on. Don’t want the slaves getting sick or spreading disease, it’s bad for production revenue and shares.

    WEF and BRICS is the latest iteration of the old financial war game of “NATO v Warsaw Pact” (aka “The Iron Curtain”).
    Again, that was instigated by America post WWII. The Pact was a defending response to aggressive NATO, and BRICS is a direct response to the warmongering American “sanctions”.
    It was America that forced Russia into making bilateral trade deals with China. Russia actually wanted to join the Western trade alliances, even join NATO and fight the terrorists but, America refused every time. Interesting that Russia killed more terrorists in their first year in Syria than NATO killed over 20+ years of their fake “war on terror”.

    It is the same old scam as the Cold War. Banksters and the plutocracy make a fortune playing both sides off against each other. Meanwhile, they play rope-a-dope with the brainwashed public herd. Idiots believe their masters lies, wave flags and buy into the “freedumb” façade, hook, line and stinker every time.
    We know they constantly lie, yet the dumb herd believes the exposed lies, the next lie, the lie after that… WMD’s, $camdemic, now Ukraine. They will believe the next lie no matter what truth is exposed. They fully know they lie but, they go along with it regardless. Maybe the herd is the worst of them all.

    The Constitution has been constantly violated for over 100 years, nobody has done a thing to defend it in all that time. There is no cavalry coming to save the day.


  7. Billy: I think we are saying similar things but using different ways of explaining the situation. I think your 6th paragraph describes a communist type dictatorship. Regardless of the system in place, a national government of some type is necessary for a country. It is up to the citizens to control corruption in any type which is difficult to do.
    We had a chance at the best possible type of government, a Constitutional Republic that guarantees basic freedoms and serves as a global model. That was the original intent, but we have failed to keep and improve it. So, your last paragraph says exactly what I have been saying in previous replies, I agree with you 100%. We are a fragmented and decayed country, how can that be reversed without severe confrontation? I also see no group of real patriots coming to the rescue!


    1. Art, yes we see it similar.

      I avoid calling it Communism in part, due to how many people get trapped into the old Cold War propaganda quagmire. This needs a different approach.

      Regarding § 6, that actually describes both the Communism and Capitalism systems at the same time. 2 sides of the same unethical fake coin.
      They are the same long-con, played out in different scenarios (Bankster trial runs). Making all of us their lab rats in their manipulative global Petri-dish games. Our lives are their property and play things. Things never work out well for the poor lab rats and mice that are cruelly abused by monsters.

      (there’s a great propaganda short cartoon called something like “beware of all ism’s” available via the Internet for free).

      What we have now, is more like the mediaeval European Usury feudal system era, long before Communism was ever dreamed up.

      They all pretend to look after the citizens who they actually exploit like farm animals. Our masters demand mediaeval type protection money “taxes”, that they then launder to their cronies while we get the empty shaft (but not rent free).
      “Pay us taxes if you want society maintained, quality schools, free healthcare, safe roads, safe housing and streets etc. ? … Sorry, there are not enough tax coffers to pay for any of it”.

      (France just raised retirement age, Britain is talking of doing the same, it is not YOUR life, all lives belongs to massa).

      Meanwhile, they are throwing BILLIONS of magic public money to their cronies out the back window. How much did tax avoiding large corporations make out of the $camdemic, and now “donations” to Nazi Ukraine ?

      In Europe, the cost of living is at crushing point. People are forced to pay for electricity before they have even used any !?, Greedy landlords are paying for their rising costs of living by extortionately increasing rents which only squeezes the poor in society, food is expensive and overpriced. Where is all the money really going ?

      Yet, energy and grocery chain corporations are openly bragging about making the highest profits in their entire history. They are publicly rubbing the citizens faces in their corrupt ill gotten wealth that they just stole from everybody in broad daylight ! Again !!

      Indeed, all large systems need honest, transparent, central organizing hub system. Problem is that, it is always sabotaged the same way, “we claim that you all ‘like’ our party so, you can trust us to tell you what you like or want without asking anybody”. They speak to us, but not for us. Forked tongues sing pleasant toxic songs.

      Government is supposed to represent the people in that, they should only be mere powerless paper shuffling State office clerks and nothing more. Now they have too much obscene power.

      This is what WE the public actually want, it’s your job Mr President to do the necesary paperwork to make our wishes law. Instead, what do we have… the opposite.

      eg. Trump, Haley lying to, and threatening, the “UN” club that “the US citizens all wanted America to give Jerusalem to Israel” (paraphrazed). An amazing trick given that they never actually ask Americans what they actually think about anything at all. Even if they did they can easily lie about the statistics. Since when did America own Jerusalem to give it away to anybody at all ?

      We only have a fake plastic democracy in the same way that Communists only had a fake plastic “Socialism”. We are all lied to and brainwashed on a daily basis, State is like religion, only our version is the right version, 2+2=5 Conform !

      That is why we are screwed. In the old days it would have sparked a revolution. As it stands, the current powers that be need to be dismantled, it will only get worse if we continue to do nothing about it.

      We often agree Art, we have been around the block a few times in our lifetimes. It is harder to con people who critically pay attention for years on end, that is why we are bombarded with so many “scandals”, horror, porn, daily MSM diversions etc., to forget the previous crimes.

      It pays to look at the problem from different angles. The solution, is to counter their schemes by becoming less antisocial, less greedy, more pro social, help people rather than exploit them, ostracize those that exploit people and lie, run them out of town.

      “In order to change the world, we must change ourselves first.”


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