Making Stuff Up

Time and again, the empire of lies, Ukrainian Nazis and its MSM co-conspirators falsely blame Russia for their own crimes of war, against humanity and every imaginable dirty trick.

Russia’s liberating SMO includes strikes on military related targets exclusively with precision-guided munitions.

To minimize civilian casualties, no residential areas are targeted.

Not according to NYT rubbish in its latest fake news edition.

Based on fabricated Biden regime taking points, the Times falsely accused Russia of attacking a residential area in Sloviansk, Donetsk.

No Russian attack occurred.

Yet the Times falsely accused Russia of “kill(ing) at least 11 people in “a five-story apartment building” — Ukrainian Nazis its source.

And this Times trash, saying:

“Russia sent a barrage of missiles into a residential area of Sloviansk on Friday, according to Ukrainian officials (sic).”

“(H)ead of the regional military administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, said that 21 others had been injured (sic).”

“He added that 34 apartment buildings were damaged in the barrage, along with an administrative building and shops.”

The above account tramples on truth as part of longstanding US war on Russia by hot and other means.

In stark contrast to how Russia complies with its international law obligations, the collective West and Ukrainian Nazis do whatever they please extrajudicially.

At the same time, US-installed puppet Zelensky finds new ways to embarrass himself, including by falsely blaming Russia for virtually every form of regime criminality.

And Russian forces continue to pummel remnants of Ukraine’s Nazi-infested military.

Domestically in the US, introduction of Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology Act (Restrict Act) more greatly erodes fundamental freedoms than already.

It authorizes the empire of lies to designate any nation a foreign adversary by making stuff up, prohibiting Americans from engaging with them economically or in other ways.

Violators face stiff fines and imprisonment up to 20 years.

Separately, a decree signed by Vladimir Putin on Friday addresses hybrid war by the collective West against nonthreatening Russia, stating:

“Considering the strengthening of Russia as one of the leading centers of development in the modern world and its independent foreign policy as a threat to Western hegemony, (hegemon USA and its) satellites used measures taken by Russia as regards Ukraine to protect its vital interests as a pretext to aggravate the longstanding anti-Russian policy and unleashed a new type of hybrid war,” adding:

The policy with no chance of succeeding aims to “weaken Russia in every possible way, including at undermining its constructive civilizational role, power, economic and technological capabilities, limiting its sovereignty in foreign and domestic policy, violating its territorial integrity.”

“This Western policy has become comprehensive and is now enshrined at the doctrinal level.”

“This was not the choice of the Russian Federation.”

Separately in defiance of his low popularity, the fake Biden said he’ll run for re-selection.

Elections as they should be are banned in the US and elsewhere in the West.

In stark contrast, Russians get the real thing under Vladimir Putin, the world’s preeminent world leader and it shows.

Based on April 3 – 9 survey results by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center, his popularity is 79.7%.

No leader in US history achieved this level of public support and kept it.

Jack Kennedy alone warranted it for transforming himself from a warrior into a world-class peacemaker in office.

He called for abolishing nuclear weapons, wanted the Cold War ended and supported rapprochement with Soviet Russia.

He opposed Pax Americana and signed National Security Memorandum 263. 

It called for removing 1,000 US forces from Vietnam by yearend — wanting them all out by December 1965.

The CIA killed him to perpetuate war-making on invented enemies instead of a new era of peace and stability.

Installed by brazen election rigging, the Biden regime is the mot ruthlessly dangerous in US history — nominally headed by an imposter.

Waging war on nonthreatening  Russia poses the ominous risk of going nuclear, what the empire of lies may intend.


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  1. Remember very recent history, when Israel actually did intentionally shell civilian residential tower blocks ?

    Nobody was overly concerned about reporting that major international crime in the MSM. ICC where are yooooouuuu…. ???

    Or that time the West was found lying about the chemical weapons in Syria, or the the terrorists employed by the West and Israel to fight a dirty war against Syria.
    MSM, ICC where are yoooouuu… ???

    Given the many war crimes that the West has done in Ukraine, maybe the West should not speak so loud.
    MSM…ICC where are yooouuu… ???

    It will be impossible for the Western MSM to hide what they have done in Ukraine. We all know about the Israeli, USA, UK, NATO sponsored Nazis, the cat was out of the bag long long ago.

    MSM = Malign State Misinformation.


  2. Yes Stephen, JFK certainly had some great ideas for the US. Made great speeches. President Putin has a similar outlook, he expresses sincerity about serving the best interests of his country. No US type talk about getting ready for war with any nation that he sees as an economic threat. It is disgusting to hear speeches by Biden and Trump. Gunboat diplomacy is always the first path chosen by the U.S. No negotiating, just bombs!
    How did our government get taken over by the “white shoe boys” as Gerald Celente calls them. Let’s call them WSBs. I saw the infiltration especially during the Reagan years and I can tell the details if anyone is interested, I was active in the Republican Party for many years until I quit in disgust in 2003. I knew Bush Cheney were the worst traitors in US history. I knew 9-11 was the last nail in the US coffin. I knew any Constitutional protections we had were dead, part of the plan. The “Patriot Act”, the NDAA, NSA, the war powers sellout by congress, etc. It was finally over for the U.S. as a functioning Constitutional Republic. I did vote for Trump 2x even though I knew he was a WSB but hoped he would throw a monkey wrench in the works, which he did do. He did “save” us in a distorted way and caused a lot of dissension. Also, he served to keep the fake conservative base together including the Christian zios, a large group of traitors who serve the WSBs. We know Biden supports the WEF movement and Trump supports the WSBs and their major goal of starting a US war with Iran. That is why he had large donations from AIPAC+ and actually came close to starting that war by killing Solemani when he lost? the 2022 election. But wisely, Iran did send a limited message.
    Well now the US is a corrupt house of cards and the wind speed is increasing. Is possible to save our Nation at this point? How? Is a massive economic collapse in our future? Where are the real Patriots? We have had some but Americans turned their backs on them. Now they will pay for that. A very sad situation for our young families.
    That is what pi$$es me off the most !!! And they do not even know.
    Excuse me, I get upset and ramble on.


  3. The Awakened Species put up a Faux Biden video yesterday: He is big on Aether free energy, especially by the Tartarians.

    I cannot get over the Michael Obama Pretend. You can do a search for for Obama and Oregon Ducks and see Michael/Michele Obama was a lineman for the Oregon Ducks. The Pretend went on to paste two children in the story. How is it not a news story and why didn’t some foreign country point it out.

    Mauro Biglino will tell you the Romans made up Christianity. What is true has been erased and what we are told is made up.

    And Kamala Harris is a man.


    1. Oddballs Kamala Harris and Lizz Truss are very similar, strange people.
      Notice how the American and UK State often copy each other, Trump & Boris Johnson was uncanny.
      Drug smuggling, terrorist building, war criminals, national traitors Reagan & Thatcher, peas in a pod.
      War criminals and national traitors Bush & his pet Blair were as sly as a poke of weasels. The monkey and the rat.

      Joe Biden and Kamala Haris both share the same Irish family name of Finnegan.
      Are they related ?
      It could just be a coincidence.

      Probably not as bad as cousins Bush and Kerry running for the same office in their multi rigged selection… I mean “election”.

      Why is nobody talking about this ?


  4. JFK was murdered 60 years ago this year. In all this time, it is still a hushed up State conspiracy.

    He was the last real President of America.
    He was an actual war vet that saw active service in WW II.

    Unlike yellow draft dodgers hall of shame :

    Lyndon Johnson (a JFK murder accomplice. A bill was conveniently passed to get State workers out of active duty, Lyndon.B took advantage of it right away)

    Reagan (Army reserve, a comfy States side desk jockey to avoid actual combat zones)

    G.W.Bush (went AWOL from the Air National Guard, never brought to account, thanks to CIA daddy Bush and national traitor grandpa Prescott Bush)

    Clinton (drugs charges to avoid the draft ? I forget off hand if that was his excuse)

    Trump (“bone spurs” that miraculously did not stop him playing active sports at all when he should have been in Vietnam. But they took Mohammed Ali title away from him because he was a conscientious objector ?)

    Biden (several convenient deferments for various reasons. About x5 deferments ?).

    Those president cowards love war, so long as they don’t have to go fight it in person or deal with the aftermath etc. It has been nothing but wars for over a century now.

    If a felon can’t have a gun for the rest of their life (unconstitutional)… should draft dodgers even be allowed to take any office at all ?

    The world would have been a better place with JFK but, he made the mistake of thinking he was in charge so, they murdered him. This is why we can’t have nice things.


    1. Billy, you ask should draft dodgers be allowed to hold office? How about the infiltration of our government by those holding dual citizenships? They are only 50% US citizenship in my book. So, which country do they represent? They control US foreign policy and use the U.S. to serve the interests of a foreign entity. They use American resources and lives of our children to support an illegal wars for a foreign entity This far beyond insanity and treason. In addition, these same traitors buy members of congress to support this foreign entity.
      American families even encourage their children to go off to war and return dead and mutilated. If American citizens are not smart enough to see this, then there is no hope of saving our Republic.
      These same dual citizens and others in their group are driving the war in Ukraine as part of a larger global plan. The U.S. is in a trap and I see no way out now, in too deep. Many other nations are finally realizing that they are being used and want to get away from US control of their economy, food supplies, energy sources, etc.


      1. Art, we talked briefly about this before.
        You also avoided answering my draft dodging president question. A question that most Americans refuse to answer.

        Dual citizens are a two edged sword, it can be extremely benificial, and extremely dangerous. It depends more on the individual than type of passport. A few alternative scenarios :

        Worst case scenario is, without a shadow of doubt, Zionist Israeli Bolshevik gangsters types (they migrated to NYC in the 1920’s after their bloody coup in Russia, they now own and control NYC, as well as other States & offices).
        It does not matter which country they slither into, they only have one allegiance, 100% to Nazi Israel.
        My recent studies of the U.K. government show the same infestation, both the Tory and Labour Party are full of antisemitic Ashkenazi Zionists, the are in full control of Britain.
        Look at what they have done to California, a very corrupt money making machine, same water policy as Israel, sleazy Hollywood (producers of global propaganda and general misinformation), the entire hideous and abusive porn industry, Silicon Valley, Epstein and Maxwell (her real name is also Jewish, Hock, her criminal father was a moSSad agent, he changed the family name to Maxwell, good friends with the Clinton’s and Trump).

        Then we have the beneficial type of dual citizen, often more American than actual Americans are. They often know and respect the Constitution better than most actual Americans do !
        A stronger sense of community, stronger family ties, hard workers, a good candidate for any office.

        Then we have the all singing, all dancing, exclusive, all American, 100% citizen club.That can also swing either way:

        1. Sycophant “Lobbyists” don’t care about where their dirty money comes from, corrupt to the core, they will lie, selling out anybody or anything for anybody that pays them. They must be removed.

        2. JFK was good, but, every president since 1964 have been very bad for the nation (and worlds) health. It is getting worse with every election.
        This could literally be the last election the nation ever has. People better think very carefully rather than the usual brainless Hatfield V McCoy vote this time round. Both the Dem’s and Rep’s are dangerous traitor parties, they use the Constitution as toilet paper. I will certainly stay away from the dubious Zionist infested Green Party too.

        3. What about letting an actual legit American native take office ?
        It is their nation that was annexed in 1492 after all.

        Guilt and sweeping history under the carpet by White America is the reason so few identify as being 100% American.
        It’s always Irish-American or, German-American, Italian-American, Jewish-American, African-American etc. Even though they have not retained their languages, cultures, can’t even point to the nation of origin on a damn map !
        Where is their allegiance to ?

        All parasitical controllers of empires use a host nations government to operate behind. When they are done, they leave that nation for dead and move to the next host nation to set up shop. They don’t have any allegiance to any nation at all.

        It is not the regular migrant or dual citizen causing the problem. International Corporations and Banksters are the real puppet masters destroying our nations, governments, environments, ecosystems etc. They are the despot tyrants and thieves who make law policies etc. But hey, it’s just easier to kick a helpless honest migrant right ?

        Anybody thinking about joining the military, they seriously need to first read about the American hero Major General Smedley Butler, at least read his books “War is a Racket” and “Gangsters of Capitalism”. War vets looked up to and respected that guy. He also blew the whistle on an attempted fascist coup in 1930’s America.

        How to stop the US military and aggression, don’t work for it, don’t support it. It is that simple.


      2. Billy, I thought calling Bush one of the worst traitors in US history covered the draft dodger question. I wasn’t trying to dodge the draft dodger issue. Also, the dual citizens I was mainly referring to were of the WSB variety. But if we ban WSB dual citizens from office we must ban all types, not just the WSB garbage. Yes, I know there are a few good ones, but not enough. Even among the 100 % Americans we have garbage ( Biden/ Harris) but it is up to the voters to decide if they want garbage running the country. Actually, now it appears they do in many elections, and that is a major problem.


      3. Art, no reply button for your comment dated : April 16 @4:22.

        Sorry, miscommunication, I was not accusing you of not answering.
        I was just pointing out that you had not and, that most people don’t want to answer that question. When it comes to the fundamentals, most people have nothing to say about the loopholes and flaws in the system. They just keep throwing more fuel onto the problems expecting it to change for the better, which it never does.
        Suicidal Madness.

        One thing I forgot to say there was, how American were the Founding Fathers ?
        Most were born in Colonial English America, some had English migrant parents. I think it was Hamilton that was born in British St Kitts ?
        I forget offhand, so much stuff going off right now. Mind is overloading a bit.

        Granted, it’s probably not the best idea to let Afghani, Syrian or Iraqi dual citizens take office for a while. But yeah, ban one, you have to ban all dual citizens.
        Technically you only have to be born in America, you want the corrupt Brit Boris Johnson for President ? …Cringe…
        (He was born in NYC)

        Mitt Romney and John Kerry families go way back in US history and they are outright traitors to America. Romney asset stripped Detroit to the bones just to fill his own pockets, he is also a crazy “magic underwear” cult member. Bush’s cousin Kerry rigged an election and, there are rumours about what deals he made in the Vietnam war. Pedagrees do not guarantee quality.

        But, as we agreed, no shortage of home grown trash. Out of some 320 million people, the best the entire nation could scrape up was Clinton V Trump !?
        Something is very wrong with the nation.

        Personally, I don’t blame the crazy crooks in power, they don’t know any better.
        I blame the public for supporting it.


  5. Sadly US will never have a president or administration that represents the people when Voting is all theater and lies.
    The oligarchs control every aspect of American society. US was created to be what it is today,capitalism on steroids.


    1. C C: I think we have a predatory capitalistic system that over time gradually converts into classical fascism as the capitalists purchase the government, facilitated by the revolving door process. It is easy to see this in action with the C19, MIC, MSM etc. transitions. Just one big happy family supported by the middle class slaves.


  6. Martin Armstrong was on Greg Hunter’s show yesterday. He says the main driver of inflation and the dollars going to fight Russia is going to give us inflation. The NeoCons are an established power in search of war that is going to lead to a war with China in two years. The NeoCons will then default on the debt, blaming it on China and Russia, and issue the invisible currency designed for total enslavement, the CBDC.

    The system cannot support the debt and corruption and manipulation. The Abysmal Depression has been engineered.

    We’re 30%. We’re #1.


    1. Depressions are a regular cycle in banking scams, Boom & Bust. They like to have a big crash every 100 years or so.

      It crashes market values so that they can sweep up cheap shares after robbing the nation. Then they restore the inflated market price values again.

      They also make money from insider trading. You can make money by buying shortings, betting which companies will fail that year. Helps if you know who’s businesses will be destroyed beforehand, 911 and the $camdemic made a few criminals very wealthy.

      They have been doing this for several centuries.


  7. Art:

    All political WSB’s have the same things in common.
    Born with a silver spoon, trust fund kids, they go to the same “elite” schools, most are draft dodgers but pro war, most study law at the same schools (very expensive degrees but it keeps the riffraff out of the corrupt governmental gears), they belong to the same nefarious Universities and other dark social cliques behind closed doors.

    First things first, we stop calling them “leaders” because, they picked that title for themselves. It is a brainwashing term that gives them more psychological power over the public than they should ever have. They are not leaders, not even in their own corrupt crony party. They are just a frontman that fools the public on behalf of their party/State that tells Mr President what to say or do. The only “leading” they do, is leading the public down river. It is the same no matter which party it is, Dem’s and Rep’s are the same nefarious group, same game.
    (the Green Party are also very dangerous snakes, their first allegiance is also not to America. Zionist Ashkenazis control the Greens.)

    Second, stop lawyers becoming politicians. All they do is find legal ways to break laws or, make loopholes for themselves in the undemocratic laws they dictate to the public.

    The way to stop them, don’t support them, don’t vote for them, critically vet in fine detail who we vote for. Never vote for any dirty politician.

    Naturally, nobody will do anything. Just lay back and let it fester into gangrene.
    They just blindly join one party for life and then, automatically blame the other party for everything when the smelly brown stuff hits the high velocity fan.
    It has been this way for so long that it has ruined the system and nation. The same thing is currently happening across Europe, what does that tell us ?

    Everything in the West is controlled by the same treasonous crooks. We are looking at a very possible collapse of all Western NATO nations (some good new for the world at last, maybe). Very bad for us peasants in the NATO nations but, no difference to the WSB cooks that took us here, they just jump ship leaving everybody for dead after mugging us all.


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