The Empire of Lies Losing its Hegemon Status

Since launching its liberating SMO in February 2022, Russian forces outgunned, outmaneuvered and outwitted hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Frustration over reality on the ground likely got Germany’s Die Welt to call for “kill(ing) (Vladimir) Putin,” absurdly believing it’s a way to defeat Russia’s liberating SMO.

In response, Russia’s envoy to Berlin, Sergey Nechaev, slammed the remark as follows, saying:

“It is unfortunate that some German media keep crossing all lines and hitting rock bottom.” 

“Although this is outrageous, it is no longer surprising.” 

Moscow’s campaign complies fully with the UN Charter and other international law — what US-dominated NATO long ago abandoned by waging one war of aggression after another on invented enemies threatening no one.

Wherever efforts for peace over perpetual war show signs of progress, hegemon USA goes all-out to undermine them.

The Biden regime and apartheid Israel are likely apoplectic over restored diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The same reality applies to growing preeminence worldwide of China, Russia and other independent nations at the expense of hegemon USA and its Western vassals.

Beijing is playing a major role in resolving conflicts by efforts to restore peace and stability.

It’s in stark contrast to pursuit of perpetual war-making by the empire of lies and its Western vassals.

On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin made an unannounced visit to Lugansk, a Kremlin statement saying:

“Vladimir Putin visited the Vostok National Guard staff in the Lugansk People’s Republic, where he received reports from Col Gen Alexander Lapin and other senior officers on the situation in that area.”

It was his first visit to the area since Lugansk and Donetsk joined the Russian Federation.

In March, he visited Mariupol after its liberation from Nazified occupation.

Significant reconstruction of the area continues, including new residential micro-districts, social, educational and health facilities.

Separately, China’s new Defense Minister Li Shangfu issued the following statement on Tuesday, saying:

“After my appointment as defense minister, my first visit is made to Russia to (show) the outside world the high level of Chinese-Russian relations.”

Beijing is “firm(ly) determin(ed) to strengthen strategic cooperation between the militaries of China and Russia.”

President Xi Jinping intends to strengthen and elevate Sino/Russian military cooperation to “a new level.”

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu stressed what he called a “comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation” between both countries, adding:

“It’s crucial that our countries similarly assess the substance of the ongoing transformation of the global geopolitical landscape.”

Sino/Russian unity “has a stabilizing effect on the situation in the world and helps reduce the potential for conflict.” 

It continues in the Middle East, Central Europe and elsewhere because of hegemon USA’s pursuit of perpetual war-making.

The empire of lies is an unparalleled menace on the world stage — time and again subverting peace in favor of wars on invented enemies threatening no one.


4 thoughts on “The Empire of Lies Losing its Hegemon Status

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  1. The current level of Western military enforced psychological warfare aimed at their own citizens is very alarming.
    It is a direct violation of basic human rights and an act of outright treason. But the mighty righteousness Hague and ICC are not interested.

    Our own NATO governments are at war with us, more than they are against Russia. The $camdemic scapegoat was a huge red flag event that started this brainwashing program, we are in danger from our own psycho governments. People are still preferring to sleep and look the other way !

    It will only get worse because people refuse to wake up and get active, intentionally sleepwalking into extinction.

    This will end very badly for the peasants.
    The 1% are too stupid to figure out that they can’t survive a nuke war. Even if they did, who will be left to wipe their ass for them ?

    NATO :
    Nazi Aggressive Terrorist Operation


    1. I suspect that the only reason we still have Internet at all is because of the obscene amounts of money it farms from the public every year. Then there is the easy access spying on the public for the State to exploit.

      So many ways to E-scam the public, expensive annual hookup contract fees to use it, your data being sold to know knows who or why (but you don’t see a penny of the proceeds from “your information” sales), “marketing research” that everybody used to avoid pre Internet era, rigging elections, controlling information / propaganda, loss of jobs across many sectors as everybody is forced to go online to “pay bills direct” (digital slavery), making the energy companies lots of money along the way etc. It never takes long for the criminals to move into a new game in town.

      The Internet offers too much power to the public, it is therefore a threat to the psycho criminal State. That is why it is being weaponized against us. People need to stop using “Social Media”, it feeds the beast. It is easier to control and farm the public on those platforms.
      eg. I remember when YouTube was a good site, now look at that PSYOP censored Google garbage site.
      It was blatant from day one what the likes of Facebook and Twitter etc. we’re up to. The idiot herd were running straight towards that trap in a stampede.

      We need off-grid blog sites, stay away from the main MSM sites of all kinds.

      Mr Lendman, and everybody else here, would be instantly shadow banned or outright deleted on all MSM PSYOP sites for the things we all say here.
      They don’t like the truth, they call truth “misinformation” now.


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