Dominion Voting Systems v. Fox News

Throughout the US/West, free, fair and open elections are virtually banned in favor of selections to assure no change in dirty business as usual.

In 2021, Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox News, dubiously alleging that Tucker Carlson and other network hosts reported false information about brazen election theft 2020.

Rigged by undemocratic Dems —an indisputable fact — a Biden imposter was illegitimately installed to replace Trump.

In a nation notorious for rigged elections at the federal, state and local levels, the 2020 race for the White House was the most brazen example of political grand theft in US history.

Why Fox News agreed to a financial settlement of $787.5 million is for its management to explain — one half of $1.6 billion sought.

When US selections are held, Americans get the best fantasy democracy money can buy — the real thing banned from inception.

MSM are paid off to go along with and promote the scam.

In 2020, Trump was reelected.

Yet a Biden imposter was installed in the White House, the real JB too cognitively impaired to function in any public capacity.

The fake one mumbles and mumbles pre-scripted lines for him to recite by teleprompter or crib notes.

Along with US-installed puppet Zelensky, he’s the most notorious example of non-leadership worldwide today.

In 2020, Dominion machines were used in 28 US states — despite clear evidence of their unreliability.

According to undemocratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, Dominion machines are “prone to security problems.” 

They include “switching votes,” delivering results that “threaten the integrity of our elections,” and other “undisclosed vulnerabilities.”

With help from Dominion, undemocratic Dems illegitimately control the White House and Congress by election theft.

It’s disputable that they’ll continue to try controlling things ahead by election rigging and related dirty tricks.

Fox News likely settled financially to move on instead of forthrightly explaining brazen election fraud by undemocratic Dems to control things with pushing their destructive agenda in mind.

Make no mistake.

From inception, democracy in America was always pure fantasy. 

No rule of the people ever existed in favor of governance of, by, and for the privileged few alone at the expense of most others.

American exceptionalism and moral superiority don’t exist. 

The state of the nation is deplorable – more an obscenity than a responsible sovereign state under tyrannical rule in flagrant breach of the UN Charter, other international law and its own Constitution.

The business of hegemon USA is perpetual war-making on invented enemies by hot and/or other means.

Both wings of its war party way overstepped by challenging Russia militarily by use of Nazified and conscript Ukrainian foot soldiers.

The made-in-the-USA Ukrainian war machine was virtually defeated on day one of Russia’s liberating SMO.

The former Ukrainian nation state no longer exists because hegemon USA transformed it into a platform for perpetual war on Russia.

There’s no ambiguity about reality on the ground in Ukraine.

A generation of its best and brightest was lost.

No matter how many more billions of dollars US/NATO regimes throw at Kiev, the outcome of Russia’s SMO won’t change.

Yet dominant Biden regime dark forces keep pouring more billions of dollars down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse for a lost cause, ignoring how effectively Russia is demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine.

Its campaign is all about eliminating the festering sore in Europe’s heartland.

Things are going as planned to achieve this objective.

And there’s nothing that hegemon USA and its Western vassals can do to change the righteous course of history.


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  1. Thank you Mr Lendman.

    The West had sent observers to monitor other countries’ elections. What about other countries sending observers to monitor elections in the West?

    Machines with field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chips can be reprogrammed remotely. Why not the voting machines and optical-scan tabulators?

    Then there is the software connecting all these machines and tabulators. That too can be altered to suit the highest bidder. Where are the independent observers?

    The temptation to rig electronic voting systems is just too irresistible. Just look at the color revolutions and coups.

    And about MSM reporting falsehood? Which MSM doesn’t? About NYT? All the time!


    1. Good points regarding election tampering Peter.
      It was blatantly obvious even to Mr Magoo that electronic and postal voting options would be wide open to abuse when it was first suggested. Yet the sheeple were OK with it, because thinking and protesting etc. just takes too much time and effort.
      It is much easier just to let crazy massa do what massa wants, and then agree with massa regardless. Just blame “the other party” or “migrants” instead.

      Given the brainwashed mass collective of the subservient herd, could you even trust them to be part of a real democracy ?
      That could be just as dangerous as the corrupt system we currently suffer.

      Regarding MSM :
      Sadly, it looks like you can add The Greyzone to the list of misinformants.

      See if you can spot the problem with this latest 911 “breaking” story

      2 decades of calling everybody a “crazy conspiracy theory nut” for not going along with the official 911 narrative lies. Not even a critical peep from any nation regarding the dubious subject.
      Now, all of a sudden, in 2023 SHOCK! BREAKING NEW “SCANDAL” !
      “Here is everything that you need to know”.

      What an amazing coincidence of timing, given current Middle East peace talks no ?

      This is the second fake news “leak” within just days after the recent “Pentagon leak”, created by the the Pentagon cesspit themselves.
      Where is all our unaccounted for public money Mr Pentagon, where have you been busy spending it all with no receipts ?


  2. If it was a real Democracy, it would be banned and then made illegal.

    I hope it hurts evil Murdoch but, it could also just be a way they are laundering dirty money or, it’s a tax scam ?

    Never trust anything that comes from the Murdoch brain-soap factory.
    Fox has always been a ridiculous propaganda outlet that only the most gullible believe. Sadly, that is a large percentage of the population.

    Murdoch zombie culture, tell the masses “what they think” and they will then think that after reading the lie.

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  3. Elections have always been rigged in the West. I remember a friend standing against an incumbent politician in a local election. It was a small community and local people were sick and tired of the corruption from the incumbent politician. The final ballots were held overnight in a local school, to cut a long story short, the ballots were tampered with and the incumbent won. We have always been tricked!


    1. Governments were not created for the peasants. Government and voting was exclusively for the 1%, their Lord and Baron cronies only. No peasants and no women had any say in it until recent history.
      They only let us vote now to keep us quiet and subservient, duped by their lies. They will have only done that after figuring out how to rig the spinning buckled wheel of the electoral dung cart.

      This mediaeval system is long past its Best Before Date. Time we had something a bit more representative, modern, transparent and honest in its place.

      We are in 2023 but our system is several centuries behind us.


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