Hegemon USA Plotting to Use Taiwan Belligerently Against China?

The business of hegemon USA is forever war on invented enemies as part of its rage for unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve what’s unattainable.

In central Europe, it met its match over Russia’s ability to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine — a festering soreness in Europe’s heartland since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners may intend using Taiwan against China in similar fashion to its near-decade-long war on Russia by hot and other means.

Weapons sales to the breakaway province appear part of the diabolical scheme — what’s virtually certain to fail if crosses the line to belligerence.

Already waging war on one front in Europe and losing badly to militarily superior Russia, opening a second front against China would be suicidal twice over.

Yet that appears to be where things are heading.

Along with earlier weapons and munitions sales to Taiwan, the Biden regime and Dem-controlled Congress reportedly will sell Taipei around 400 harpoon anti-ship missiles — with aggression against China in mind.

It follows earlier sales of these and similar weapons to the breakaway province.

According to Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Marti Meiners:

The Biden regime “will continue to work with industry to provide Taiwan defense equipment in a timely manner (sic).”

“The provision to Taiwan of defense articles…is essential for (its) security” despite Taipei having no known enemies.

Yet Chinaphobe GOP Rep. Michael McFaul stressed that the empire of lies and forever war is “doing everything we can in Congress to speed up these sales and get you weapons” for use against China.

While the Biden regime and Dem-controlled Congress spend countless billions for perpetual war-making by hot and other means against invented enemies, vital homeland needs go begging.

According to analyst Jeff Thomas, as empires collapse, “tyrannical efforts increase in both frequency and magnitude to…subjugat(e) the masses for as long as possible” in vain.

Ruling regimes become the enemy of the people instead of serving them responsibly.

When power corrupts absolutely, the rule of law and morality die.

That’s the disturbing reality throughout the US-dominated West.

Decadence and depravity are irreversible — the last stage before decline and collapse.

A nation led by illegitimate usurpation of power is how hegemon USA is run — to benefit privileged interests at the expense of most others.

Perpetual war-making goes on against nations threatening no one.

Hegemon USA uses jihadists and other extremist elements as foot soldiers, suppling them with heavy weapons, munitions and equipment, including MANPADS, TOW and NLAW anti-tank missiles.

Long-suffering Ukrainians blame the empire of lies and NATO for their immiseration.

MSM call truth and full disclosure of reality on the ground “Russia propaganda.”

Separately on Thursday, US-installed NATO puppet secretary general Stoltenberg outrageously said the following:

“I am here today with a simple message (sic). 

US-dominated “NATO stands with (Nazi-infested) Ukraine (sic).”

“Ukraine’s rightful place is in NATO (sic), and over time, our support will  make this possible (sic).”

Time and again, Russia stressed that including Ukraine in the war-making alliance is a red line it won’t tolerate being crossed.

Yet the empire of lies and its Western vassals treat the Nazi-infested territory like a NATO member in waging perpetual war on Russia.

There’s no good ending in prospect ahead from what’s ongoing — especially not with the illegitimate Biden regime in control of things,

Commenting on the latest hegemon USA announced arms sale to Taiwan, China’s Foreign Ministry said the following:

“Some forces in the (empire of lies) seek to use Taiwan to contain China.”

“These are very dangerous activities that amount to playing with fire.”

“China urges (hegemon USA) to respect the One-China principle and three joint communiques, end military ties with and weapons supplies to the island, and stop introducing factors that can cause contradictions in the Taiwan Strait.”

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies is clearly going the other way.

A clash of civilizations is inevitable on two fronts.

A Final Comment

Given reality on the ground with no signs of going another way, China’s Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Affairs, Liu Xiaoming, said the following:

“I would like to emphasize that the Taiwan issue is an internal affair of China.”

“This is not a diplomatic issue.”

“But if you understand the diplomatic method as a peaceful way, then I think that One Country, Two Systems is exactly the type of project that can ensure peace in this region.”

China reserves the right to do whatever it takes to restore sovereign control over its breakaway Taiwan province, Liu adding:

“This is not directed against (our) Taiwanese compatriots.”

“It is directed against separatists and other external forces, because their actions violate the Chinese constitution and contravene the Anti-Secession Law.”

“These are illegal actions, so we will respond to these actions in accordance with the law.”

“We will take all possible measures to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country. This is our sacred right.”


6 thoughts on “Hegemon USA Plotting to Use Taiwan Belligerently Against China?

Add yours

  1. Ukraine would have been Reagan and CIA Bush’s plan for post USSR era.
    Every party in office, since Reagan, has only added to the problem we now face. Crunch time is getting closer.

    The West is being dismantled from within by elected and non-elected saboteurs.

    Looks like the 100 years scam cycle is here again, a massive financial collapse followed by a huge war to kill off the peasants. Cull the herd to keep control of power. They have been doing this for centuries, and the peasants let them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks you Mr Lendman for your frank report.

    China lifted its people out of poverty without firing a shot. China and Taiwan have exactly the same culture and language. Each claiming to represent all China.

    They are unlikely to fight one another. But China will never allow Taiwan to become another American base to threaten China.

    Like ancient Babylon, Mystery Babylon prospers through plunder and had been trying to conquer China since through the Opium Wars, then to surround China through the Korean, Vietnam and Afghan Wars.

    We are told there is genocide in Xinjiang. Where are the Uyghur refugees?

    US embassies are usually the biggest, full of spies and saboteurs (aka advisers, NED, USAID, etc.), and stashed with probably counterfeit currencies to pay terrorist and misinformation groups. Has been funding terrorist groups along China’s borders, particularly in Myanmar, to destabilize China.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Peter, as you mention Xinjiang, it reminded me of a very interesting story regarding the ancient Tarim mummies of that region. A fun rabbit hole to fall down.

      From a time when humans were free, no passports, no visa or permission needed from massa. Free to travel and settle anywhere in the world.

      Now we are all born into State ownership, aka “citizens”, and prisons that we call “nations”.
      They tell us that we are free but, it’s only as free as the length of chain that massa controls.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It will be so funny when not IF China FINALLY moves into Taiwan and kicks these yankees out. It is time to take over the island for China. Kick these anglow saxun shtbags OUT. And cut them off from getting ANY chips or rare earth PERMANENTLY.
    Pay them back FINALLY China. Please do it now.


    1. Problem is that the wrong people will be blamed when paying that price.

      The guilty ones always evade justice. eg. Bush & Blair. Reagan & Thatcher. Hitler & Klaus Barbie etc.

      It is the little people that had no say or part in anything that pay the price, every time.


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