Hegemon USA’s Tanks to Ukrainian Nazis

Russian military and tactical superiority won the battle of Nazified Ukraine straightaway.

Continuing to supply the regime with arms and military related equipment won’t transform defeat into triumph.

It’ll only delay conflict resolution ahead at the expense of greater numbers of regime casualties, along with further hollowing out of the former nation-state of Ukraine.

Ignoring reality on the ground in pursuit of hegemon USA’s diabolical aims, Biden regime war secretary Austin said the following on Friday:

M1 Abrams tanks that Ukrainian Nazis “will use for training will arrive in Germany in the next few weeks.”

In the past few months, hegemon USA and its Western vassals supplied regime with over 230 tanks, around 1,500 vehicles along with other arms of every shape, size and purpose — for Russia to target and destroy.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT pretended that supplying the regime with M1s “would be a major step in arming” the regime (sic).

Sounding delusional, incompetent and detached from reality, Austin expressed “confiden(ce) (that these weapons) will put Ukraine’s forces in position to succeed on the battlefield (sic).”

And this perversion of reality from joint chiefs head Milley, saying:

“I do think the M1 tank when its delivered, will make a difference (sic).”

Money used to buy them will go down a black hole of waste, while achieving no battlefield successes.

Yet the Biden regime announced the 36th military aid package for Ukrainian Nazis, consisting of the following:

Ammunition for HIMARS, 

155-mm and 105-mm artillery shells, 

shells for TOW anti-tank missile systems, 

Swedish-made AT4 anti-tank rocket grenades, 

anti-tank mines, 

high-precision aviation ammunition,

over 9 million rounds of small arms, and

four logistics vehicles.

The empire of lies reportedly spent around $75 billion since January 2022 to aid Ukrainian Nazis wage perpetual war on Russia — mindless of the human toll. 

Despite this aid with more of the same coming, the regime achieved no significant battlefield success — just hundreds of thousands of casualties for a lost cause.

Not according to Austin’s trampling on truth, claiming that US/Western arms and equipment to Ukrainian Nazis “underscore just how badly the Kremlin miscalculated (sic).”

Incompetent hegemon USA commanders and civilian officials are responsible for US new millennium battlefield failures, especially in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

And now Ukraine where it’s up against Russian military and tactical superiority. 

Yet the regime they serve promised continued aid to Ukrainian Nazis for perpetual war on nonthreatening Russia.

With elements like Austin and Milley in charge of perpetual US war-making at a time when undemocratic Dems are illegitimately empowered, it’s no surprise how Russia is overwhelmingly winning the battle of Ukraine.

Even if the empire of lies and its NATO vassals got more directly involved on the battlefield than already, they’ll remain unable to prevail over militarily superior Russia.

It’s superior to US/Western regimes in trained personnel, arms, equipment, electronic warfare and hypersonic capabilities.

The same goes for China.

Yet hegemon USA orchestrated and directed war-making continues for a lost cause with no prospect of turning things around.

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies doesn’t care about how high the human toll mounts.

So it’s waging war on Russia to the last Ukrainian with no prospect of defeating its superior military.

In February, analyst Larry Johnson explained the following reality, saying:

Nazi-infested “Ukraine…is sleep walking into the slaughterhouse.”

The regime “and NATO’s refusal to wake up and grasp the reality of what is happening is likely to lead to the destruction of both.”

7 thoughts on “Hegemon USA’s Tanks to Ukrainian Nazis

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  1. M1’s to Ukraine is weapon testing, to see if it holds up in a peer to peer battle.

    I doubt that Afghanistan and Iraq were US “failures”, just like Vietnam, they got what they wanted and then moved on to their next victim nation.
    Syria is not a failure for them but Russia is making it hard for them. Israel and America are looting Syria for all they can steal. It’s not about “winning a war”.

    We are heading towards a big mushroom that nobody will survive.

    All hands abandon ship, shut everything down. Grind our warmongering NATO nations to a complete stop via strikes across the board. The banks are totally F’d if we all stop work, stop all logistics, don’t renew contracts for TV, phones, dont buy gas, don’t move or buy their commodities etc.
    Don’t spend a dime, they will come begging within a few weeks.

    We all need to remind them who is the real boss.

    It is that or a huge war that can easily go apocalyptic ending all life on this planet. Your choice, life or a nuke extinction event.

    My money is on a nuke, because zombies never do anything to improve the world. They just roll over and take it up the A.

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  2. To the Pentagon, Ukraine is just another playground and will be the next embarrassment. Disillusionment with NATO will follow.

    “Where do we invade next?” is the motto of the Deep State.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you ever want to know who is the next viable target for America, just take a look at what resource reserves they have in the ground.

      NATO has an interesting logo, a target crosshair with a compass point. It may as well just be a Jolly Rodger. NATO “Peace Keepers” ?
      The world is their target.

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  3. Billy, in my village near Leuven, out of 10K people , only a handful are aware what s really going on and don t give a fck either as long as their wages , benefits and pensions are bein paid , so forget about ‘stopping’ anything at all……Yes Indeed, the ‘mushroom’ is the only outcome ….amen

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    1. Given the treachery of NATO nations supporting Nazis, they all deserve war in their face, up close and personal. See how they like what our grandparents went through in WW II.

      I lost family who were KIA in the African campaign while fighting against Nazi Germany. I grew up knowing a Pole whose mother was rounded up at random and executed by the Nazis in the street, she had done nothing wrong.

      I never trusted State but now, I certainly don’t trust my own “countrymen” anymore.
      I can only do my bit by not playing along with them, I do what I can.

      Maybe we should spray swastika flags high up on every war memorial ?

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