No Punches Pulled Truth-Telling

A UK citizen, it’s easy to understand why scholar/physician Vernon Coleman MD calls the state owned and controlled BBC “the most corrupt broadcaster in the world.”

On virtually all issues mattering most, its reports are based on state-approved talking points at the expense of truth and full disclosure it shuns.

Established in 1922 as a virtual ministry of truth, it broadcasts mind-manipulating rubbish on television, radio and online in multiple languages to reach the largest possible audience worldwide.

Truth and full disclosure are banned in similar fashion to how other Western MSM operate — fake news substituting for the real thing.

Combining state-approved propaganda and support for hegemon USA’s crimes of war and against humanity — including the fake flu/covid pandemic — Coleman called for arresting and prosecuting its staff for its actions.

Its criminality especially includes state-sponsored genocide by pushing kill shots designed with that intent in mind.

It suppresses truth and demonizes truth-tellers to achieve maximum harm to maximum numbers of people.

It suppresses information vital for everyone to know on virtually every important issue.

It supports aggression by the empire of lies in cahoots with its co-conspirators, along with nonexistent climate change and other “absurd pseudoscientific nonsense.”

BBC on air, support staff and management “know that to admit the truth would mean confessing that they have been lying” throughout beeb history.

So they stick exclusively to the fabricated official narrative in their fake news reports.

Separately, Coleman explained how the pro-war, anti-peace Rand Corporation “advise(d)” hegemon USA into pushing for war between Russia and Nazified Ukraine.

The US was a UK colony long ago.

Things today are the other way around.

Both nations and other Western ones are at war on humanity domestically and worldwide.

And this reality  check:

Smart phone users “are about to become its prisoner.”

They’re being used “to send warning messages to everyone.”

Instead of protecting people, irreparably harming them is official policy throughout the depraved, decadent West.

Dark forces in their ruling regimes aim to establish ruler-serf societies worldwide.

Their diabolical scheme is to establish ruler-serf societies worldwide similar to what Orwell and Huxley imagined.

The worst of what’s ongoing was planned long before dark forces rolled it out.

So-called brave new Great Reset New World Order policies include digital mass-surveillance worldwide.

It calls for monitoring virtually everything about our daily lives to control them.

Pretending to support “sustainable development” and “stakeholder capitalism” is polar opposite what’s going on.

Great Reset policies aim to more greatly empower wealth, power and privileged interests at the expense of ordinary people worldwide.

They promote global control and exploitation of most people by their privileged few masters.

Pushing the scheme involves mass deception because understanding what’s ongoing and planned ahead would assure mass-rejection.

Nothing intended will improve public health, welfare, safety and societies fit to live in — just the opposite.

It’s why resisting and rejecting the diabolical scheme is essential.

And this reality check:

If nuclear war occurs, hegemon USA will launch it.

The empire of lies wants war it  orchestrated and directs in Ukraine continued longterm.

What’s going on is at a time of increasingly dire economic conditions.

Western and other economies are in recession while “inflation is rife and interest rates are rising” to combat it.

Widespread layoffs are occurring.

Growing numbers of corporations are defaulting on their debt obligations.

In the US, bankruptcies are soaring — over 42,000 in March.

The dollar is losing its status as the world’s reserve currency, a positive development.

According to “the latest CNBC All-America Economic Survey, “Americans have never been more negative about the economy.”

“A record 69% of the public holds negative views about the economy both now and in the future, the highest percentage in the survey’s 17-year history.”

It’s at a time of pushing health-destroying kill shots, digitizing currencies for greater control by ruling regimes and when decades of inflationary finance are coming home to roost.

And this Coleman reality check, saying:

“The Davos crowd are inordinately greedy and never satisfied.”

“Since 2020, the gap in wealth between the super- rich and the poor has risen faster than ever and is now wider than ever.”

“In the war between us and them there are no rules.”

“They play dirty and regard us as disposable fodder.”

That’s the disturbing reality of things throughout the West and in nations it controls.


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