How the Empire of Lies Operates

Along with flagrantly breaching the letter and spirit of the law in virtually all imaginable says, the empire of lies and forever wars goes out of its way to embarrass itself on the world stage.

UN guidelines “grant as much access as possible to members of the media while safeguarding and protecting the UN headquarters complex (UNHQ) and ensuring the safety, security and comfort of all of its occupants: staff, delegates and media alike.”

“(J)ournalists play an essential role in the UN work and therefore their ability to cover (its) activities must be facilitated to the greatest extent possible.”

Hegemon USA operates by its own rules exclusively, repeatedly breaching international laws, norms and standards.

On Sunday, Sergey Lavrov slammed the Biden regime for refusing to issue visas for Russian journalists assigned to cover the ongoing Security Council session, saying:

“Rest assured. We will not forget and we will not forgive.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov also condemned the Biden regime’s breach of UN rules, saying:

“The Americans pulled yet another outrageous and totally unacceptable trick in preparation for the participation of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in events of the outgoing Russian presidency of the UN Security Council.”

“A group of Russian journalists who were to accompany Lavrov on this trip were not issued visas until the very last moment.”

“The Americans pretended that they were working and that a solution was about to be found.”

The Biden regime is playing “a game of nerves, a mockery, and yet another reflection of the fact that (hegemon USA can never) be trusted.”

“They are simply not worth listening to.”

“We repeatedly contacted them on this issue over the last few days.”

“Nevertheless, the result…is deplorable, even though we were given assurances that visas are on the way, are about to be issued.”

“All of this is a lie.”

“This is an outright lie, and it does not paint a good picture of the country that hosts the UN Headquarters.”

“Journalists were supposed to cover the most important event of the Russian presidency of the UN Security Council.”

With Lavrov in New York for a high-profile event, Russia’s press pool was tasked with accompanying him to provide coverage for a Russian and world audience.

“That didn’t happen. The responsibility lies squarely on the American side.”

Moscow will respond to this move “so that Americans remember for a long time that this is not the way things are done.”

Time and again, the empire of lies breaches the rule of law in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

Russia “count(s) on the UN leadership and specialized international mechanisms (in vain) to pay due attention to this egregious situation and take all necessary steps against the violator.”

With secretary general Guterres operating as an imperial tool, nothing of the sort will happen.

The Biden regime ignored that “Russian media representatives complied with all relevant terms and requirements, including a valid UN accreditation.”

“We consider this step as another manifestation of neglect of the international law by the United States.”

“When denying access to UN events for Russian journalists, the US authorities once again demonstrate their true attitude to freedom of speech and availability of information.” 

When asked to respond to what happened, UN secretary general’s deputy spokesman failed to condemn it, saying:

“I have no comment (sic).”

Lavrov will chair two meetings of the UN Security Council on Monday and Tuesday.

He’ll also meet with imperial tool Guterres, knowing that interfacing with him is a waste of time.


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  1. Antonio Guterres aka Gutless Guterres is Judas Iscariot who will betraying anyone for 30 pieces of silver. We all know how it ended for Judas.

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