The Scourge of US-Supported Ukrainian Nazis

Civilians free from tyrannical Ukrainian control are their favorite targets with coordinates supplied by the empire of lies for their crimes of war and against humanity.

Once again on Sunday, Ukrainian Nazis attacked Donetsk residential areas with artillery and rocket fire.

Three civilians were reported killed and others injured, along with damage to infrastructure and other non-military related targets.

Donetsk city’s Petrovsky District is attacked almost daily.

Shelling residential and/or other non-military related targets is a war crime under international law.

Yet the empire of lies, its NATO vassals and Ukrainian Nazis commit these crimes repeatedly without accountability, including use of banned weapons.

And this perversion of reality by the self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, operating as a virtual ministry of truth for the Biden regime, falsely saying:

“Russian troops are forcibly relocating people from…the city of Kherson (sic).”

Russia consistently goes out of its way to protect civilians from harm’s way by the collective West and Ukrainian Nazis.

Separately, Sergey Lavrov arrived in New York to chair April 24 and 25 Security Counsel sessions.

The empire of lies and its vassal states tracked his flight and related movements via Flightradar a record number of times.

The Biden regime breached the UN Headquarters Agreement by denying visas to Russian journalists accompanying him to take part in Security Counsel flagship events related to Russia’s Presidency of the body.

This hostile action occurred even though Russian media representatives complied with all relevant requirements, including a valid UN accreditation. 

This action and related ones are flagrant breaches of speech and media freedom.

They’re further proof of how the empire of lies says one thing, then does something entirely different time and again.

Russia hopes in vain for “UN leadership and specialized international mechanisms to pay due attention to this egregious situation and take all necessary steps against the violator” — what clearly won’t happen.

At all times, hegemon USA operates exclusively by its own rules in flagrant breach of the UN Charter and other international law.

Defying reality, MSM falsely accused Russia of violating international peace and security — what it goes all out to protect and preserve.

During Monday’s Security Council session, imperial tool UN secretary Guterres is expected to falsely accuse Russia of war crimes committed by Western regimes and Ukrainian Nazis.

For its part, Lavrov will chair a discussion on “Effective multilateralism through the Defense of the Principles of the UN Charter.”

Growing numbers of world community nations reject unipolar control by the empire of lies.

Separately last fall, Lavrov stressed it. 

He also called for greater Security Council representation by Asian, African and Latin American nations.

He stressed that Latin America is no longer hegemon USA’s backyard.

And at this time, Brazil, China, Russia, other BRICS nations and ones seeking bloc membership are increasingly moving away from the dollar in international trade.

In response to hostile US actions, Lavrov stressed the following, saying:

“We will not forget. We will not forgive.”

Separately according to new polling data, 70% of respondents oppose another term for the fake Biden, 60% against a run for the White House by Trump in 2024.

Hegemon USA is a one-party state with two right wings.

Names and faces change.

Dirty business as usual remains official policy, especially perpetual wars on invented enemies.


2 thoughts on “The Scourge of US-Supported Ukrainian Nazis

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  1. It’s because idiot putin chose a limited war instead of mobilizing 2 million troops and steamrolling Ukraine. There is no excuse for this to be happening 14 months after Russia’s involvement.


  2. Rothschild Jewry (RJ) owns the west. NeoBolshevik, Marxist Jews have taken over all western nations and are calling the shots; there’s not a lick of sovereignty among them.

    Regardless of how many “Nazis” are in Ukraine, it is a failed nation ruled by RJ, slated to be their international crime capitol and replacing Israel. It was to be “Big Israel”. But Putin kicked Jake Rothschild and all his Butt-Boy-Goyim in the balls. Now he’s spitting in their ugly faces.

    The entire western “Leadership” are traitorous Rothschild agents and deserve the firing squads, along with elite Jewry. No fate is too horrible for them for their mass crimes against Humanity.

    How is Soros or Schwab free to walk the streets?? If the US was sovereign, these people would’ve been taken out by the CIA. Problem is, the CIA is just a subsidiary of MOSSAD, who did 9-11.

    The west is conquered & occupied by Communist, Satanist Cabalist Jews whose goal is to rule the world & Kill the Goyim. There’s nothing they love more than killing Gentiles.


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