Illusion of a Ukrainian Offensive

Since Russia launched its liberating SMO, attempted offensives by Ukrainian Nazis were foiled straightaway.

They’re no match against superior Russian firepower.

Over the past year, a generation of Ukrainian youths were lost.

Most current troops are ill-trained conscripts, want peace and lack the will to fight.

Most weapons supplied to Ukrainian Nazis were either destroyed by Russia or sold to jihadists and other willing buyers.

Russian intelligence is aware of Ukrainian plans and prepared to foil them.

A regime counteroffensive is unlikely for lack of enough trained troops to launch one.

There’s virtually no chance of retaking territory where residents voted overwhelmingly to join Russia.

If the regime attempts a counteroffensive ahead, it’ll fail like previous attempts, according to leaked Pentagon documents.

In cahoots with its US master, the regime wrecked Ukraine under Nazified rule.

According to Southfront, the regime and collective West blame failure on the ground to weather conditions — a poor excuse.

Strong winds and rough seas didn’t deter Dwight Eisenhower from ordering the successful June 6, 1944 D-Day invasion of France by allied forces.

At this time, Wagner Group fighters and Russian airborne forces continue mopping up operations in and around the strategically important town of Artyomovsk — largely liberated from Nazified occupation.

Dubiously citing “secret documents,” Newsweek claimed that hegemon USA-led forces will launch an offensive by April 30 with Ukrainian cannon fodder troops.

It’s highly unlikely given Russian control of Ukrainian airspace and offshore waters.

And the regime lacks enough manpower, arms, equipment and proper training to launch what Russia is able to effectively counter.

And this Southfront reality check, saying:

The regime “is not in a position to successfully launch an offensive.”

“It is becoming increasingly evident that it is the US persistently pushing for an escalation” — what’s doomed to fail if attempted.

Yet the Biden regime “is pushing Ukraine to launch an offensive despite the fact that it can lead to the complete destruction of the Ukrainian army and a further loss of territory.”

And this reality check by Wagner’s head, Yevgeny Prigozhin, saying:

“An offensive cannot be launched right now for quite understandable reasons: amid horrific slush and mud.”

“Even pickup trucks cannot freely run on this terrain, let alone heavy vehicles and tanks.”

“It will take some ten days for the ground to dry.”

Most important, an offensive without airpower support is suicidal. 

“For all the noise of an upcoming spring offensive, the summer is already fast approaching, meaning that it will either not occur, or it will be an utter failure because preparations are far from complete.”

Yet citing Biden regime sources, the NYT reported the following fake news, saying:

“Ukraine is preparing to launch a counteroffensive against Russian forces as early as next month,” adding:

“Without a decisive victory (not forthcoming), Western support for Ukraine could weaken, and (the regime) could come under increasing pressure to enter serious negotiations to end or freeze the conflict (sic).”

As stressed time and again earlier, Russia defeated the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine on day-one of its liberating SMO.

Featuring fake news based on Biden regime talking points, MSM ignore reality on the ground.

Russia defeated the empire of lies in Nazi-infested Ukraine.

According to Politico, dominant Biden regime dark forces “fear the aftermath of a failed Ukrainian counteroffensive” for good reason.

If attempted by Kiev, Russia will effectively smash it in similar fashion to how it foiled earlier attempted offensives.


3 thoughts on “Illusion of a Ukrainian Offensive

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  1. Bidet seizing Russia’s US$600 billion was the start of de-dollarization.

    Next will be de-eurorization. After the Nord Stream attack, the euro without a strong German economy will weaken.

    In spite of windfall profits from LNG exports to the EU, inflation is rising in the US because of greedy energy companies hiking prices everywhere.

    NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine will be annihilated by Russia. NATO will then unravel from internal protests.

    Meanwhile, the Global South is benefitting from discounted oil and gas from Russia which is gaining many new supporters now collectively brave enough to de-dollarize and de-eurorize.

    The reserve currency status of the dollar and euro is diminishing fast. Much reduced commissions from trades in dollar and euro mean many weaker NATO banks will not survive. Mystery Babylon surely did not see that coming.

    All this from the Ukraine proxy war instigated by O’Bomber and Bidet.


  2. Yesterday’s Southfront video, “UKRAINE LOST MEDIA BATTLE FOR DNIEPER ISLANDS” projects to its screens Pretend invasion and Pretend victory:

    Ukraine has a bad case of ain’t got nos. If you search Telegram with “Slavyangrad/43227”, you will find a very sad video of an army running on fumes.


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