Imperial Tool Guterres

Installed by the empire of lies to serve its diabolical interests, imperial tool, UN secretary general Antonio Guterres, falsely blamed Russia for US-dominated NATO aggression in Ukraine — since 2014.

Reading lines scripted for him to recite at a Monday Security Council session, he pointed fingers the wrong way instead of the other way around.

Russia’s Sergey Lavrov stressed the following:

“No one authorized (hegemon USA and its Western vassals) to speak on behalf of humanity.”

“They should behave decently and respect all members of the international community.”

“The West has long been uncomfortable negotiating in universal formats such as the United Nations.” 

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies pushes its diabolical “rules-based order” over the UN Charter and other international law to rule the world unchallenged.

What’s been going on in Ukraine since 2014 is all about how hegemon USA wants international relations to serve its interests at the expense of peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law.

“It is obvious to any impartial person that the Nazi regime in Kiev cannot be seen as representing the residents of the territories that refused to recognize the outcome of the bloody state coup in February 2014 and against whom the coup plotters unleashed a war against,” Lavrov stressed, adding:

“Once again, as during the Cold War, we have come to a dangerous and perhaps even more dangerous line.”

“The situation is exacerbated by the loss of faith in multilateralism, as Western financial and economic aggression destroys the benefits of globalization.”

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals “abandoned diplomacy and demand that relations be clarified on the battlefield.”

“While propagating its ‘rules’ on the international stage, it (the empire of lies) has a stranglehold on multilateralism and democracy at home by utilizing ever more repressive tools to suppress any dissent — just as the criminal Kiev regime, with the backing of its teachers: the US and its allies, is doing.”

In stark contrast a, “successful open system of economic and security cooperation has evolved for decades around ASEAN.” 

“This system produced consensus approaches that satisfy both the ASEAN Ten and its dialogue partners.”

Hegemon USA opposes multilateralism worldwide.

Along with its Western and other vassals, it goes all-out to undermine what’s equitable worldwide according to the rule of law.

“Bloc-based approaches that undermine ASEAN-centric multilateralism are evident in the creation of the AUKUS military alliance, into which both Tokyo and Seoul and even a number of ASEAN countries are pushed.”

“Under the aegis of (hegemon USA), mechanisms are being created to interfere in maritime security issues with the aim of ensuring the unilateral interests of the West in the waters of the South China Sea.”

“There has always been a quantitative and personnel imbalance in favor of the West at the UN.”

“This imbalance has become chronic and secretariat employees ever more frequently allow themselves politically motivated behavior inappropriate for international officials.”

Imperial tool Guterres disgraces the office he holds.

He and others around him support hegemon USA’s agenda in flagrant breach of the UN Charter and other international law.

In vain, Lavrov “call(ed) on (Guterres) to see to it that all of his employees observe the requirements of objectivity in accordance with Article 100 of the UN Charter.”

Headquartered in New York, the UN is supposed to be an intergovernmental organization that champions peace, opposes war, and represents the rights, interests, and welfare of all nations and people everywhere equitably.

Instead of pursuing a new era of world peace and stability, endless wars by hot and other means raged with no end of them in prospect since establishment of the world body. 

Instead of adhering to UN Charter principles, its secretariat, other organs, and key departments consistently breach them.

Instead of opposing US-led aggression, key UN officials support it by failing to denounce what no one should be silent about. 

Instead of supporting victims of aggression, they tacitly back perpetrators by failing to demand accountability for their high crimes. Instead of demanding respect for the sovereign rights of all nations, free from foreign interference according to international law, the UN secretary-general and other key officials ignore US/NATO/Israeli aggression, state terror, and other high crimes of war and against humanity — tacitly supporting what demands condemnation.

Under US/Western control, the UN consistently supports powerful interests over peace, equity, justice, and the rule of law — abandoning its own charter principles it breaches time and again by its actions.


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  1. There is a serious problem with infantilization. There is a serious problem with censorship. There is a serious problem with serious problems.

    Lavrov is without doubt the superstar of diplomats with a global spotlight on him and he gave a perfect term in “abandoned diplomacy.” It’s exactly what it is.

    Saddam knew an invasion would destroy Iraq and get him killed. Sibel Edmonds had a gag order to keep her from saying Saddam offered to step aside if given a villa in his hometown with some bodyguards. He buy American cars, give a sweet deal concerning oil, and turn over the telecommunications to basically the CIA so they could work on the total surveillance system. THEY abandoned diplomacy. It is exactly what they did. There was only one plan and it was invasion and occupation.

    Western media is a joke. The analyst worth listening too have truth and will not carry the trash offered by the official narrative.

    Lavrov won’t tarnish his image with a lie. Outside of western propaganda, he is somewhat worshipped and the Russians are proud of him. In UN v Lavrov, Lavrov wins everytime.


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