Xi Jinping/Puppet Zelensky Talks

China forthrightly supports diplomatic resolution of conflicts where ongoing.

Its leadership knows that conflict between Russia and Nazi-infested Ukraine was made-in-the-USA.

It knows that the empire of lies wants perpetual war, abhors resolution and goes all-out to undermine it.

It knows that its good faith efforts are in vain because hegemon USA intends waging war by hot and other means to the last Ukrainian.

It knows that what’s going on is the early stage of global war — that the risk of it going nuclear is ominously real.

Beijing got involved in Ukraine to try resolving conflict diplomatically — a virtual mission impossible as long as hegemon USA wants perpetual war.

According to unnamed Chinese analysts, Beijing is “likely to get more involved on the diplomatic front to contribute to a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis…”

“(T)he role that China could play has been sincerely welcomed by both Kiev and Moscow, despite some voices from the West, especially the US, that have tried to distort China’s mediation efforts.” 

According to China’s Foreign Ministry:  

“President Xi pointed out that the Ukraine crisis is evolving in complex ways with major impacts on the international landscape.”

“On the Ukraine crisis, China always stands on the side of peace. Its core stance is to facilitate talks for peace.”

It’s up against the reality of perpetual war on Russia by hegemon USA.

China earlier released a 12-point peace plan — what the empire of lies and Nazi-infested Ukraine rejected in favor of perpetual war-making.

Xi told puppet Zelensky that China will “continue to facilitate talks for peace and make its efforts for early ceasefire and restoration of peace.”

Beijing will send diplomats to Ukraine and regional countries for “in-depth communication with all parties on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis.”

The Biden regime rejects involvement of China as mediator.

The empire of lies considers peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations worldwide and compliance with international law a threat to its rage for unchallenged global dominance.

A House resolution “affirms that it is (hegemon USA’s policy) to see Ukraine victorious against (Russia) and restored to its internationally recognized 1991 borders (sic).”

If becomes US law and implemented, the threat of possible nuclear war will be greater than currently.

As long as the empire of lies rejects conflict resolution in favor of perpetual war-making, the worst of outcomes is possible.

As ordered by his US master, puppet Zelensky rejects peace.

As long as it’s off the table, perpetual war will continue.

The House bill pushes it for “as long as it takes” in pursuit of an impossible to achieve regime “victory.”

Since usurping power by election-rigging, the Biden regime has been waging proxy war on Russia — what it’s losing to Moscow’s military superiority.

According to head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Arms Control Department, Vladimir Yermakov: 

“In the given circumstances, no major negotiations can be conducted with the (hegemon USA) or the West in general.” 

Arms control and other agreements between both countries are at risk of being breached by the empire of lies in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

“(T)he destabilizing military programs of the (empire of lies) and its allies have been making our (weapons) moratorium increasingly fragile – both with regard to the Asia-Pacific region, and Europe.”

Perpetual war continues with no prospect for resolving things because hegemon USA rejects resolution.

And the US-installed Ukrainian regime “reject(ed) all reasonable initiatives aimed at finding a political and diplomatic solution to the crisis.”

The risk of direct confrontation between the empire of lies and Russia is ominously real.

If occurs ahead, it’ll be made-in-the-USA.

And make no mistake.

There’s nothing remotely defensive about how the empire of lies aids and directs war-making by Ukrainian Nazis against Russia — what’s gone on since 2014.

According to the UN Charter and other international law, self-defense in response to aggression is the right of all nations.

Russia is defending its territory and borders from US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Ukrainian Nazis. 

There’s nothing remotely defensive about how Ukrainian Nazis operate/

It’s why demilitarizing and deNazifying its territory is the only viable option.


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  1. At this point, the US government is like a wounded animal looking desperately for a way to “win” in Ukraine to preserve any chance of continuing its program of global warfare for profit and dominance. China obviously knows the same 2014 US plan for Ukraine is under implementation in Taiwan at this very time. Russia and China will do all they can to avoid a non nuclear war with NATO, which they can win but then gives the US a last chance at “victory” using nuclear weapons in a WW3.
    If my memory is accurate, the US has already lost three wars involving China to varying degrees — post WW2 Revolution in China; Korean War; Vietnam War. Bush clearly outlined his plan to colonize China using U.S. corporations to infiltrate China and transform the US into a service economy without manufacturing anything that could otherwise be made using Chinese “slave labor.” What a brilliant plan based on Milton Friedman’s globalist economic disease which infected the US during the Reagan years and continues in part to this day. Greenspan was a major supporter of the Friedman plan.
    Beware, the US is desperate and will use any weapon, deception, escalation, treasonous action, etc to win in Ukraine. It will be a serious blow to US gunboat economics if China plays any role in a peace plan for Ukraine. Obviously, Russia, China and Iran are holding out waiting for a U.S. economic failure to avoid a war and that possibility seems more likely each day.
    Stephen, thank you so much for your courageous efforts these many years to keep us informed about global political science, and for the opportunity to express our opinions. We both have been watching the destruction of our Country over the years and your strong, direct, honest explanations have helped many of us stay informed with the truth. I am very thankful for your efforts over the years when I first read your articles on Rense. The battle continues to take back our Country from the criminals and traitors in our ruling kleptocracy !

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  2. Totally in agreement many thanks to Mr Lendman for truthful articles.
    Until the consciousness of the American population is realized society’s ills will continue.


  3. “Argentina will pay for Chinese imports in yuan instead of dollars, the republic’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa said on Wednesday.” — https: //t.me/ Slavyangrad/43502

    The Yuan is now being used more than the dollar for China’s foreign trade.

    There is a big unanswered question concerning the revenue the Dollar Empire makes in its money changer operations.

    In his last interview with Greg Hunter, Charles Nenner said WW3 is coming. When pressed for how many people might die, Denner said 30% of the world population could die. Governments around the world realize the Dollar Empire is demon-driven for death and destruction in preserving Monopoly Money and the only way to stop WW3 is to aid the Dollar sickness, so that the call for war by the war pigs is seen for the madness it is.


  4. Today’s 15:28 video by The Duran reads “Xi Jinping-Zelensky call raises the stakes for Ukraine and Europe”: https://t.me/thedurancom/13339 In the sixth minute Alexander explains the poetic version of the riot act.

    The total destruction of Ukraine is at hand- now down from 45 million to 22 million.


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