Guilty of Being Russian

The empire of lies and forever wars holds scores of Russians imprisoned and abused for political reasons, along with countless numbers of others in its worldwide gulag.

Russians especially are subjected to abusive and humiliating treatment for their nationality.

Russia’s embassy in Washington complained in vain about an “endemic” mistreatment of Russian nationals in US prisons – for political reasons, for the “crime” of being a national of a country that hegemon USA considers an adversary. 

After visiting two Russian nationals unjustly imprisoned, Russia’s US envoy,  Anatoly Antonov, said the following:

“We will definitely continue the practice of visiting our compatriots who ended up in (US) dungeons.” 

“According to some reports, we actually have more than 100 people” languishing in hegemon USA’s gulag for politicized reasons.

After visiting Anatoly Legkodymov and Dmitry Ukrainsky, he said charges against them are politically motivated, adding:

“(I)f you are Russian, this means that(‘ll) receive a longer sentence than if you were, for example, Italian, French or British.”

Despite scant incriminating or absence of evidence entirely, the empire of lies charged  Legkodymov with facilitating a “safe haven for funds used for and resulting from a variety of criminal activities (sic),” adding:

He’s also dubiously charged with “fail(ing) to meet US regulatory safeguards (sic).”

Ukrainsky was dubiously accused of money laundering in Thailand. 

He pleaded not guilty but was sentenced to ten years imprisonment in 2019.

Eligible for release on parole, Thai authorities extradited him to the US in June 2022 even though he never lived in the country. 

He’s dubiously charged with stealing over $300,000 from the accounts of US citizens despite no evidence proving it.

Days earlier, Sergey Lavrov said dozens of Russian nationals are languishing unjustly in US prisons on “dubious” charges without merit.

Some were abducted abroad.

It’s the wrong time to be Russian in the US or West.

A state of war has existed against Russia by the US/West since the empire of lies launched it a near-decade ago.

It’s too dangerous for Russian nationals to remain in the US.

They should leave to avoid being arrested for politicized reasons and imprisoned for being the wrong nationality.

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  1. We are already in the Warm War between The West and The Rest. Reading Telegram subscriptions this morning– Russia will make 18,000 of one of its can’t miss drones. The Russian destruction videos have can’t-miss technology destroying something while being recorded by another drone. The world is dividing and rearming (especially with drones) for a reason, The share of the US dollar in global reserves drops from 73% to 47%
    25 Apr, 2023 with the NeoCons wet dreaming a $1.8 trillion budget over the present $900 billion.

    The penal system is just another slave control system. Prisoner isolation is torture under international law and, of course, it means nothing to the Cabal. The world hates “us” for our tyranny. Russia just at the top of the list.
    “The share of the US dollar in global reserves drops from 73% to 47%” — 25 Apr, 2023 —


  2. There is also the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay illegally occupied by the USA which speaks of its sovereignity during the transit of a stray Chinese weather balloon.


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