The Scourge of Fake News Over the Real Thing

Throughout the US/West, MSM operate as a collective ministry of truth.

They stick exclusively to the fabricated official narrative on vital world and national issues.

So nothing they report can be accepted as factual when based on state-approved talking points.

Garbage in, garbage out reflects how they operate.

Figures like Tucker Carlson provide news consumers with kernels of truth-telling so they’re persona non grata in high places.

Fox News sacked TC for daring to diverge from the fabricated official narrative in nightly broadcasts.

No matter that his candor became the most popular nightly TV news show.

Following his sacking, he released a video in which he stressed that television news is a vast wasteland of rubbish piled on more of the same.

The same reality is true for print media.

Journalist/author AJ Liebling (1905 – 1963) once explained that “(t)he press is free only to those who one one.” 

On television, on radio and in print people confuse what they read and hear with news.

Fiction substitutes for facts. 

News is carefully filtered, dissent marginalized. 

Supporting powerful interests substitutes for full and accurate reporting on vital world and national issues.

Wars of aggression are called liberating ones. 

Social justice, human and civil rights are eroding for our own good. 

Patriotism means going along with state-sponsored ruthlessness internally and abroad.

Ukraine is a Nazi-infested hellhole.

Pope Francis virtually support what he should have condemned by meeting with the regime’s so-called prime minister at the Vatican.

He met with representatives of the regime multiple times instead of forthrightly denouncing the scourge of Nazism infesting central ‘Europe.

The empire of lies and its NATO vassals are playing with fire.

Waging war against Russia, it risks things going nuclear by accident or design.

For its part, the Russian Federation “welcome(s) anything that can bring the conflict (to demilitarize and deNazify) Ukraine closer to an end and, naturally, the accomplishment of all of Russia’s goals,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed.

Separately, Biden regime “diplomat” David Pressman called conflict resolution efforts in Ukraine “cynical.”

The empire of lies goes all-out for perpetual war-making on invented enemies like Russia.

The Biden regime reportedly supplied Ukrainian Nazis with around 4.4 million artillery shells, tank rounds, rockets and mortars, plus another 200 million rounds of small arms ammunition for perpetual war.

It also provided Kiev with 120mm and 105mm tank rounds and Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) rounds for M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

Despite all of the above and more of the same from other NATO regimes, Russia is overwhelmingly winning the battle of Ukraine.

Things will eventually be resolved diplomatically.

Hegemon USA gambled and lost all things Russia and Ukraine by pushing perpetual war over resolution for peace. 

The illegitimate Biden regime proved itself to be the most recklessly dangerous in US history.

But it’s no match against militarily and tactically superior Russia.

It’s just a matter of time before things are resolved in its favor, and when occurs, the empire of lies and forever wars will experience another significant blow to its declining status on the world stage. 


3 thoughts on “The Scourge of Fake News Over the Real Thing

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  1. Last week Tucker Carlson gave a very powerful presentation where he clearly defined the ongoing battle between good and evil forces in the US. He did not play with words, I clearly got the message. Obviously he has to draw the line on some issues, but the message was clear, a serious confrontation is developing and we must be ready. He also called for Patriots to pray for 10 minutes every day asking God for help.
    The kleptocracy control over MSM is strong, they can create a “false reality” and make it almost impossible for ordinary working people to discover the truth. Carl Rove actually told a reporter, “we create reality, you just report on it.” The Bush/Cheney treasonous administration was the last nail in the U.S. coffin. I have detailed this before.
    I sincerely hope that Tucker has the support to start a new Patriotic group or new political party in the US. Maybe Musk will support him also. They have the power to initiate changes by informing the public. But remember, the kleptocracy is not going away, they must be challenged head on. Help from God? I think the saying is: God helps those who help themselves!


  2. Thank you for your truthful analysis.

    TC news shows being the most popular prove that most Americans are sick of the official narratives parroted by other boot-licking news shows.

    Some news shows would sometimes announce with the phrase “We can now reveal ….”. Undoubtedly proof these boot-licking news network, from fear of being banned like RT, are groveling at the feet of the Deep State.

    The Vatican News website is full of news in support of Ukraine. The Vatican is a Babylonian Talmud-based establishment whose rituals are Babylonian disguised as Christian. Same applies to the other orthodox churches.


  3. Rothschild Jewry runs the west; I’ve said it a hundred times. Another fact is that the western media is 100% owned by NeoBolshevik, Marxist Jews. Owning the MSM is the fundamental requirement for controlling the Goyim and steering them where Jewry can take full advantage of their gullibility, in order to pave the way for the NeoBolshevik, Communist, Satanic, Supremacist, Cabalistic agenda to control the world.

    Judaism is an insane, racist, violent, destructive psychopathy. It has no place among the brotherhood of Humanity. It is a Satanic threat to the world.

    The world is awakening to the fact that the west is under Rothschild control, not sovereign, so are collectively divorcing themselves from the Synagogue of Satan. The west is being isolated and it’s obvious that NATO is a paper tiger.


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