Russia’s Medvedev Is Right

Russia’s only solution is routing of regime troops, nothing less — demilitarization that sticks.

It’s to counter regime attempts to “return Crimea” and wage war “for decades.”

“The Kiev dog keeps barking.”

“Saliva drools across its hairy muzzle so that its masters can see its fighting properties.”

“What is it? The contradictory gloom of the drug-permeated conscience?”

Delirium of uncertainty?”

“Pressure on its patrons? General persisting paranoia? No doubt, all this together.”

“Even delirious statements should not be underestimated.”

“This is also the Kiev regime’s hysterical manifesto with the aim of consolidating the Nazi elite, supporting the troop fighting spirit and receiving new support from its sponsors.” 

“The sole response must be mass destruction of (regime) personnel and military equipment .”

“A full rout of the enemy and final deposition of the neo-Nazi regime with its full demilitarization on the entire Ukrainian territory.”

“Retaliatory acts against the neo-Nazi regime’s key figures, regardless of the places of their location and the limitation period.”

“Otherwise, they will not calm down and drug-induced delirious statements may turn into reality and the war will stretch out for long.”

“Our country does not need this.”

Hegemon USA is waging war on Russia in Europe far from its homeland.

The Biden regime doesn’t want war to come close to home.

Separately on Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the destruction of a major regime command center, a statement saying the following:

“On the evening of April 28, Russia’s Armed Forces successfully delivered a group strike with sea-based long-range precision weapons at the location of the commanding officers of Ukraine’s joint troops Kherson grouping. 

Days earlier, Russian strikes on Ukrainian positions prevented redeployment of regime reserves to  frontline positions.

At this time, regime troops stepped up strikes on Donetsk city residential area homes, a hospital and bus with intent to kill and wound maximum numbers of civilians.

Puppet Zelensky remains detached from reality.

He hyperventilated about a nonexistent counteroffensive, saying:

It’ll “happen (sic). We are preparing for it (sic).”

“I strongly believe that it will be successful and that we will de-occupy our territories.”

According to Wagner private military company founder Yevgeny Prigozhin, the regime may attempt a counteroffensive in May.

If attempted, it’ll be crushed like earlier.

Separately, sounding delusional, regime advisor, Mikhail Podoliak, said China must support the West on all things related to Russia and Ukraine or “lose its influence, including economic influence.”

Sino/Russian ties continue to grow stronger.

Both nations oppose US hegemonic aims.

Both support peace, stability and mutual cooperation among nations according to the rule of law.

Their agenda is worlds apart from perpetual war-making by the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine.

The vast majority of world community nations support multilateralism.

Like Russia and China, they oppose hegemon USA’s aims.


3 thoughts on “Russia’s Medvedev Is Right

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  1. Well said, thank you.

    Moscow is the 3rd Rome and NATO’s relentless eastward expansion is to take Moscow to destroy the Holy Scriptures there.

    After the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, the Pharisees (aka Babylonian Talmudic Jews) infiltrated and controlled Rome, forcing the Roman Empire to shift HQ to Constantinople (the 2nd Rome, present-day Istanbul) with the Holy Scriptures.

    We are told the Crusaders, from 1096 AD onward, started liberating Palestine from the Muslims and succeeded. How come the Al Aqsa Mosque built between 685–705 AD is still standing?

    Wasn’t King Arthur of England supposed to be a Christian or just a myth?

    In 1204 AD during the 4th Crusade, the Crusaders sacked Constantinople, the world’s then-largest Christian city. Aren’t the Crusaders supposed to be Christians? Why did they sack Constantinople instead?

    When the Ottomans laid siege to Constantinople in 1453, leading to its fall, the Holy Scriptures were already in Moscow.

    The 1st and 2nd Crimean Wars, Napoleon and Hitler attacking Russia were all part of Mystery Babylon’s effort to seize and sack Moscow to destroy the genuine Holy Scriptures there.

    Mystery Babylon will fail due to Divine intervention.


  2. The all of it is worse than you think.

    Karen Kingston was back on Greg Hunter on Saturday. Nano lipid particles have no lipids. It is nanotechnology. NLP is a creation meant to hide Wee are being injected with a bioweapons.

    Kingston says “mRNA” is meant to disguise carbon nanotechnology concerning graphene oxide. She says there is no MRNA at work. It is all graphene oxide transforming humankind. She uses the word “extinction.”

    World Orders Review asserted they cannot find any mRNA in their testing and GO is the profound concern. Kingston shows a quarter sticking to a package of beef. Videos of magnets sticking to beef packages are old news, but having quarters and nickels stick is unreal. GO is a bioweapon in law. It seems like some big things are going to be happening in front of meat counters everywhere.

    The decline of the military due to the death by injection program is ongoing and it sure seems to me the CCP is doing some 5G unrestricted warfare on the US.


  3. The U.S./NATO is desperate to keep the Ukraine war going with the ridiculous hope of causing an economic collapse in Russia and regime change. Even if the U.S. did cause a regime change, the Putin replacements are even more eager for a war with the U.S.
    But the US has been very successful in building up a major enemy that the US/NATO cannot defeat. Russia, China, Iran, NK, have formed strong military and economic ties aimed at defeating U.S./NATO. The SCO & BRICS associations form the main structure that holds this growing opposition together. They respect the sovereignty of governments and economic cooperation. They try to negotiate differences rather than resorting to wars to solve disputes. Yes, serious problems can still divide them. But it is a refreshing alternative to US global wars. Clearly, the US is insane.
    The U.S. appears to be in a state of increasing cultural, economic, and military decay. Crime is increasing and the infrastructure is failing. Because of massive debts, funds to solve these problems are no longer available, they were wasted on wars, corruption, and treasonous activities. It appears that the U.S. is burning out and reaching a point of no return. As Pat said years ago, the suicide of a super power seems to be the path we are on, sadly. Will those responsible ever be prosecuted? I think old age will claim them before they appear before any court of justice ! A very sad ending, certainly not one I would want for my grandchildren.


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