Hegemon USA’s War on Truth-Telling

Russian forces control over 90% of the strategically important town pf Artyomovsk and and surrounding areas, including entances to the city.

Hundreds of regime troops were taken out.

Detached from reality, puppet Zelensky pretends that Russia is weak and Ukraine is strong (sic) when things on the ground are indisputably the other way around.

Separately, the fake Biden’s praise for caught-in-the-act spy, Gershkovich, ignored countless thousands of political prisoners languishing unjustly in hegemon USA’s global gulag.

Their mistreatment flagrantly breaches 8th Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

Commenting on what goes on and not reported, the late Attorney General Ramsey Clark once explained the following, saying: 

“Our jails are filled with saints.” 

Some of the best and brightest are ruthlessly persecuted and abused for being on the right side of history.

Hegemon USA persecutes and otherwise oppresses its best while engaging in state-sponsored criminality unaccountably. 

Run by criminals, democracy as it should be is banned — at home and worldwide.

Selections alone are held, winners preselected.

Hegemon USA is more a scourge than nation-state.

Throughout its pockmarked history, it harmed more people than any combination of rogue states earlier or now.

Count the ways.

It’s perpetually at war by hot and/or other means against nonthreatening nations free from the scourge of its control.

Already at war on Russia and losing badly, its Dem dark forces may open a second and third front against nonthreatening China and North Korea — an act of madness is happens.

Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and other independent nations are targeted by illegal sanctions — what only the UN Security Council can legally impose.

The vast majority of Americans have no say over how their nation is run — for money and power at their expense.

War by kill shots still rages at home and abroad.

Jab pushers know — or should know — that they’re designed to destroy health instead of the other way around.

Mincing no words, scholar/physician Vernon Coleman MD said “deaths and maimings (have been) their main effects”, adding:

Mass-jabbing with toxic kill shots “caused serious brain damage and a new population of zombies.”

When and if justice has the last word, ruling regimes, Pharma and complicit conspirators “will pay for their heinous sin,” Coleman stressed.

In December 2020, he was one of the first professionals to warn of serious harm to health from kill shots, including brain damage.

Everyone jabbed was harmed, the more jabs gotten the greater the irreversible damage to health.

In December 2021 Coleman said the following:

“It has been established that there is much that no one yet knows about the (flu/covid) jabs and the eagerness of the Medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency in the UK to license a product about which information appeared to be lacking has never been adequately explained.”

“We do know however that, as I was the first to reveal, the MHRA received a huge sum of money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – which has financial links with jab producers such as Pfizer.”

Last year, Coleman estimated around 16 million deaths from kill shorts, many millions more irreversibly harmed.

Imagine the reality about what continues unchecked and remains promoted.

Mass-jabbing wages war on public health.

Its toxins enter the brain.

The more jabs gotten — so-called boosters — the greater the harm to health.

And getting jabbed greatly increases the chance of becoming ill from what they’re supposed to protect against — as well as being more likely to contract any one or a combination of major diseases.

Throughout the US/West and elsewhere, the public was lied to and mass deceived.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about flu/covid jabs — what I and others call the mother of all state-sponsored scams.

According to Coleman’s analysis, “millions who were jabbed are already showing signs of serious brain damage.”

“Their behavior is often quite abnormal.”

Anti-public health agencies in cahoot with Pharma throughout thUS/West knew what would happen before mass-jabbing began.

Jabs created millions of modern day zombies.

They’re easier to scam and mass deceive than before mass-jabbing began.

They’re mindless of reality on the ground in Nazi-infested Ukraine — supporting a scourge instead of forthrightly condemning it.

Most doctors go along with the mother of all scams for concern about being delicensed.

So willingly or otherwise, they support the most dangerous, health-destroying drugs ever offered the public.

Hospitals throughout the US/West and MSM were paid billions of dollars to support the scam.

Ones on the take are guilty of health destruction, including mass-murder.

Unjabbed individuals are greatly concerned about being unwittingly harmed by flu/covid toxins in food.

And this reality check:

Pharma controls the medical establishment, including government agencies, hospitals, MSM and most doctors.

Instead of how thing should be, medicine as widely practiced in the West is harmful to health and well-being.

According to Children’s Health Defense, “54% of US Youth are Chronically Ill.”


4 in 10 kids with Depression”

“1 in 5 kids with Obesity”

“1 in 5 kids with Suicidal Thoughts”

“1 in 6 kids with Developmental Disorders”

“1 in 10 kids with Anxiety”

“1 in 10 kids with ADHD”

“1 in 12 kids with Asthma”

“1 in 13 kids with Food Allergies”

“1 in 44 kids with Autism”

1 in 285 kids with Cancer by Age 20.”

Far from perfect, the nation I grew up in long ago no longer exists.

A health/life destroying monster replaced it, including by use of the power to censor or otherwise restrict what conflicts with the fabricated official narrative.

It’s the wrong time to be growing up in a nation run by its criminal class for its benefit exclusively at the expense of most others.

Covid is flu by another name.

No flu/covid pandemic exists, not earlier, now or ahead.

We’ve been lied to by the Trump and Biden regimes and most of the medical establishment.

Who could ever imagine that healthcare would be toxic and crucial to ignore on everything related to flu/covid.

Coleman correctly said the following:

“When the fake pandemic was first promoted with enthusiasm in February and March 2020, I immediately described the covid scare a hoax.”

“The figures available proved without any question that the danger of what was clearly merely a rebranded annual flu had been massively exaggerated by people who had a bad track record at assessing the relevant figures.”

When seasonal flu was renamed covid three-and-a-half years go, it was too early to know that we’ve been scammed.

Now there’s no excuse for failing to know that we’re been irreparably harmed by ruling regimes that push the mother of all health-destroying scams as part of their war on humanity.


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  1. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi spoke out on all the disease, disabilities, and death coming from the injection program and is now being prosecuted in Germany for anti-semetism

    In regatds to zombism, he spoke of “brain necrosis” as just part of the damage from the graphine oxide cutting cells as they move and this leads to clotting. See 15:10 and think “This is your brain on graphene oxide.” — https: //rumble.com /v1qhs6k-cv19-vax-destroys-hearts-and-brains-of-billions-of-people-dr-sucharit-bhakd.html

    Karen Kingston said Saturday on Greg Hunter, 200 million Americans could be dead by 2030.

    I wonder what the pheromones we are making are saying.


  2. “No flu/covid pandemic exists, not earlier, now or ahead.” Precisely.

    There is no such thing as viruses. The so-called coronavirus are just essential vesicles for sending nutrients to and retrieving waste from cells.

    Remember Pfizer covid vaccine supposedly requiring immunization freezer temperatures of between -112º to -76ºF? What a con job!

    Vaccine manufacturers are protected from liability by law. This proves that vaccines are dangerous.

    How would one like to be in a no-tech business of fabulous profits from mixing some deadly chemicals as vaccines without risk of being sued? Answer: the sort of business Moderna (combines the words “modified” and “RNA”) is in. Mr Bill Gates, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36).


  3. Stephen,

    As you’re staring Death in the face, this is your last chance to come clean and expose Jewry for its crimes against Humanity and lust for an insane scenario of Jews ruling the world!

    You pale in comparison to the likes of good Jews like Henry Makow & Brother Nathaneal, who are way too few.

    You spout off constantly about “Nazi infested Ukraine”, while the country is ruled by an illegal Jew-Coup, installed by the Jew-dominated USA, but never a word about Rothschild Jewry, which rules the US & west. You speak about the US & west as if they’re sovereign states. You constantly LIE through OMISSION.

    If the world gets Nuked, Jewry will have been responsible for it. The Jew elites have no place amongst Humanity. They should be put down like the rabid pit bulls they are, with their obscene fortunes doled out to the Goyim as payback for all their crimes against Humanity!

    A Russian SARMAT on the City of London would be a great start.

    Think about it.


    1. Concerned, I searched around and found this information moments ago. Thanks, Michael Dubin. Mr. Lendman, you’ve given your readers/admirers a great ride. May you R.I.E.P.


  4. It’s great Stephen exposed the Scamdemic, but as usual, he never pointed the finger at the perpetrators: his fellow Tribesmen. Jews were at the front of the whole “covid” scheme. From the CDC to WHO to the 100% Jew MSM, to the Politicians, Governments, Jew Hollywood, the wholly owned Pharmeceutical companies and even the Medical industry; EVERYONE got their Rothschild marching orders. Randi Weingarten, a Lesbian Jew married to a female Rabbi, and president of the National Teacher’s Union, was at the head of the charge as well.

    To disobey or make waves by presenting FACTS about “covid” & its treatment would get you CANCELLED by the NeoBolshevik Marxists. (There’s) nothing they love more than making money by killing Goyim! The west is Ruled by Rothschild Jewry Commies. Proud to be American??? The USA is a giant Jew turd. LOL!!!! The average American is a clueless, brainwashed, Fluoridated moron. They will pay for their apathy & ignorance! Everyone who took the Jabs has paid, and they STILL largely don’t know!

    Ukraine is a war between Rothschild Jewry & Russia, which is representing the free multi-polar world. Jake Rothschild got his filthy teeth knocked out, and if he wants heavier punishment, Putin will accommodate the Satanic son of a Bitch! A good ass-whipping is all Elite Jewry understands, and it’s far past time.

    The world finally realizes that the west is under Jew-Rule and want nothing to do with it. Things change.


  5. Jewish Racism, Supremacism & Criminality is the primary threat to Humanity.
    It leaves all others, real or invented, in the dust. Their NeoBolshevik, Marxist, Cabalistic Insanity is the turd in Humanity’s punch bowl. Jew elites are, by far, the biggest murderers in human history. No debate.

    How ’bout “Diversity” & Third World immigration into Israel? LOL! Most everything Jewry pushes is illegal in Israel. The Jew media is Public Enemy #1.
    The clueless Goyim better wake the Hell up! They’re being destroyed. Duh-uhhh.


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