Palestinian Victims of Israeli War Crimes Speak Out

From apartheid Israel’s Cast Lead aggression (2008-09) to Pillar of Defense (2012) to Protective Edge (2014) to preemptive war against defenseless Gazans from May 6 - 21, 2021, Palestinians have been terrorized repeatedly by Jewish state criminals — for wanting to live on their own land in their own country, free from foreign occupation. Gaza... Continue Reading →

Made-in-the-USA Food Crisis at Home and Worldwide

Throughout US history, hunger risking famine never threatened the nation and its people. Even during WW II rationing to provide for 12 million men and women in the US armed forces, the needs of civilians at home were well served. Is that changing because of diabolical US policymaking? Will a combination of soaring inflation, disrupted... Continue Reading →

Russia’s SMO in Ukraine “Sputtering…Prospects for Victory Fad(ing)?”

Russia’s SMO was virtually won in days after launch on Feb. 24. Its military superiority and tactical competence were evident straightaway. US/Western regimes, know-nothing puppet Zelensky, and MSM delusional claims otherwise reflect whistling past the graveyard. Ignoring indisputable reality on the ground, they continue anyway. WaPo editors keep finding new ways to embarrass themselves. Pretending... Continue Reading →

NYT Bald-Faced Big Lies and Mass Deception

The self-styled newspaper of record long ago banned truth and full disclosure on major world and national issues. Serving wealth, power and privileged interests exclusively over journalism as it should be, Times correspondents, columnists and contributors represent a virtual Noah’s Ark of scam artists. In her book, titled “The Gray Lady Winked,” author Ashley Rindsberg... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Foreign Ministry Update on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) stressed what’s clear on the ground in Ukraine, what US-dominated NATO regimes and their MSM press agents know — but won’t admit. Russia’s SMO “is going according to plan” successfully. “(N)ew territories are being freed from the Nazis every day,” MZ explained. Nearly 2,500 Nazified Azov thugs... Continue Reading →

Italy’s Dubious Ukraine Peace Plan

  In cahoots with hegemon USA-dominated NATO, the Draghi regime supports Nazi-infested Ukraine. Last month, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi expelled dozens of Russian diplomats on the phony pretext of security concerns. Falsely accusing Vladimir Putin of “massacr(ing) civilians” in Ukraine — a longstanding NATO high crime against one nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nation after another —... Continue Reading →

Endorsement of BDS by Harvard Crimson Editors

Published Monday through Friday, the student-run Harvard Crimson is the oldest US volunteer college newspaper — since its founding in 1873. Over 25 Crimson alumni won Pulitzer Prizes for post-graduate journalism. Past Crimson editors included FDR, Class of 1904 and JFK, class of ’40, among other notable figures. As a class of ’56 member, I... Continue Reading →

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