Running on Empty

Hollow US/Western claims about Russia running out of weapons and munitions ignore its ability to produce what its forces need to defeat the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine. For US-dominated NATO regimes, it’s another story altogether. Last September, US-installed NATO puppet, Stoltenberg, met with arms directors of the war-making alliance to address their rapidly depleting stockpiles.... Continue Reading →

Challenging the Holy See on Flu/Covid Kill Shots

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about flu/covid mass-jabbing — designed by Pharma profiteers, in cahoots with US/Western dark forces, to irreparably destroy health on the phony pretext of protecting and preserving it. Billions of people already were harmed by going where anyone doing minimal research would fear to tread. Easily obtainable information would have... Continue Reading →

State-Sponsored Violence in Occupied Palestine

US/NATO war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers isn’t the only raging conflict on the world stage. Multiple made-in-the USA clashes are ongoing against invented enemies by hot and/or other means. It’s been this way throughout the post-WW II period — especially since the NATO war-making alliance was established in April 1949.... Continue Reading →

Reality on the Ground in Ukraine

Russia is accomplishing its military objectives in Ukraine. Its long-range, high-precision, hypersonic munitions cannot be intercepted by US/Western air defense systems used by Kiev. “The goal of (Russia’s) strikes (is being) accomplished, its Defense Ministry explained. “All designated targets have been hit.” Military ones exclusively, no civilian ones. Damage or destruction of nonmilitary sites in... Continue Reading →

The Scourge of MSM Propaganda Rubbish

The dominant US/Western 4th estate is too debauched to fix. A mortal enemy of truth and full disclosure, journalism as it should be is banned in their daily fake news editions. Ahead of Thanksgiving weekend, the NYT reinvented reality as follows, falsely claiming: “Ukraine is on the offensive (sic)…forc(ing) Russia into multiple retreats (sic)…defying expectations... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Day Hypocrisy Revisited

For million of food insecure US households, there’s no joy on Thanksgiving weekend or throughout the year. According to officially reported numbers, what understates reality at a time when around half of US households are one or two missed paychecks from hunger and possible homelessness: 12% of Americans — about 41 million people — are... Continue Reading →

Transforming Ukraine Into a Barren Wasteland

Ukraine is a made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, fascist dictatorship. Its US-installed coup d’etat regime is a festering sore in Europe’s heartland. Governance of, by and for everyone equitably, according to the rule of law, is banned. So is everything Russian. No longer a nation-state, the length and breadth of its territory is unsafe and unfit to live... Continue Reading →

Friends of Fascism

MSM are mortal enemies of what just societies most cherish. They’re enemies of peace, equity and justice, according to international law. Serving wealth, power and privileged interests over the general welfare, they’re friends of fascism, friends of Nazi-infested Ukraine, friends of its tyrannical rule. Ignoring Moscow’s liberating SMO in response to Kiev’s war on Donbass... Continue Reading →

Beginning of the End in Nazi-Infested Ukraine?

Hegemon USA’s Ukraine project was doomed once Russia’s liberating SMO began last February. It’s just a matter of time before the US-installed coup d’etat regime and its military collapses. To date, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian troops were killed, wounded, captured or deserted their ranks to stay alive. Analyst Larry Johnson believes that Russia’s Defense... Continue Reading →

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