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Hysteria in the US/West and Nazified Kiev Over Unstoppable Russian Advances

Dominant US hardliners apparently aren’t satisfied with their licking by Russia in Nazified Ukraine. Will they double down by challenging China to try achieving unachievable Indo/Pacific dominance? Will they pull who knows what ahead of November midterms while trying to avoid unavoidable approaching economic meltdown? Dominant dark forces in both right wings of the US… Continue Reading →

The Davos Crowd

On Thursday, the World Economic Forum concludes its 5-day annual meeting in Davos. The invitation-only event for movers and shakers includes elitists only, figures analyst Doug Casey called overwhelmingly “horrible people” —  ones involved in pursuing diabolical aims at the expense of the general welfare. Advocates of peace, stability, equity, justice and compliance with the… Continue Reading →

Straight Talk by a Volunteer Donetsk Freedom Fighter

US citizen Russell Bonner Bentley arrived in Donetsk to become a volunteer freedom fighter against the scourge of Nazified Ukrainian occupation. Aged-61, codenamed “Texas,” he he came with this aim in mind — “as a soldier (and) a human aid volunteer,” he explained, adding: The fabricated official narrative has nothing to do with reality on… Continue Reading →

Ukraine Update

Since Russia’s SMO began three months ago, its forces made steady progress. In stark contrast, Ukraine’s greatly degraded military failed to mount a counteroffensive to slow or halt Russia’s advances. According to Lugansk’s envoy to Russia, Rodion Miroshnik: “There are a lot of POWs.”  “Of course, there are more of them on the territory of… Continue Reading →

MSM Big Lies About Invented Enemy Russia

MSM consistently feature state-approved Big Lies and mass deception over truth and fully disclosure on issues mattering most. According to NYT fake news, “Russian…firepower on (the Lugansk city of) Sievierodonetsk…knocked out water and electricity, dr(ove) residents into underground shelters and, in the last 24 hours, killed at least six people (sic).” Since Russia’s SMO began… Continue Reading →

Russia Bashing in Davos

The so-called World Economic Forum (WEF) is an annual Davos, Switzerland gathering of likeminded pro-Western wealth, power and privileged interests. Its diabolical agenda is worlds apart from seeking to “improv(e) the state of the world (sic)” — just the opposite for most people. Prohibiting views contrary to the fabricated official narrative, it’s all about exploitation,… Continue Reading →

Hegemon USA Helping Nazi-Infested Ukraine Develop Nukes?

Does Nazi-infested Ukraine seek nukes?  Is hegemon USA aiding their production by its regime with intent for use against Russia? According to Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the threat of nuclear armed Ukraine is real. More on this below. Visibly enfeebled at age-98, Henry Kissinger addressed the diabolical World Economic Forum in Davos on Monday…. Continue Reading →

Situation Dire in Ukraine – for the Empire of Lies and Kiev Proxies

Throughout its SMO, Ukraine’s largely conscript force has been no match against vastly superior Russian military strength. Its campaign to liberate Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation is proceeding as planned. As Russian forces advance, Ukrainian ones retreat — at times with minimal resistance, increasingly with none at all. Hundreds of Ukrainian troops… Continue Reading →

US-Supported Israeli Aggression

Along with supplying apartheid Israel with billions of dollars annually, the latest weapons and technology, hegemon USA supports  its regional aggression, targeted assassinations, and other high crimes. Israeli forces rampage through Palestinian refugee camps daily, terrorizing residents, arresting and brutalizing them — while the world community turns a blind eye and deaf ear to Israeli… Continue Reading →

Hegemon USA to Host Summit for Some of the Americas

From June 6 – 10 in Los Angeles, the Biden regime will host the 9th Summit for some of the Americas, not all hemispheric states — in defiance of what the gathering is supposed to be all about. It’s to “promote cooperation towards region-wide, inclusive economic growth and prosperity based on (democratic principles), fundamental freedoms,… Continue Reading →


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