Daily Drumbeat of Russophobic Fake News

On all major domestic and geopolitical issues, MSM operate as a 4th branch of government — a propaganda-proliferating hostile-to-truth ministry. Its modus operandi is all about controlling the message, spreading the fabricated official narrative, wanting what conflicts with it eliminated, manipulating the public mind to believe rubbish. For time immemorial, MSM in cahoots with diabolical... Continue Reading →

Biden Regime Fake News About Russia: For What Purpose?

What can interventionist Blinken and other Biden regime hardliners hope to accomplish by putting out daily fake news about a nonexistent Russian plan to invade Ukraine? On Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova highlighted White House “hysteri(cal) provocations, disinformation and threats,” adding: “The whole world is watching (hegemon USA’s) militarism and imperial ambitions...” Russia’s... Continue Reading →

Staying the Course

Thousands of Canadian truckers and supporters continue protesting against draconian Trudeau regime health and freedom-destroying mandates. Ongoing since January 29 in Ottawa, they continued overnight Saturday for the 6th day along the Ambassador Bridge linking Windsor, Ontario to Detroit — defying a court order to disperse and state of emergency threats by Ontario premier Doug... Continue Reading →

Supporting Tyranny, Opposing Freedom

In cahoots with US/Western dark forces, MSM support medical tyranny and abolition of what remains of free and open societies everywhere. They’re hostile to Canadian freedom fighting truckers, their US People’s Convoy counterparts, as well as likeminded activists in Europe and elsewhere. Mocking tens of thousands involved in Ottawa, Toronto, and other Canadian cities, the... Continue Reading →

Disruptions by US Truckers Planned?

According to fake news by the Biden regime’s DHS, a People’s Convoy to DC — to begin on March 4 or 5 — could start out on Super Bowl Sunday with intent to disrupt the game (sic). See below. Despite no evidence of planned violence or information about disrupting what’s scheduled, dubious DHS intelligence and... Continue Reading →

Any Day Now?

Western regimes across the board and their press agent media lie and mass deceive on virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues. Nothing they claim can be taken seriously, nothing at face value.  Nothing stated reflects truth and full disclosure. Just the opposite is official policy throughout the West. Why anyone believes anything claimed by... Continue Reading →

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