Easter in the Holy Land for Palestinians

Easter in the Holy Land for Palestinians by Stephen Lendman Nothing was good about Friday in Palestine. It followed bloody Thursday.  Israeli soldiers murdered two Palestinians in cold blood, including Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif, lethally shot in the head at point blank range as he lay helplessly wounded on the ground. Israel considers families of Palestinians... Continue Reading →

NYT Trump Interview

NYT Trump Interview by Stephen Lendman Modesty isn’t a Trump attribute. He says he’ll be Republican nominee and “beat Hillary Clinton easily in” November. In a wide-ranging NYT interview, he expressed views on numerous topics - far different from what US presidential aspirants usually say, making him appear anti-establishment. Party bosses aren’t sure they can... Continue Reading →

Media War on Russia

Media War on Russia by Stephen Lendman Western presstitutes I call media scoundrels make street whores look good by comparison - bashing Russia relentlessly, substituting state-sponsored propaganda for responsible journalism. Print and electronic media march in lockstep, mouthpieces for power, blasting Big Lies worldwide about nonexistent “Russian aggression,” Russian hoards threatening Europe, Russian warplanes in... Continue Reading →

US U-2 Spy Missions Over Russia Again?

US U-2 Spy Missions Over Russia Again? by Stephen Lendman US NATO commander General Philip Breedlove is militantly anti-Russian.  He calls a nation committed to world peace and stability America’s greatest existential threat - hyping the need to counter nonexistent “Russian aggression.” Lunatics like Breedlove could start WW III - by intent or if Washington’s... Continue Reading →

Politics Isn’t for Sissies

Politics Isn’t for Sissies by Stephen Lendman Harry Truman once reportedly said “(i)f you want a friend in Washington get a dog.” Political campaigns are rough and tumble, virtually no-holds-barred, notably this year with everyone bashing Trump. His campaign features regular ad hominem attacks on all his rival aspirants, and now Cruz is accused of... Continue Reading →

UN Human Rights Council Establishing Database of Israeli Settlement Companies

UN Human Rights Council Establishing Database Of Israeli Settlement Companies by Stephen Lendman The normally pro-Western UN Human Rights Council (HRC) surprisingly intends establishing a database of Israeli settlement companies operating illegally on stolen Palestinian and Syrian land - including in the Occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Syria’s Golan. Netanyahu blasts initiatives, reports or... Continue Reading →

Brussels Police State Witch-Hunts

Brussels Police State Witch-Hunts by Stephen Lendman Official reports and scoundrel media ones lack credibility, intended solely to deceive, not inform, hyping fear with a diabolical agenda in mind. Brussels blasts had clear earmarks of state-sponsored terrorism, a false flag like other recent ones in Europe and America - more sure to follow, maybe a... Continue Reading →

Pause in Farcical Syrian Peace Talks

Pause in Farcical Syrian Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman AP News described two weeks of proximity (not face-to-face) talks as no drama, no walkouts and no progress - stopping short of calling Geneva III a futile diplomatic conflict resolution effort going nowhere.  Both sides are intractably apart on the key issue - whether Syrians alone... Continue Reading →

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