The Battle for Palmyra

The Battle for Palmyra by Stephen Lendman Reports on Syrian forces battling ISIS for control over Palmyra indicate its fighters seized at least most of the city. AMN News and South Front reported thousands of ISIS fighters took control of the city after initially being repelled. Government forces are regrouping for a counterattack. Russian media... Continue Reading →

Aleppo Nearly Free At Last

Aleppo Nearly Free At Last by Stephen Lendman Obama devoted his entire tenure to waging war on humanity at home and abroad - aiding militarized police turn US inner city communities into battlegrounds, while raping and destroying one country after another. Lock ‘em up should apply to him along with Hillary and their partners in... Continue Reading →

The NYT Won’t Quit Misreporting on Syria

The NYT Won’t Quit Misreporting on Syria by Stephen Lendman Readers relying on The Times for news on Syria likely confuse good guys with bad ones. They likely think cutthroat killers, imported from scores of countries, called “moderate rebels” are on the side of the angels, government and allied forces, greatly aided by Russian air... Continue Reading →

Palmyra Again Reported Seized by ISIS

Palmyra Again Reportedly Seized by ISIS by Stephen Lendman According to Tass and other reports, an ISIS offensive against Palmyra was beaten back overnight Saturday by Syrian and Russian forces. On Sunday, RT International reported a second ISIS attempt to take the city, involving around 4,000 (US-supported) fighters. According to a Russian military statement, “IS... Continue Reading →

Congress Passes Measure Opposing Speech and Media Freedoms

Congress Passes Measure Opposing Speech and Media Freedoms by Stephen Lendman First Amendment rights are America’s most precious. Without them, all others are endangered. Post-9/11, police state laws destroyed fundamental US constitutional rights, remaining ones eroding toward elimination altogether.  Fascism operates this way. Americans are fooled by government and media propaganda, claiming compromised freedoms provide... Continue Reading →

War Criminal John Kerry Awarded France’s Legion of Honor for Peacemaking

War Criminal John Kerry Awarded France’s Legion of Honor for Peacemaking by Stephen Lendman Maybe next year’s Nobel Peace Prize will follow. Western societies honor war criminals like Henry Kissinger, Obama, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, John Kerry and many others. Peace champions are vilified, persecuted or shunned. On Saturday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault presented... Continue Reading →

NYT Calls Aleppo’s Liberation “Chaos and Desperation”

NYT Calls Aleppo’s Liberation “Chaos and Desperation” by Stephen Lendman The Times supports all US wars of aggression, suppressing its responsibility for genocidal mass slaughter - proving America represents unparalleled pure evil, humanity’s greatest threat. The Times is a lying machine, supporting what demands condemnation, along with all other media scoundrels, substituting rubbish for real... Continue Reading →

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