US and Rogue Allies Frantic Over Losing Aleppo

US and Rogue Allies Frantic Over Losing Aleppo by Stephen Lendman The crucially important battle for Aleppo and surrounding areas is nearly won - Syria, Russia and allied forces prevailing over America, NATO, Israel and other Middle East rogue allies. Liberating Syria entirely has miles to go, but things are heading in the right direction,... Continue Reading →

An Anti-Interventionist Trump Agenda?

An Anti-Interventionist Trump Agenda? by Stephen Lendman Will Trump follow through responsibly on what he told supporters in Fayetteville, NC, saying:  “We seek harmony and good will among the nations of the world, and we believe that respect for mutual sovereignty helps form the basis of trust and understanding.”  “But we don't want people taking... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Illegal Land Grab Formalization Bill

Israel’s Illegal Land Grab Formalization Bill by Stephen Lendman The so-called formalization bill passed its first Knesset reading, a measure designed to illegitimately legalize annexation of Palestinian land.  It calls for recognizing 55 illegal settlement outposts on private Palestinian land as officially belonging to Israel. Enactment will steal over 8,000 dunums, including 3,067 where 55... Continue Reading →

Latest From Aleppo

Latest From Aleppo by Stephen Lendman According to Syrian field sources, government and allied forces control 85% of eastern Aleppo, few remaining districts held by US-backed terrorists. They’re “now trapped in a small area after pulling back forces from the districts on the Eastern sides of the Citadel of Aleppo and the entire Old Aleppo... Continue Reading →

US Election Recount Follies

US Election Recount Follies by Stephen Lendman Each passing day brings things closer to ending Stein’s scam, her credibility tarnished beyond redemption - the recount having no effect on Trump’s triumph, just wasting time and money. After seven days of recounting in Wisconsin, Hillary gained a mere few dozen votes. Trump is ahead by over... Continue Reading →

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube Conspire to Censor Online Content

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube Conspire to Censor Online Content by Stephen Lendman Powerful interests in America threaten alternative sources of news, information and opinion.  Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube announced plans for a joint Internet censorship database on the phony pretext of eliminating “extremist content.” Their scheme threatens media and speech freedom,... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Criminal Legacy

Obama’s Criminal Legacy by Stephen Lendman America and humanity are far worse off after nearly eight years of Obama’s high crimes. Long ago, he should have been impeached, removed from office, prosecuted, sentenced and imprisoned long-term - his domestic and foreign partners in crime along with him. He waged war OF terror on Americans and... Continue Reading →

Aleppo Largely Liberated

Aleppo Largely Liberated by Stephen Lendman News from Syria is the most encouraging since Obama launched naked aggression in March 2011 - using ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers. On December 7, Fars News headlined “Syrian Army On Verge of Epoch-Making Victory in Aleppo,” saying: “Aleppo is to be announced a... Continue Reading →

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