NYT Sleaziness

NYT Sleaziness by Stephen Lendman The Times’ latest anti-Trump tirade highlighted his womanizing history, citing boastful sexual comments, made heading for a cameo soap opera appearance over 20 years ago.  Its editorial titled The Sleaziness of Donald Trump showed how low it’s willing to stoop to defeat him in November - failing to explain numerous... Continue Reading →

The Big Lie Alleging Russia Cyberattacking America Resurfaces in Baseless Formal Charges

The Big Lie Alleging Russia Cyberattacking America Resurfaces in Baseless Formal Charges by Stephen Lendman An irresponsible October 7 joint Department of Homeland Security/Director of National Intelligence (DHS/DNI) statement formally charged Russia with cyberattacks “intended to interfere with the US election process” - no evidence cited because none exists. Charges are baseless, following earlier ones... Continue Reading →

NYT Hypes False Accusations of Russian Cyberattacks to Influence US Elections

NYT Hypes False Accusations of Russian Cyberattacks to Influence US Elections by Stephen Lendman Instead of debunking politically motivated false charges, a deplorable New York Times feature article highlighted them. Claiming revelations from WikiLeaks, DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 are “associated with Russian intelligence” is one among numerous other Big Lies, bashing its government irresponsibly. The... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Matthew Devastates Haiti

Hurricane Matthew Devastates Haiti by Stephen Lendman Long-suffering Haitians aren’t strangers to horrific adversity, anguish, and conditions creating intolerable hardships few people living normal lives elsewhere can understand. Except briefly after their successful 1804 revolution and later governance under Jean-Bertrand Aristide - twice democratically elected, ousted by a US-supported 1991 military coup, a second time... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Indefinite Aerial Deployment in Syria While US Aggression Rages

Russia’s Indefinite Aerial Deployment in Syria While US Aggression Rages by Stephen Lendman Russia’s geopolitical agenda is polar opposite America’s - supporting world peace, stability and security, in contrast to US war on humanity. On Friday, Moscow’s lower house State Duma ratified a Russian/Syrian agreement for indefinite deployment of aerial task force warplanes and supportive... Continue Reading →

America Wants War, Not Peace, Says Assad

America Wants War, Not Peace, Says Syria’s Assad by Stephen Lendman America’s agenda in Syria is clear to everyone following daily events - wanting war, not peace, regime change, not respect for sovereign independent governance, no matter the cost in human lives, vast destruction and appalling widespread misery. If US policymakers wanted peace as they... Continue Reading →

13 Courageous Women Activists Challenge Israeli Pure Evil

13 Courageous Women Activists Challenge Israeli Pure Evil by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed how courageous activists aboard the Zaytouna-Oliva Women’s Boat to Gaza aimed to symbolically break Israel’s lawless siege - imposed solely for political reasons over nine years ago, holding 1.9 million Palestinians hostage to its viciousness. Interdiction was certain. High-seas piracy... Continue Reading →

Narco-State Terrorist Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Narco-State Terrorist Wins Nobel Peace Prize by Stephen Lendman Notable peace activists needn’t apply. Despicable war criminals time and again become Nobel Peace Prize honorees. This year was no exception, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos the latest recipient for negotiating dubious peace with FARC-EP freedom fighters. James Petras earlier called them “the longest standing, largest... Continue Reading →

Is US War on Russia Inevitable?

Is US War on Russia Inevitable? by Stephen Lendman A distant nation geopolitically ignorant Americans knew nothing about years earlier became a hugely dangerous global flashpoint. Russia and America are intractably on opposite sides of the Syrian conflict - US naked aggression, systematically raping the country, imported death squads involved, ISIS, Nusra and other terrorists... Continue Reading →

Media Scoundrels Promote Escalated Aggression in Syria

Media Scoundrels Promote Escalated Aggression in Syria by Stephen Lendman Misinformation, deception and Big Lies fuel wars of aggression. America’s permanent war agenda couldn’t be sustained without manipulating the public mind to go along with what otherwise would be opposed. Media scoundrels function as administration and Pentagon press agents, their support key to enlisting popular... Continue Reading →

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