Syria: Raped by US Imperialism

Syria: Raped by US Imperialism by Stephen Lendman Endless US post-9/11 aggression against one nonbelligerent nation after another appears part of a neocon-sponsored WW III plot, likely culminating at some point with war on Russia, China and Iran - Syria and Ukraine perhaps the most threatening flashpoints. The former is dangerous because Russia and America... Continue Reading →

Bahraini Political Prisoner Nabeel Rajab Speaks Out

Bahraini Political Prisoner Nabeel Rajab Speaks Out by Stephen Lendman The US-supported despotic Bahraini regime repeatedly targeted Rajab and other human rights defenders for their redoubtable activism - murdering some, mass imprisoning others on trumped up charges no legitimate tribunal would uphold. Rajab is unjustly detained under harsh conditions, facing longterm imprisonment on fabricated charges... Continue Reading →

Manipulating the American Mind

Manipulating the American Mind by Stephen Lendman In today’s information age, so different from my early years and young adulthood, it’s simple to stay well informed.  Yet too few people bother, relying instead on media propaganda, especially so-called television “news,” brainwashing them, assuring they’re good citizens and stay that way, suppressing what everyone most needs... Continue Reading →

Philippine President Calls Obama a Son-of-a-Bitch

Philippine President Calls Obama a Son-of-a-Bitch by Stephen Lendman How refreshing, even from a hardline leader ruling with an iron fist. He’s gutsy to a fault. In office around 10 weeks, Rodrigo Duterte certainly made his presence known, attracting less than favorable worldwide attention in the process. He wants capital punishment enforced against what he... Continue Reading →

Putin/Obama Meeting in China

Putin/Obama Meeting in China by Stephen Lendman Carefully worded diplomatic language following high-level Russia/US meetings conceal intractable positions on resolving conflicts in Syria and Ukraine. Things are no closer now than earlier, regardless of public pronouncements. Washington wants its imperial agenda proceeding unobstructed, war its principle strategy of choice.  Years of Russia/US talks proved futile.... Continue Reading →

Israel Attacks Syria

Israel Attacks Syria by Stephen Lendman Israel is allied with Washington’s aim to destroy Syrian sovereignty, oust its democratically elected leader, install pro-Western puppet rule, partition the country, loot its resources, exploit its people and isolate Iran ahead of targeting its country the same way for the same purpose. Since Obama launched war in March... Continue Reading →

Putin at G-20 Summit in China

Putin at G-20 Summit in China by Stephen Lendman Annual summits accomplish little more than a chance for world leaders to interface one-on-one in well-planned sessions with counterparts of special importance. It gives Putin one of many opportunities to meet with China’s Xi Jinping, his main geopolitical ally, discussing key issues of mutual interest, including... Continue Reading →

Neocon Washington Post Anti-Trump Jihad

Neocon Washington Post Anti-Trump Jihad by Stephen Lendman By now, Americans should be numb from outrageously one-sided anti-Trumpism compared to suppressing Hillary’s deplorable public record. With two months before November’s election, things may get even uglier, media scoundrels perhaps intending an even greater push to get her anointed America’s next president. The possibility should terrify... Continue Reading →

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