Trump’s New Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon

Trump’s New Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon by Stephen Lendman Trump’s latest organizational reset suggests he intends campaigning “the way (he thinks) will win,” as he put it. Others see it as a desperation move aimed at reversing Hillary’s lead in most polls, maintaining it after gaining a post-convention boost in July. The Wall Street Journal... Continue Reading →

Dueling US/Russian Strategies in Syria

Dueling US/Russian Strategies in Syria by Stephen Lendman Washington’s imperial designs on transforming Syria into another US vassal state had the upper hand until Russia’s intervention last September 30. Things changed dramatically but not decisively. Endless war continues because America spurns peace. Conflict, instability and chaos serve its interests. Resolving things diplomatically defeat them. Aiming... Continue Reading →

NYT Editors Ignore Obama’s War on Yemen

NYT Editors Ignore Obama’s War on Yemen by Stephen Lendman The Times is a shameless instrument of state propaganda, reporting only what it wants its readers to know, suppressing what’s most important, especially on geopolitical issues. More below on a Times editorial on Yemen. Throughout his tenure, Obama waged illegal drone war on its people,... Continue Reading →

OK for US to Terror-Bomb Syria Illegally – Not OK for Russia to Combat Terrorism

OK for US to Terror-Bomb Syria Illegally - Not OK for Russia to Combat Terrorism by Stephen Lendman Washington uses foreign airbases to terror-bomb Syrian hospitals, infrastructure and government targets, slaughtering defenseless civilians at the same time - on the phony pretext of combating ISIS it supports. Russia heroically in involved in legitimately combating terrorism... Continue Reading →

Militarism in Chicago

Militarism in Chicago by Stephen Lendman US Air Force Thunderbirds and Navy Blue Angels perform stunt flying exhibitions in US air shows nationwide - their mission to promote militarism, imperial wars, and aid recruiting. Annually they participate in Chicago’s Air and Water Show, coming this weekend along Lake Michigan’s lakefront close to where I live... Continue Reading →

Israel Planning Third Temple on Al-Aqsa Mosque Site?

Israel Planning Third Temple on Al-Aqsa Mosque Site? by Stephen Lendman It’s hard imagining Israel going this far, but who knows, given its longstanding persecution of Occupied Palestinians and its own Arab citizens - 20% of its population unwanted, treated like fifth column threats.  Al-Aqsa is sacred to Muslims worldwide, Islam’s third holiest site after... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Aggressive Foreign Policy

Trump’s Aggressive Foreign Policy by Stephen Lendman His August 15 foreign policy address in Youngstown, OH showed he’ll govern as an establishment leader if elected in November - continuing dirty geopolitical business as usual vital to end once and for all. He’ll wage endless wars to “defeat radical Islamic terrorism,” he said - without explaining... Continue Reading →

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