No Russian Invasion Threat, Ukraine Admits

There never was any doubt. Hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes invade other countries directly and/or by use of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and/or other proxy foot soldiers. While the chance of Western war on Russia exists — by accident or design — if occurs, mostly likely it would be by use of proxy forces, notably Ukraine troops.... Continue Reading →

Russia Responds to US Hegemonic Aims

Last week, a Biden regime UN Mission press release turned reality on its head by claiming that its pursuit of US global hegemony “make(s) Americans more safe, prosperous, and secure (sic).” So-called US “values” are worlds apart from “advancing human rights and racial justice,” polar opposite “pushing back on bad actors,” and all about waging... Continue Reading →

Free Americans from Tyranny

Democracy in America was always pure fantasy from inception — except for the privileged few. The supreme law of the land never deterred the US ruling class from serving its own interests at the expense of most others. We the people always meant the rich, well-born and able, others ill-served, exploited and abused. Elections when... Continue Reading →

Hegemon USA’s Illegitimate Liar-in-Chief

Installed by electoral coup d’etat, the White House imposter is a puppet controlled by dark forces in charge of US policymaking. At a time when threats to world peace are made-in-the-USA and capitals of key NATO vassal states, Russia faces a daily blitzkrieg of bald-faced Big Lies — notably on what relates to US-colonized Ukraine.... Continue Reading →

Does US Direct and/or Proxy War on Russia Loom?

Hegemon USA tolerates no nations free from its control — notably not Russia, China and Iran. Longstanding plans by both right wings of the US war party call for replacing their sovereign independence with pro-Western rule. If dirty tricks and other preferred options fail to accomplish their diabolical aims, aggression is their fallback option. It’s... Continue Reading →

US-Controlled Ukraine Prepping to Invade Donbass?

Last Friday, the Donetsk People’s Republic of Donbass deputy chief of staff Eduard Basurin reported the following: Hegemon USA-controlled Ukrainian forces continues to mobilize large numbers of troops, heavy weapons and equipment menacingly along the border with Donbass. According to the Donetsk News Agency last Friday: “Six Smerch MLRS and two Uragan MLRS have been... Continue Reading →

Safe v. Toxic Hand Sanitizers

In 2020 and 2021, sales of hand sanitizers rose dramatically — last year by an estimated 600%. Yet since summer 2020, they’ve been scores of recalls because of products with toxic ingredients. Instead of containing ethanol as labeled, some contain toxic methanol. The latter is the simplest form of alcohol with one carbon atom. Ethanol... Continue Reading →

Pro-Ivermectin Legislation

There’s no ambiguity about ivermectin. It’s been approved for human use in the US since the mid-1990s. Despite the fabricated official narrative otherwise, it’s remarkably safe and effective in treating and curing flu/covid. When taken as directed, ivermectin obliterates the illness. It can be used prophylactically or taken if contract flu/covid.  It protects against organ... Continue Reading →

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