Obama’s Empty July 4 Remarks

Obama’s Empty July 4 Remarks by Stephen Lendman At a time of raging US direct and proxy wars without mercy, growing homeland repression, an unprecedented wealth disparity, a protracted Main Street Depression, and punishing neoliberal harshness harming millions, Obama mocked unspeakable human suffering, ignoring what demands addressing. In his weekly address preceding July 4, he... Continue Reading →

Independence Day Hypocrisy, Not Democracy

Independence Day Hypocrisy, Not Democracy by Stephen Lendman On July 4, 1776, America gained independence from Britain. Everything changed but stayed the same under new management - the way the framers planned it. Today we'd call them a Wall Street crowd - a deplorable bunch, including bankers, merchants, planters, ship owners, lawyers, politicians, judges, slave... Continue Reading →

Anti-Brexiteers Hit London Streets

Anti-Brexiteers Hit London Streets by Stephen Lendman On June 23, referendum results showed most Brits for Brexit, an anti-neoliberal/pro independence rebellion wanting change. Union beholden to Brussels sacrifices political sovereignty to a higher offshore authority. Independence may not change much but at least would let Brits chart their own way. Sovereign independence is sacrosanct, inviolable... Continue Reading →

Pro-EU NYT Promotes What Demands Dissolution

Pro-EU NYT Promotes What Demands Dissolution by Stephen Lendman The EU is fundamentally undemocratic, a flawed system too corrupted to fix, the enemy of peace and stability, eroding fundamental freedoms ahead of eliminating them altogether - a goal perilously close to achieving. Most EU nations are US-dominated NATO members, waging endless wars of aggression, threatening... Continue Reading →

Trump Benefitting from Democrats For Sanders Rejecting Clinton

Trump Benefitting from Democrats for Sanders Rejecting Clinton by Stephen Lendman Most polls show her favored to succeed Obama. Election-rigging may assure it. Don’t count it out. Sordid US history is notoriously corrupt, electoral fraud rife, democracy pure fantasy. Wall Street, war-profiteers and other powerful interests likely chose her to become America’s 45th president, perhaps... Continue Reading →

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