Russia and America: Worlds Apart on Syria

Russia and America: Worlds Apart on Syria by Stephen Lendman Russia wants peaceful conflict resolution, Syrian sovereignty respected, its territorial integrity kept intact. America wants endless war, instability and chaos, Syria raped and destroyed, transformed into another US vassal state, Iran isolated ahead of targeting it the same way, regional hegemony achieved, Moscow’s influence eliminated.... Continue Reading →

Sweeping New Israeli Police State Legislation

Sweeping New Israeli Police State Legislation by Stephen Lendman Israel automatically calls violent incidents it provokes involving Palestinians terrorism, state-sponsored terror, the real thing, considered self-defense. Following early June Tel Aviv shootings, involving armed men reportedly disguised as orthodox Jews killing four Israelis and wounding 16 others, Netanyahu vowed harsh recrimination. Majority extremist Knesset members... Continue Reading →

Brexit Fear-Mongering

Brexit Fear-Mongering by Stephen Lendman The European Union is fundamentally undemocratic, a flawed system, a sinking ship, a CIA creation.  Paul Craig Roberts explained, citing Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s September 2000 article, saying: “DECLASSIFIED American government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united... Continue Reading →

Preserving Syrian Sovereignty Essential Says Putin

Preserving Syrian Sovereignty Essential Says Putin by Stephen Lendman Hezbollah leader Sayyad Hassan Nasrallah once called Syria the “linchpin of resistance” against US/NATO/Israeli regional imperialism. If it falls, Iran’s turn awaits. “Palestine will be lost…” Lebanon’s sovereignty will be jeopardized. “(A) bleak future awaits the peoples of the region.” Anglo-Zionism’s rage to dominate represents the... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Failed Aleppo Truce

Russia’s Failed Aleppo Truce by Stephen Lendman Months of good faith Russian cessation of hostilities efforts in Syria failed. So did its call for longterm ceasefire in Aleppo after declaring a two-day truce on June 16. Fighting never halted. Washington wants war, not peace. Multiple ceasefire violations occur daily, US-supported terrorists virtually entirely responsible. Heavily... Continue Reading →

Stanford University Study Reveals Democrat Primary Electoral Fraud

Stanford University Study Reveals Democrat Primary Electoral Fraud by Stephen Lendman Given America’s sordid electoral history, it shouldn’t surprise, the process rigged today with electronic ease, voter roll purging and other devious methods. Democracy in America is pure fantasy, a mockery of governance of, for and by everyone equitably. Money-controlled US elections are farcical, illegitimate... Continue Reading →

Heightened Risk of Escalated War on Syria

Heightened Risk of Escalated War on Syria by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed dozens of unnamed State Department staffers urging “targeted military strikes” on Assad’s government - signing an internal memo posted on the agency’s dissent channel. Obama already is at war to transform Syria into another US vassal state, using ISIS and other... Continue Reading →

No Change in Obama’s Syria Policy?

No Change in Obama’s Syria Policy? by Stephen Lendman According to the Wall Street Journal, Obama’s Syria policy remains unchanged with few months remaining before he steps down - despite dozens of hawkish State Department staffers urging US airstrikes on Assad’s government. It would represent a major policy shift if initiated. John Kerry and Hillary... Continue Reading →

US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III

US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III by Stephen Lendman The above is the subtitle of my edited and contributed to book on Ukraine, its nation one of numerous US-created flashpoint parts of the world risking WW III. Others include: Eastern European Baltic and other countries provocatively infested with increasing numbers of US-led NATO combat... Continue Reading →

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