Texas Rejects Iran Nuclear Deal

Texas Rejects Iran Nuclear Deal by Stephen Lendman The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was agreed to by the five permanent Security Council member plus Germany and Iran. It’s binding under international law. No nation may unilaterally abrogate it. Nor can any of the 50 US states. On May 16, Texas Governor Greg Abbott... Continue Reading →

Mass Grave with Thousands of Civilians in Syria

Mass Grave with Thousands of Civilians in Syria by Stephen Lendman Whenever America, its allies and proxies show up, mass slaughter and destruction follow - Syria ravaged like its other imperial victims, the horrendous human toll in the region and beyond in the millions. On Monday, Britain’s Daily Express reported on a mass grave discovered... Continue Reading →

Rearming Libyan Regime a Lunatic Scheme

Rearming Libyan Regime a Lunatic Scheme by Stephen Lendman As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton orchestrated the rape and pillaging of Libya. She was deeply involved in transforming Africa’s most developed nation into a failed state - an endless cauldron of violence, instability, turmoil, deep poverty, mass unemployment and appalling human misery. Libya’s so-called Government... Continue Reading →

Provocative US-Led War Games

Provocative US-Led War Games by Stephen Lendman US war games increasingly take place near Russian and Chinese borders - reckless provocations risking direct confrontations. The latest ones are ongoing in Romania, days after Washington activated its offensive missile system in the country targeting Russia. In a May 12 ceremony, US-installed NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg... Continue Reading →

Is US-Led Offensive in Northern Syria Coming?

Is US-Led Offensive in Northern Syria Coming? by Stephen Lendman Obama didn’t wage war on Syria to quit. He and his successor intend endless aggression to gain another imperial trophy - no matter how much more mass slaughter, destruction and human misery it takes. Millions of Syrians may perish before things end, the entire country... Continue Reading →

Criminal Injustice in America

Criminal Injustice in America by Stephen Lendman America has the world’s largest prison system, larger than China’s with four times its population. Thousands are incarcerated for political reasons. They committed no crimes. Most prisoners were convicted of nonviolent offenses. In 2012, “A Living Death” ACLU report indicated 3,278 prisoners in federal facilities and nine states... Continue Reading →

Turkey Actively Aids ISIS

Turkey Actively Aids ISIS by Stephen Lendman Turkey is the leading platform for launching ISIS attacks on Syria and Iraq - Washington, other NATO states, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Israel complicit in waging endless war. Top UN officials fail to explain and denounce a US-led imperial project for unchallenged regional dominance. They share guilt... Continue Reading →

Obama Campaigns for Clinton in Rutgers Address

Obama Campaigns for Clinton in Rutgers Address by Stephen Lendman Obama used his Sunday Rutgers University commencement address to tout his deplorable record, a reason to support Clinton without saying so, and bash Trump without naming him. His trademark demagoguery and Big Lies are featured in all his addresses. “You and your fellow graduates are... Continue Reading →

Union, not Brexit, Threatens Peace and Stability

Union, not Brexit, Threatens Peace and Stability by Stephen Lendman Britain’s David Cameron has it backwards, warning Brexit threatens continental peace - calling support for the move “reckless and irresponsible,” risking Britain’s economic stability, leaving it “permanently poorer.” Former London Mayor Boris Johnson hit back, saying Britain’s economy is independent of EU membership. The union... Continue Reading →

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