US-Backed Terrorists Shell Aleppo Hospital

US-Backed Terrorists Shell Aleppo Hospital by Stephen Lendman All terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere are US-backed, armed, funded, trained and directed to commit atrocities and other war crimes. Civilians are willfully targeted. All attacks on residential areas, schools, hospitals, infrastructure and other nonmilitary targets are carried out by US-supported terrorists, Pentagon warplanes, Israel... Continue Reading →

The Obama Doctrine: America Should Rule the World

The Obama Doctrine: America Should Rule the World by Stephen Lendman In his May 2 Washington Post op-ed, Obama pushed for adopting the anti-consumer, anti-labor, anti-environment, pro-corporate predation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to let America write the rules on global trade and everything else. He hyped “a boon to American businesses…” He lied claiming benefits to... Continue Reading →

John Kerry’s Phony Push for Peace in Syria

John Kerry’s Phony Push for Peace in Syria by Stephen Lendman Washington wants war, not peace. It continues endless aggression on Syria for regime change - using proxy terrorist foot soldiers to do its dirty work.  Conflict will continue as long as its objective remains unattained. Its calls for peace ring hollow. On Monday, John... Continue Reading →

Endangered Media Freedom in Israel

Endangered Media Freedom in Israel by Stephen Lendman The Palestinian Center for Development & Media Freedoms (MADA) said Israeli violations against media freedoms reached “a new peak compared to what has been monitored (in) past years.” It documented 407 Israeli media freedom violations last year, the largest number since it began monitoring them a decade... Continue Reading →

Leaked TTIP Documents Reveal a Stealth Corporate Coup

Leaked TTIP Documents Reveal a Stealth Corporate Coup by Stephen Lendman The so-called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), like its Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) counterpart, isn’t about growth-promoting trade benefitting everyone equitably. Just the opposite!! Both assault personal freedoms. They’re anti-consumer, anti-public welfare, anti-ecosanity business sweetheart deals, giving corporate predators control over the lives of... Continue Reading →

Russian v. EU Refugee Policy

Russian v. EU Refugee Policy by Stephen Lendman Since US-supported Kiev putschists waged war on their own people, Russia welcomed well over a million Ukrainian refugees, rejecting fascist rule, most deciding never to return. Earlier, Sergey Lavrov said “Ukrainian refugees should be given the right to live where they want.” On May 1, Putin made... Continue Reading →

Phantom Free Syrian Army Rejects Peace

Phantom Free Syrian Army Rejects Peace by Stephen Lendman The phantom FSA exists on paper alone. All anti-government armed groups are US-backed terrorists - death squads imported from scores of countries. Syria is Obama’s war, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. Its goal is replacing Assad with pro-Western puppet governance like the US... Continue Reading →

Departing NATO Commander Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat

Departing NATO Commander Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat by Stephen Lendman Thousands more US-led NATO forces are being provocatively deployed near Russia’s borders. Interviewed by Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter broadsheet, Sergey Lavrov accused NATO of “inching closer and closer to Russia’s borders. But when Russia takes action to ensure its security, we are told that Russia is... Continue Reading →

Cruz/Sanders Campaigns on Life Support

Cruz/Sanders Campaigns on Life Support by Stephen Lendman Trump and Clinton are their parties’ presumptive nominees, too far ahead to be overtaken. Polls show them leading in most remaining primaries. Ahead of Tuesday’s Indiana contest, a new NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll shows Trump way ahead of his rivals. Asked on Fox News Sunday if winning... Continue Reading →

Iraq in Turmoil

Iraq in Turmoil by Stephen Lendman Public anger over unchecked corruption while popular needs go begging may be the undoing of Washington’s puppet regime. On Saturday, thousands breached the heavily fortified Green Zone. Hundreds entered parliament. Protesters want revolutionary change, current ministers replaced with new ones, no action so far taken. One protester likely spoke... Continue Reading →

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