Russia Foiled US Imperial Plans for Syria

Russia Foiled US Imperial Plans for Syria by Stephen Lendman Syria is Obama’s war, naked aggression using imported death squads, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, following a similar strategy she devised to topple Gaddafi and rape Libya. Russia’s intervention in Syria last September dramatically changed the dynamic on the ground. “(S)upport given…to... Continue Reading →

Police State Germany

Police State Germany by Stephen Lendman Free expression in all forms is the most important democratic right, no matter how offensive to some people. Without it, all other freedoms are jeopardized. Articles 1 through 19 of Germany’s constitution affirm basic rights afforded all Germans. They include equality for all citizens, freedom of speech, assembly, the... Continue Reading →

US State-Sponsored Terrorism Prevents Peace in Syria

US State-Sponsored Terrorism Prevents Peace in Syria by Stephen Lendman America is the world’s leading sponsor of global terrorism, using death squads to advance its imperium, raping one nation after another, responsible for millions of deaths. Neocons influencing policy want unipolar/New World Order dominance. Paul Wolfowitz once said Washington’s “first objective is prevent(ing) the reemergence... Continue Reading →

Erdogan Wants Everyone Criticizing Him Prosecuted

Erdogan Wants Everyone Criticizing Him Prosecuted by Stephen Lendman In Turkey, dissent is a criminal offense. Anyone criticizing Erdogan or exposing regime wrongdoing risks arrest, prosecution and imprisonment on charges ranging from insulting the president to espionage, treason or terrorism. Journalists, academics, public figures, human rights activists, even young children are vulnerable. So would world... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu in Moscow

Netanyahu in Moscow by Stephen Lendman Last September, Netanyahu met with Putin in Moscow to assure Russia wouldn’t interfere with illegal Israeli airstrikes on Syrian targets - part of the US-led anti-Assad campaign. On Thursday he was back, discussing what he called “coordination on security matters to prevent mistakes (and) misunderstandings.”  He lied, claiming Israel’s... Continue Reading →

New Coup Plot Hatched in Venezuela

New Coup Plot Hatched in Venezuela by Stephen Lendman US supported fascists controlling Venezuela’s National Assembly openly call for ousting democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro. More on this below. Earlier US sponsored coup attempts failed. Days earlier, John Kerry said Washington will support fascist legislators if they pursue suspending Venezuela from the Organization of American... Continue Reading →

Israelis Rally for Release of Killer Soldier

Israelis Rally for Release of Killer Soldier by Stephen Lendman Israeli society is deplorably racist. Anti-Arab sentiment is institutionalized. Palestinian lives don’t matter. Extrajudicial killing them is officially OK’d.  Last month, Israeli sergeant Elor Azaria murdered ‘Abd al-Fatah al-Sharif in cold blood as he lay helpless, wounded on the ground. Video evidence showed Azaria lethally... Continue Reading →

Shameless Wall Street Journal Ad Denies Ottoman Turkish Armenian Genocide

Shameless Wall Street Journal Ad Denies Ottoman Turkish Armenian Genocide by Stephen Lendman Ottoman Empire 1915 - 1922 genocide against Armenians in their historic homeland massacred around 1.5 million victims. Turkey remains in denial of an indisputable historic fact. Journal management disgracefully published a full-page ad, intended to deceive, sponsored by FactCheckArmenia, a shameless genocide... Continue Reading →

Obama in Saudi Arabia

Obama in Saudi Arabia by Stephen Lendman Obama’s visit to Riyadh was his fourth as president. He met with Saudi King Salman and top officials from other Gulf States. Ignore scoundrel media reports, saying agreement was reached on various security initiatives to defeat ISIS.  Both sides and Israel are the world’s leading sponsors of terrorism.... Continue Reading →

Andrew Jackson Demoted

Andrew Jackson Demoted by Stephen Lendman On April 20, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said abolitionist/suffragist/civil rights activist Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the front of new $20 bills. The former president gets demoted to their reverse sides. Tubman was born into slavery, escaped to freedom and worked to rescue dozens of enslaved... Continue Reading →

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