Endless War in Syria

Endless War in Syria by Stephen Lendman Peace talks are a sham. All parties involved know it but persist in the charade going nowhere.  Assad is combatting US/Saudi supported terrorists, blamed for not surrendering to their demands, for unwillingness to let Syria become another US vassal state. Washington wants war, not peace. The proof is... Continue Reading →

Worthless PA Cease Settlements Draft Security Council Resolution

Worthless PA Cease Settlements Draft Security Council Resolution by Stephen Lendman September 1993 Oslo was unilateral surrender, a Palestinian Versailles, getting nothing for renouncing armed struggle, recognizing Israel's right to exist, and agreeing to leave major unresolved issues for later final status talks. They're still waiting. Major unresolved issues include an independent sovereign Palestine free... Continue Reading →

NYT Editors Ignore US Financial Criminality

NYT Editors Ignore US Financial Criminality by Stephen Lendman America is the world’s leading tax haven, encouraging foreign high net worth individuals to invest here tax free, secrecy assured. OECD standards aren’t observed. America welcomes dirty money, trillions hidden in private accounts. NYT editors discussed financial secrecy, largely ignoring the world’s leading scofflaw, diverting attention... Continue Reading →

Remembering Deir Yassin

Remembering Deir Yassin by Stephen Lendman Turning historic Palestine into Israel meant massacring its people, raping its women, then murdering them, destroying its villages, stealing its land, expelling its people, wanting the fewest number of Arabs remaining. Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion ordered them eliminated with commands like “(e)very attack has to end with... Continue Reading →

Clinton and Sanders Shift Criticism to Praise

Clinton and Sanders Shift Criticism to Praise by Stephen Lendman Days earlier, both candidates calling each other unfit to be president was meaningless campaign bluster - a tempest in a teapot now forgotten. More on this below. Clinton said he “hadn’t done his homework…obviously hadn’t…studied or understood” the issues…the law or the practical ways you... Continue Reading →

UK Prime Minister Cameron Admitted Evading Taxes

UK Prime Minister Cameron Admitted Evading Taxes by Stephen Lendman He profited from his late father’s Panama tax haven account, selling shares valued 31,500 pounds before becoming prime minister in 2010 - without declaring 19,000 pounds in capital gains for tax purposes. His claim about not knowing if 300,000 pounds he inherited from his father... Continue Reading →

Clinton/Sanders Call Each Other Unfit to Be President

Clinton/Sanders Call Each Other Unfit to Be President by Stephen Lendman They’re both right, maybe the first honest assessment expressed by any duopoly aspirant since campaigning began last year. Trump ad hominem attacks on other Republican candidates throughout the campaign are in a category of their own - along with similar retorts directed at him.... Continue Reading →

Resumption of Farcical Syrian Peace Talks Delayed

Resumption of Farcical Syrian Peace Talks Delayed by Stephen Lendman Two weeks of proximity talks accomplished nothing. Nor will months more with US/Saudi terrorist groups representing the opposition. Assad rightfully vows to combat all armed groups killing Syrians until the nation is freed from their scourge. Liberation requires a military, not diplomatic, solution because no... Continue Reading →

PA Funds of Mahmoud Abbas’ Son in Foreign Tax Haven

PA Funds of Mahmoud Abbas’ Son in Foreign Tax Haven by Stephen Lendman Leaked Panama Papers’ documents show Tareq Abbas has shares in a British Virgin Islands registered Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC) worth nearly $1 million. The company is registered on the Palestinian stock exchange, PA involvement considerable, holding 18% of the firm’s shares.... Continue Reading →

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