Appalling EU/Turkey Refugee Deal

Appalling EU/Turkish Refugee Deal  by Stephen Lendman The deal agreed on in Brussels last month amounts to a premeditated high crime against humanity -  willfully inflicted on desperate people unable to contest it. Amnesty International (AI) blasted what it called “fatal flaws” in flagrant violation of Turkish, EU and international law. Turkish authorities forcibly rounded... Continue Reading →

Xi Jinping in Washington

Xi Jinping in Washington by Stephen Lendman Sino/US relations are less than cordial. Beijing justifiably rejects Washington wanting dominion over part of the world not its own - its longstanding imperial agenda, intruding where it doesn’t belong, belligerently at its discretion. Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping met on the sidelines of the fourth Nuclear... Continue Reading →

Erdogan at Brookings

Erdogan at Brookings by Stephen Lendman Establishment organization Brookings represents America’s dark side - deploring peace, promoting war and color revolutions, featuring speakers disdainful of rule of law principles and democratic values like Erdogan. He's in Washington for the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS). Obama declined to meet with him officially during his stay. Brookings invited... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Consoles Father of Killer Soldier

Netanyahu Consoles Father of Killer Soldier by Stephen Lendman Video evidence and eyewitnesses revealed an IDF soldier remaining unidentified killed Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif in cold blood as he lay helpless on the ground - premeditated first-degree murder in all just societies. His charge was reduce to manslaughter. He’s free, not imprisoned, pending trial, solely confined... Continue Reading →

White House Sticks to Regime Change in Syria

White House Sticks to Regime Change Demand in Syria by Stephen Lendman In March 2011, Obama launched naked aggression on Syria, creating the illusion of civil conflict, wanting regime change, using ISIS and other imported death squads to do his dirty work. America’s end game is turning the Syrian Arab Republic into another US vassal... Continue Reading →

Israeli Killer Soldier Charged with Manslaughter: Wrist-Slap Justice Likely

Israeli Killer Soldier Charged with Manslaughter: Wrist-Slap Justice Likely by Stephen Lendman Israeli soldiers and police kill Palestinians routinely with impunity.  Israel placed a gag order on the identity of the soldier responsible for murdering a Palestinian victim lying helplessly wounded on the ground, claiming “he deserved to die.” Justice demands first degree murder charges.... Continue Reading →

The Myth of America’s War on Terrorism

The Myth of America’s War on Terrorism by Stephen Lendman It’s a complete hoax - a phony pretext for waging endless imperial wars, wanting whole continents carved up for profit and dominance. Fictitious enemies are created. Premeditated wars of aggression follow. Rules of engagement are changed from rule of law observance to anything goes. America... Continue Reading →

Dark Forces Behind Anti-Trumpism

Dark Forces Behind Anti-Trumpism by Stephen Lendman America is a one-party state with two wings, its bipartisan supported rogue state agenda threatening world peace, its money controlled electoral process too corrupted to fix. Democracy is pure fantasy. Voters have no say whatever. Party bosses complicit with Wall Street, war profiteers and other corporate interests decide... Continue Reading →

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