Congressional Hardliners Want New Sanctions on Iran

Congressional Hardliners Want New Sanctions on Iran by Stephen Lendman Last year’s nuclear deal changed nothing. Longstanding US hostility toward Iran persists, wanting its sovereign independence replaced by pro-Western puppet governance - by color revolution or war, customary Washington strategy. AIPAC wields enormous influence on Congress and US administrations. It relentlessly bashes Iran, making unfounded... Continue Reading →

Obama/Raul Castro Press Conference

Obama/Raul Castro Press Conference by Stephen Lendman US leaders notoriously lecture other countries about human rights abuses, ignoring their own high crimes, unprecedented on a global scale, continuing from one administration to the next. At a joint Monday press conference at Havana’s Palace of the Revolution following private discussions, President Raul Castro welcomed Obama ceremonially... Continue Reading →

Trump and Clinton at AIPAC

Trump and Clinton at AIPAC by Stephen Lendman Everyone attending or addressing an AIPAC conference leaves their souls outside the venue. Trump and Clinton tried outdoing each other in pledging fealty to a fascist apartheid state, viciously oppressive, operating lawlessly, masquerading as democratic. “I speak to you today as a lifelong supporter and true friend... Continue Reading →

Jill Stein v. Bernie Sanders

Jill Stein v. Bernie Sanders by Stephen Lendman Differences between them are stark - Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein a true populist, Sanders one in name only. His business as usual voting record belies his call for revolutionary change - favoring old wine in new bottles, grand deception, longstanding Sanders practice.  He’s a... Continue Reading →

America v. Cuba on Human Rights

America v. Cuba on Human Rights by Stephen Lendman America and Cuba are world’s apart in how they treat their people.  Obama heads the world’s leading human rights abuser on a global scale. He intends lecturing President Raul Castro privately and Cubans publicly in a planned televised address on improving the nation's human rights record.... Continue Reading →

Sergey Lavrov on Russia’s Foreign Policy

Sergey Lavrov on Russia’s Foreign Policy by Stephen Lendman Lavrov is a world-class diplomat, a tireless pursuer of world peace and stability, Putin fortunate to have him as foreign minister. They deserve joint Nobel Peace Prize recognition, an honor usually reserved for war criminals. Obama is Exhibit A. On March 3, Russia in Global Affairs... Continue Reading →

Pro-Palestinian, Anti-AIPAC Protests

Pro-Palestinian, Anti-AIPAC Protests by Stephen Lendman On Sunday, thousands of Palestinian supporters rallied in Washington - protesting in front of the White House and outside AIPAC’s policy conference venue. Activists chanted “Free, free Palestine.” “End the genocide.” “Support the right of return.” “Stop US funding of Israeli apartheid.” Speakers had their say. ANSWER (Act Now... Continue Reading →

Tourists Shunning Turkey

Tourists Shunning Turkey by Stephen Lendman Tourists are shunning Turkey for good reason. Russian sanctions following Erdogan’s ordering the downing of one of its warplanes in Syrian airspace last year proved costly. Moscow banned charter flights. Russian travel agents suspended tours. Millions of Russian tourists aren’t coming. Nor are around a million visiting for business... Continue Reading →

Romney Endorses Cruz

Romney Endorses Cruz  by Stephen Lendman Predatory capitalist profiting from human misery/failed 2012 president aspirant Mitt Romney endorsed neocon, Islamophobe, war-mongering Ted Cruz - neither figure fit to hold any public office, let alone the nation’s highest. Romney announced his support on Facebook, saying “(t)his week, in the Utah nominating caucus, I will vote for... Continue Reading →

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