Longstanding Hillary Clinton Ties to Monsanto

Longstanding Hillary Clinton Ties to Monsanto by Stephen Lendman Her presidency would be nightmarish for world peace, popular interests and what remains of fundamental freedoms, a disaster risking full-blown tyranny and global war - vital to go all-out to oppose.  Her biotech/agribusiness ties began during the 1980s as a Rose Law firm lawyer. Monsanto and... Continue Reading →

Meaningless EU Parliament Resolution Calls for Embargoing Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

Meaningless EU Parliament Resolution Calls for Embargoing Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia by Stephen Lendman It’s the world’s largest arms buyer, Washington its largest supplier, Britain profiting hugely from lucrative sales. So do France, Germany and other EU nations. They’re used for supporting regional terrorism and waging naked aggression on Yemen since March 2015, Obama’s... Continue Reading →

Obama OK’s Turkish Northern Syria Shelling Despite Agreed on Ceasefire

Obama OK’s Turkish Northern Syria Shelling Despite Agreed on Ceasefire by Stephen Lendman Erdogan does nothing belligerent without US approval or complicity, including attacking Kurds in Turkey, Iraq and Syria.  His terror war rages intensively - intending to continue shelling Kurdish YPG forces in northern Syria after US/Russia cessation of hostilities is implemented on February... Continue Reading →

Lavrov Warns About US Undermining Syria Ceasefire Deal

Lavrov Warns About US Undermining Syria Ceasefire Deal by Stephen Lendman America’s agenda is notoriously duplicitous. Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials have just cause to be wary. Washington systematically breaches treaties and deals agreed on. Obama launched war on Syria in March 2011 to replace its sovereign independence with US-controlled puppet governance.  His objective... Continue Reading →

US-Led Foreign Support Lets ISIS Thrive

US-Led Foreign Support Lets ISIS Thrive by Stephen Lendman Washington created ISIS and virtually all other significant terrorist groups, used to advance its imperium, wage endless war on humanity. America, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and allied rogue states supply ISIS and other terrorist groups with armaments, financing, training and other forms of... Continue Reading →

More Evidence of Israeli State Terror

More Evidence of Israeli State Terror by Stephen Lendman Israel is more Balfour Declaration created monster than legitimate nation-state, a Zionist global scourge, run by Arab-hating fascists. Daily evidence exposes their viciousness, what media scoundrels systematically suppress, supporting Israeli high crimes demanding accountability - not as long as the world community turns a blind eye.... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Imperial Syria Balkanization Scheme

Obama’s Imperial Syria Balkanization Scheme by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed dead-on-arrival US/Russia negotiated cessation of hostilities, despite Moscow’s forthright efforts for conflict resolution - impossible without a legitimate peace partner. Obama wants war, regime change and Syria colonized under US control. His latest twist was planned all along - unacceptable partition, balkanizing Syria... Continue Reading →

Bashing Russia’s Forthright Syrian Conflict Resolution Efforts

Bashing Russia’s Forthright Syrian Conflict Resolution Efforts by Stephen Lendman Washington expects negotiated cessation of hostilities in Syria failure - blaming Russia before implementation. On February 23, the Wall Street Journal headlined “Pentagon, CIA Chiefs Don’t Think Russia Will Abide by Syria Cease-Fire” - maintaining unrelenting Russia bashing, proving again Putin has no geopolitical partner... Continue Reading →

US, Britain and Canada Endorse Anti-BDS Measures

US, Britain and Canada Endorse Anti-BDS Measures by Stephen Lendman Global BDS activism is the most vital initiative against Israel’s ruthless agenda, essential to support - why Washington, Britain and Canada want its effectiveness neutralized. Last year, Obama signed into law so-called fast track “trade promotion authority (TPA)”, enabling him to expedite the legislative process... Continue Reading →

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