Russia Consistently Blamed for US-Led Imperial Crimes

Russia Consistently Blamed for US-Led Imperial Crimes by Stephen Lendman Irresponsible Russia bashing no longer surprises, media scoundrels repeating state-sponsored Big Lies, vicious propaganda. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon shamelessly supports imperial interests, serving his US-led Western masters. After farcical Syrian peace talks collapsed, he outrageously blamed Russia, saying: “As soon as (Geneva III) convened, (Russian)... Continue Reading →

Relentless Russia Bashing Continues

Relentless Russia Bashing Continues by Stephen Lendman US-led Western managed news misinformation and Big Lies consistently drown out hard truths.  Russia intervened responsibly in Syria, waging real war on terrorism, polar opposite US phony war, supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups it pretends to oppose. Moscow scrupulously observes international law. Claims about its aerial campaign... Continue Reading →

America’s Deplorable State

America’s Deplorable State by Stephen Lendman Campaigning for November elections is in full swing - meaningless theater without substance, most Americans mindless about a money-controlled process too corrupted to fix. Republicans are no different from Democrats. All duopoly power candidates are cookie cutouts of each other.  Otherwise they wouldn’t be so-called presidential material. They’re carefully... Continue Reading →

Are America and Britain Preparing for WW III?

Are America and Britain Preparing for WW III? by Stephen Lendman Provocative US war games near Russia’s borders risk direct confrontation, madness if initiated. Is this why they’re held, preparing for the unthinkable, possible WW III? Neocons infesting Washington intend letting nothing deter their quest for unchallenged global dominance, an agenda reflecting pure evil. Britain... Continue Reading →

Bashing North Korea for Political Reasons

Bashing North Korea for Political Reasons by Stephen Lendman Pressured by Washington, four anti-North Korea Security Council resolutions were adopted since 2006. The first two came after Pyongyang’s 2006 and 2009 nuclear tests, the third in 2012 after it successfully launched a satellite.  Previous resolutions prohibited space launches, on the phony pretext of claiming the... Continue Reading →

Israel Censoring Bloggers

Israel Censoring Bloggers by Stephen Lendman Israel is like other fascist police states, wanting criticisms of its ruthless policies suppressed. Its new military censor, Col. Ariela Ben-Avraham, demanded bloggers and social media users submit their material for screening before posting. Failure will be considered a crime. Regime critics risk prosecution, censorship now elevated to a... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Wants an Arab-Free Knesset

Netanyahu Wants an Arab-Free Knesset  by Stephen Lendman An organization representing Palestinian victims of Israeli state-terror invited Joint (Arab) List MKs to meet with surviving family members - a responsible thing to do, deserving praise, not shameless criticism. Hanin Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka and Basel Ghattas paid their respects to fallen martyrs. The meeting focused on... Continue Reading →

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